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PostSubject: Daiseisho Oricaltos (WIP)   Daiseisho Oricaltos (WIP) Icon_minitime1Sun May 15, 2011 10:56 am



Name: Daiseisho Oricaltos


Age: 1203 (seems around 30-35)


Daiseisho suffers from a split personality caused by an accident, which is the reason behind the mask that he currently wears. about a 800 years ago he was in an unexplained event where the area he was training in was set alight with fire. The results were that 3/4 of his face along with his left was burned, and are unnerving to even the most emotionless being. Normally he is a charismatic man, and chivalrous at heart. He motivates those around him and tries to keep the morale of his comrades high when facing an enemy. Irrespective of who he talks to, he always thinks of them as being higher than himself, unless there is a reason behind doing otherwise.

The other side of Daiseisho is the polar opposite to him. When ever he sees a large volume of fire, he gets a huge migrane followed by his doing unpredictible things. He becomes blood-thirsty, destructive and will kill anyone who is in his way... Be it friend, foe or innocent by-standers. After either he is knocked out or his blood lust is sated, he will fall unconscious, where his sanity will be regained, and he will have no recollection of what occured when he went insane.


Appearance: Click here

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 171lb

Eye Color: Golden (see 'other abilities')

Hair Color: (The Color of your Character's Hair)


Zanpakutô Spirit:

Hachisu no yoake In a materialised form is represented by a female shougun. The armor is a dark blue with golden trims on the edges. Depending on when she appear and what the situation is required, she may be wielding different weapon(s) from last time she may be seen.

Her personality is that of a noble being. She follows her master's commands to the letter, however she may go against his wishes to protect him. She is slow to anger and not harm those who have shown respect for those around them. Though she may seem like a frail warrior, she is strong enough to use two halberd proficiently with one hand each. Not one to talk, she keeps her thoughts to herself and usually when she speaks, its of great importance. Usually when Daiseisho goes insane, she will be there to stop him before a bad situation becomes worse

Zanpakutô Realm:
Sealed Zanpakutô :

Shikai Description: Unlike other blades, Hachisu no yoake has the capability of being in one of three forms in shikai. To use one of the other forms, Daiseisho must seal it and then return it to shikai in the desired form.

they are the following

spiked chain

Shikai Abilities:

Passive abilities

Name[b/]: Ishiki Urufu (literally means: wolf senses. Note only work with the claws active)
Description: Daiseisho's senses, reaction time, and speed all increase dramatically while he is using the claws.
Downside: with the height of these sences, even a flame on a match stick will cause him to go insane

Name[b]: Bachi (punishment, only in the halberd form)
Daiseisho can change the form of the blade edge in this form, so it can not only be a halberd, but a scythe, a glaive or a spear.
Downside:takes one post to fully change

Name: Kaosu (chaos, only in spiked chain form)
Description: Daiseisho can have the chain stiffen at any moment so that it acts as though it is one solid piece of metal instead of many links of metal
Downside: since rigid, may cause the chain to shatter, forcing Daiseisho to use another form

Active abilities

Name: Sutoraiku Wangetsu (crescent strike, only with claws)
Description:A build up of kido occurs in the edge of each blade, then he slashes them towards his foe. the wind that passes these will also move in that direction, causing it to act more violent
Downside: when the kido blades leave the claws then they are unable to be recalled, it will fo damage to friendly if in the way.

Name: Kagirinai yari Sutoraiku (unlimited spear strike; halberd form)
Description: in the said forms, daiseisho can have a twin of the weapon toss one of them at the foe. This continues until he is finished a chant has. when the chant finishes all the weapons raise from the ground and fall onto the foe like rain, as though endless. (note this is an illusionary technique, with the 3rd line of the chant, the opponant will be under the illusion. The blade returns to the original weapon but an image is left where it is struck.)
Downside: high chance of hitting ally too if they are in the area.

Name: tore-sa-chi(blood tracer, only with spiked chains)
description:when blood of foe touches the chains they will follow them until the foes death, or an new target is made
downside:requires blood

Release: Jūten burēdo o negatte

Bankai Description:
the appearence is the major change, since is becomes invisible. However he has stated that this is his own zanpakutou's doing, and not his wish as is believes it is dishonorable to fight with a weapon one cannot see.

Other Changes: he appears to have a minor shogunate armour pieces in his robes

Bankai Abilities:
Passive abilities[/b]

Name: invisible weapon
Description:the zanpakutou is always invisible
Downside: if the cross hair eye is not active or his eye is shut then he cannot see it either. neither friend or foe can see it either, since its invisible.

Active Abilities

Spatial Realm Altherion
activated by : "Jikan no shi wa hijō ni sa rete anata ni kizama reta to suru"

description: after a few hand signs (not ninja style) are created, a green heptagram appears infront of Daiseisho, then it is sent high into the sky causing green lightning to strike the ground,as the lightning strikes it, the area around him and anyone else in a 200 metre radius appears in a realm that is a battlefield. there are no warriors other than the ones that were in the area when is commenced the chant. The realm has every single weapon that Sougyou No Ro-tasu can take form of. No-one other than Daiseisho can hold these blades. Each blade edge when in contact with someone apart from Daiseisho will feel like it could cut through anything, and any blunt weapon will feel as though it littrally is 1000kg heavy when hit with it. irrespective of how long the battle within the realm is, the beings outside will only think a moment has passed when it is over. The effectiveness of active abilites of all in the realm is halved. Furthermore shunpo, sonido and all other quick movement moves are unable to be used.

Downside: when it is over, Daiseisho will be heavily fatigued, and will need to be brought to the medical centre. All the blades edges and blunt objects that the allies touch affect them the same way as it would a foe


History/Background: ( You can write about their life on earth, then their history as a shinigami.)

Extra Abilites:
-Master swordsman: it is thought that he has this from being a primary user of bladed weapons. This is furthermore known with his mastery of so many weapons in the spatial realm .

-Master kidou user: with his lack of an element, Daiseisho knew that it would a a problem. Furthermore he could not use and move in the way of destruction or way of binding. So to solve these two problems he decided to channel his kidou into his blade, allowing him to use the blade edge as the focus of the move. This allows him to have a temporary element for his blade.

-Piercing eyes: the Piercing eyes are a sign of his servitude to the Izuna clan, because these eyes are only found on them.They allow the user to see in several different visions. Daiseisho's is unique in the sence that in his right eye he can see kidou and reiatsu and with the other eye he can see heat. Later on it will be discovered that he can see a few seconds into the future.

Roleplay Sample: (Show us your stuff!)
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PostSubject: Re: Daiseisho Oricaltos (WIP)   Daiseisho Oricaltos (WIP) Icon_minitime1Sun May 15, 2011 1:33 pm

Before you go on with making this character: the character Archer from Fate/Stay Night is already faceclaimed, you can't use his appearance.

Daiseisho Oricaltos (WIP) 1zg3jit
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PostSubject: Re: Daiseisho Oricaltos (WIP)   Daiseisho Oricaltos (WIP) Icon_minitime1Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:08 pm

I'm moving this to Unaccepted due to your inactivity


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Daiseisho Oricaltos (WIP)
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