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PostSubject: Rimen Katsu   Rimen Katsu Icon_minitime1Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:00 pm



Name: Rimen Katsu

Gender: Male

Appearance Age: 17

True Age: 547

Personality: Rimen is a rather silent and serious person, not talking much unless giving orders to subordinates. He is relatively patient, but if he can see another way to do something faster with little negative repercussions, he will do it. At times he can be deceitful, changing the way he acts or speaks in order to get whatever it is that he wants. He chooses his word carefully to suit his purposes.

He is very observant, quick to notice when things are out of place or when something seems wrong. In a fight, whether using brute strength and skill against an enemy Hollow or using words in an argument against a fellow Shinigami, he can quickly spot the flaws within his opponents and change his tactics accordingly. Though he may not seem like it, he is always prepared for the unexpected, never letting his guard down. You can never know someone’s true intentions, even if they seem to be the nicest of people. He is well aware of the events lead by ex-Captain Aizen Sōsuke, whom was regarded by all as the nicest and friendliest of people.

No matter the situation he finds himself in, he is always calm, collected and level-headed. Because of this, he has the ability to make tough decisions where others might find themselves incapable of doing so, such as abandoning a comrade in order to save several others. He is a very cold person, merciless to those that would oppose him and ruthless in battle, using whatever means necessary to win. He succumbs to the stereotypical Shinigami way of thinking more often than not, believing that all Hollow are evil and must be brought to justice by the Shinigami before they can hurt anybody else. He is a very rational person, if he sees something is not working he will try something else. Though he would rather not run from a fight, If he can see that there is no way he can win, he would retreat before throwing away the lives of him and his allies without any gain.

He often acts without saying a word or explaining himself to others beforehand, though will listen to the orders of his superiors without question. His loyalty lies completely with the Gotei 13. He is protective of other Shinigami, even those that he dislikes. Should he witness a Shinigami under attack, he would stop and fight beside that Shinigami, even if they were of a different squad or if he often disagreed with their way of thinking.


Height: 5'10"

Weight: 135 lps

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Appearance: Standing a little under six feet tall, Rimen has a slim build with good posture, standing straight and proud. He always wears the traditional Shinigami robes, the arms of which go down slightly past his elbows. While in Soul Society he wears a traditional sleeveless Captain's haori with the Squad 6 emblem imprinted on the back, but when visiting the Human World or other places not within Soul Society he leaves it behind so as not to draw unnecessary attention to himself. If he is representing the Gotei 13 or Squad 6, he will dawn his haori whether he is in Soul Society or not. His garb extends to his ankles, where it ends so as not to be dragged across the ground. For footwear Rimen has white socks with wooden sandals.

He has a slim face, with big green eyes and jet black hair. His hair extends down to his neck and is moderately straight, with some pieces flipping outward slightly here and there. His expression is always very serious, almost on the brink of anger.


Zanpakutô Spirit:
Kishū manifests himself as a giant King Cobra snake. At the thickest parts of his body, he is about the height of Rimen standing up straight. In terms of length, Kishū is about fourteen times taller from head to tail than Rimen is from head to toe. His fangs are bigger than Rimen's head. The scales on his back are of a raw umber brown colouration, and his stomach is pale beige.

Very fickle, Kishū could seem to feel one way about something then change his opinion completely. He is very deceitful. Some might even describe him as snaky. He is usually in a fairly neutral mood, but can easily become upset or angered. Kishū might make things seem as if they are fine, then unload all of his anger at once when Rimen is least suspecting it. Over the years, Rimen has grown accustomed to this treatment, and rarely ever lets his guard down. This has also taught him to never let his guard down around others, even if they seem to be good or friendly people.

Zanpakutô Realm: Kishū's realm looks to be some kind of ancient underground ruins. The floor is dirt, and the walls are of an ancient stone, similar in design to ancient Greek architecture. There are pillars throughout the real supporting the ceiling, which remind Rimen of Greek cathedral architecture. The ceiling is incredibly high, and the room is incredibly large. There are large doors, similar to the entrance doors to a large cathedral, which lead to other rooms of the exact same look and design as the first room. The rooms are linked together in a massive circle, where in the middle is a large circular room. This room is a very special room that Kishū only lets Rimen enter for special training, once he has proved himself worthy of it. Bankai training, amongst other types of training that Kishū deems "special", are performed here. The ceiling, though it does not look all that solid, seems to be inpierceable; there have been many occasions where Rimen has been slammed against it in training, only to slightly crack or chip at the stone but never break through. It is as if the ceiling is made of thick stone; so thick that no matter how much one were to smash at the ceiling, they would never be able to get out of the ruins. The inner walls separating the outer circle of rooms from the inner circular room seems to be made of this same material. The only one able to grant someone access to the room is Kishū. The walls separating the outer rooms from each other seem to be normal, both Rimen and Kishū have smashed through or been smashed through these walls on multiple occasions.

Sealed Zanpakutô: When sealed, Rimen's Zanpakutô has a smoke grey hilt wrapped with a cobalt blue fabric. The guard is of relatively simple design, in the shape of a rounded rectangle. The sheath is of light black colouration, lighter than Rimen's Shinigami garbs, but not to the point of being grey. The blade is thirty inches in length; the hilt is eleven inches.

Shikai Description: Kishū in Shikai does not change very much from sealed. The grip changes from cobalt blue to a green colour which matches his eyes. The tsuba changes from a rounded rectangle with minor decor to a circular tsuba with a mitsudomoe motif. Other than that, the other proportions and shapes stay the same.

Shikai Abilities: While in primary release, Rimen gains the ability to choose where the physical damage from his melee attacks with his Zanpakutô manifest themselves. For example, if he were to strike an opponent's chest with his blade, he could choose to have the actual damage from the strike manifest on his opponents back, arm, head, or wherever else he might want the damage to go. Of course, he could always choose to not redirect the attack, and make the strike damage his opponent normally.

A step up from the ability to choose where damage manifests, Rimen is able to direct damage through anything he is touching. Say he and an opponent were both standing on the ground, Rimen could slice anything in reach and move the damage to his opponent. This ability is limited however; the longer the range, the less effective the attack is. Anything within a range of five metres keeps regular strength, though outside this range the attack begins to lose strength. At a distance of ten metres, the attack has about eighty percent strength; at fifteen metres the attack is at about fifty percent efficiency, and at twenty metres it drops to ten percent. Beyond twenty metres the attack loses practically all strength, becoming little more than a scratch or minor cut at best.

There is no restriction to how many times Rimen relocates the strike point of an attack. Rimen could strike an opponent and choose to damage their back for the first portion of the strike, then halfway through the attack change the area to be hit to the opponents leg. The amount of times that Rimen relocates a strike depend solely on how fast he can do it, similar to the concept of a semi-automatic hand gun, where you can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. The more times a strike is divided, however, the weaker it will be. Half of an attack is obviously weaker in strength than a full attack. Certain types of attacks are better for certain situations. A twenty-inch gash and twenty one-inch gashes have their own unique pros and cons in a fight.

Release: Surprise and strike, Kishū!

Bankai Description: Rimen's eyes become a much darker shade of green, and become more narrow. His facial features become much harder, his skin darkens a shade. The hilt of his Zanpakutô changes from a smoke grey to a dark black. The grip darkens in colour to match his eyes once again. Across both sides of the blade, an engraving of a snake appears. The tsuba changes from a mitsudomoe design to a a design resembling the head of a King Cobra.

Bankai Abilities: While in his final release, Rimen keeps all of the same abilities as with his Shikai, though they become much more powerful. The range at which he can strike is four times greater than that of his Shikai. Any strike within twenty metres keeps regular strength, at forty metres is about eighty percent strength, and at sixty metres is fifty percent strength. Only at sixty metres distance does the attack drop to about ten percent strength which, while in his strongest form, could potentially still do a lot of harm depending on the strength of his opponent. His ability to strike accurately and at key locations is greatly increased. He becomes faster, more perceptive and reactive.

The most significant difference between his Shikai and Bankai is the number of times he can redirect an attack at the same time. In Shikai, he can only attack once, splitting up that one attack into multiple sections of the same attack if he so chooses. In Bankai, he can turn one attack into three. He could, without even splitting up any attacks, hit an opponent at three different locations. When splitting these three strikes, not all of them have to be divided the same way. He can split his attack in different ways for the three resulting attacks. For example, let's say Rimen was surrounded by six small opponents and one large one (and they are strong enough that he requires Bankai), which for simplicity's sake, are all holding hands. He could slice his Zanpakutô through any one of them just once, and make one third of the strike hit each of the small opponents and the full strike hit the large opponent (since 1/3*6+1=3).


History/Background: After dieing, Rimen was sent to the 77th district of South Rukongai. He lived here for some years, keeping more or less to himself and getting into the occasional dispute with other residents. On one afternoon, some three years or so after having arrived, he had been sitting in an alley passing the time by thinking to himself of unimportant things and looking around. Two men, with what Rimen had judged to be the bodies and the intelligence of an ape, had decided to converge on a young looking girl whom had been walking by. There had been a chance that she would have been able to fight them off with some kind of unseen strength she had, but it wasn't very likely, and Rimen wasn't about to wait and find out. Picking up a stone from the ground, he threw it towards the closest brute. The stone found it's target and hit him in the back of the head. As the second brute stopped harassing the girl to see if his friend was okay and the first brute turned around to see who had the balls to throw a rock at him, Rimen got up and walked towards them.

"It's pitiful to see strong men such as you picking on a small lady such as her."

"You talking to us, bloke?"

"Well, mate, I thinks we'd better teach this chump what happens when little boys throws rocks at us big boys."

The two were by this point completely ignoring the girl. As thug one started towards Rimen, the girl, rather than run away as had been expected, slapped the man in the side of the head, hitting his ear. Taken by surprise and angered by being hit, he turned to back-hand her. As he lifted his arm, Rimen grabbed it with his left hand and elbowed him in the face with his right arm. Jumping into the air and lifting himself slightly with the thug who's arm he had grabbed, he swung his foot around and heel kicked the other in the face. As the kicked man stumbled backwards a bit in shocked surprise, Rimen used the momentum he still had with his swinging foot to kick the first man in the ribs. Forcing all of his weight down and dragging the first man off balance, he flipped him forward over his shoulder.

The second man was by now over the initial shock of being kicked in the head, and started threateningly towards Rimen when a rock hit him in the side of the head. Both Rimen and the brute stopped to look over and see the lady with an armload of rocks.

"You throwing rocks at me?"

The man turned towards her and took a step at her when Rimen spoke.

"Are you really going to try that again? Remember what happened last time?"

Rimen prepared himself to fight once again. The first man grumbled something under his breath and got up from the ground. Both men were by this point very pissed off.

"C'mon, this broad ain't worth the effort."

As the two turned to leave, the girl threw another rock, hitting the second man in the head again.

"Yeah, you'd better run!"

The man stopped and swore loudly, grumbled a few things, but never turned around. The girl dropped her payload of rocks and Rimen turned to her.

"Are you hurt at all?"

"No, I'm fine thanks to you."

She was visibly happy to have been saved by him. Rimen didn't show much more interest.

"Good." he said, then started walking away.

"But wait!"


The girl walked up to him and kissed him, then walked away satisfied. Rimen stayed for a moment not sure quite how to respond, before disregarding the whole incident and going back to his alley. That would be his good deed of the day. He didn't know at the time how much the incident would affect his life within Soul Society.

Extra Abilities: Supreme reflexes and reaction time. Perceptive and quick. Rimen has shown particular skill in sensing reiatsu and tracking it to it's source, even when it is being suppressed.

Roleplay Sample: (Show us your stuff!)

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