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Personal Info

Name: Felzer

Age: unknown

Visible age: about 27 perhaps

Gender: male

Marital Status: Single

Sexual preference: Straight

Orientation: on his own

Felzer the espada W I P Felzer

Felzer appearance is demonic by any accounts with medium length white hair that reaches to his shoulders and bright red eyes. Felzers mask takes the form of a necklace which goes around his neck and runs along the perimeter of his arrancar hole. Felzer stands at five foot ten and has a lean muscular build. His face is more of an oval shape with a slightly pronounced chin. His body has absolutely no scars or wounds that can be seen. His arrancar hole is just above the V made by his collarbone and just below the neck, unlike most arrancars Felzer's hole is not a perfect circle instead it takes pressed eye like shape similar to a sideways cat’s eye. Sitting in front of the hole is a red jewel with a single drop of Felzer's black blood sealed within it.
something not visible in the pic is the symbol on the back of his clothing

Hollow Hole: His arrancar hole is just above the V made by his collarbone and just below the neck

Mask Fragment: a fractured ankh pressed into the middle of his forehead and a necklace which goes around his neck and runs along the perimeter of his arrancar hole

Personality: Felzer is surprisingly polite, soft-spoken intellectual. He rarely shows any sign of alarm or distress keeping calm in the hashest and toughest situations. His casual and gentle when addressing friends or new acquaintances, but gets sarcastic when confronted with an enemy or someone he just doesn’t like. As stated above his facial expression nearly never change only his voice does depending on what situation hes in.

In combat
Felzer has the mind of a true strategic and is a very patient combatant taking in every detail of his opponents strategy and abilities. And is a genius at determining an opponent’s capabilities and preferred method and when it comes to form strategies and methods to better combat a particular opponent. He often have the entire situations planned out well in advance before going into combat and is very quick at adapting if something unforeseen would happen however it rarely does.

He likes to toy around with people playing mind games with them as much as anything else. That is most evident in his battles as he toys with his opponents before defeating them. If he's not toying with his opponents then they should run, for chances are he'll ether finish them off as quick as possible or he plans on being extremely cruel


History: Human Life
No Memories Retained

Time as a Plus
No memories retained

Time as a Hollow
Felzer was born as a hollow long before the conflict between Aizen and Soul society. As a hollow Felzer took the form of a violent and destructive humanoid like creature. His time as hollow was first spent hunting humans however he soon lost a taste for the weak and pitiful souls. Returning to Hueco Mundo Felzer took his first taste of hollow flesh jumping from a rock and landing squarely on the back of a large squatting toad like hollow. From that first taste Felzer became ravenous hunting consuming and killing any hollow he saw. Over time he discovered a large pit filled with fighting hollow wasting no time Felzer dove deep into the pit his only thoughts too satiate his ravenous hunger. For hours he tore and ripped at hollow flesh gorging himself on the bodies of those around him until suddenly he felt himself changing his body turning sleek and black as hundreds of hollow fused with him to form a Menos. Slowly but surely he fought against the other minds within the Menos eventually gaining dominance over the body and once again finding himself confronted with ravenous hunger

As Gillian and Adjuchas
Slowly but surely he fought against the other minds within the Menos eventually gaining dominance over the body and once again finding himself confronted with ravenous hunger. At first, he tried eating other, normal hollows. For a while, it seemed to sustain him and give him enough energy for the next hollow. But soon, he craved for more. He thought, then, that if hollow could eat hollow, then Gillian could eat Gillian too, So he did.Venturing into the Menos Forest, he found other Gillian to consume. Each passing day, he would consume more Gillian, sustaining his appetite for the moment. With each Gillian he ate, he felt something change within him. He continued to eat others, and finally, he evolved into an Adjuchas.

As an adjunchtas Felzer was a terrifying creature now being more humanoid. Day in and day out he hunted and consumed any hollow he accounted scouring the dessert spending more time then not covered in the blood of other hollow he grew in strength and prowess on a daily basis. After years of scouring the dessert and consuming all who crossed his path He developed a personality and he realized he dident have a name, or rather he couldent remember it. He decided to give himself one.

As the years continued Felzer became stronger and more intelligent he also got rid of the bloodthirst and became calm calculating. But he also becme bored with his existence as simple creature of destruction, known and feared as among the most powerful creatures in his area of Hueco Mundo he found no enemy who could provide him with a challenge. Deciding to traverse Hueco Mundo Felzer discovered a group of ten powerful hollow. For the next five years he trained with them and used their knowledge and strength to augment his own. Soon Felzer was accepted as the newest member of the group, however Felzer had bigger plans. Together with a fellow trainee of the group Quin he one by one began to consume and eliminate members of the group isolating them and killing them. In time the ten was the seven and the three most powerful members where Felzer, Quin, and an arrancar named Gaoru. Eager for power Felzer continued his quest one by one killing the members of the group and consuming them with his partner Quin. However as time went on Gaoru discovered Felzer's betrayal and challenged him. Felzer easly beated him. He continued his search for power for several years until one day he run into a group of vastro lordes its nearly costed him his life but he managed to beat them and to absorb them wich made him evolve to the next stage becoming a vastro lorde himself
It did prove however that thoose vastro lordes where weak just pawns for a much stronger one that appeard infront of felzer as he lay on the ground exausthed after the transformation and the fight. He took felzer under his protection with the plan to make him a pawn he also took quin under his protection. The years passed and felzer got much stronger until one day he feelt he had become so strong that he could overcome the vastro lorde he served. The battle pushed Felzer to new heights and in the heat of conflict he tore off his mask and became an arrancar, slaying and consuming the vastro lorde.

As an Arrancar and espada
Felzer now an arrancar parted ways with Quin promising they would meet again and they would see who had become stronger. For the next ten years Felzer scoured the desert of Hueco Mundo until he ran into Aizen and small group of newly made arrancar. Eager to consume the powers of this group he killed them all. He then turned to their leader who easily defeated Felzer. Eager to grow and not one to accept loss Felzer swore his allegiance to the leader in exchange for power. He quckly rised in rank and become an espada. However Felzer still remembered his only friend Quin and was determined to bring him to new power. So he left searching for his friend and killing everything that stood in his way. During the next few months he became more and more adjusted to his new power but still could not find his allusive friend. Realising it was time to take a break he returned to find that aizen had been defeated and a whole nev group of arrancars had appeard and take the old ones places as espadas. instead of fighting the one that have been takin his place he decided to leave hueno mundo.

To the current day
felzer went into hiding honing his abilities, He still got news from what happend in las noches due to still having a few connections there. But for now he is wandering around in hueno mundo devouring ararncars and hollows weaker than him that crosses his path, and honing his techniques. He also travels to the human world devouring pluses and humans with high amounts of reitsu

~Standard arrancar Techniques~
Name: Cero (Zero)
Description: As a standard energy blast, it
consists of firing a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the
target. While in most cases it is fired from the mouth, some Arrancar and Vizard
are capable of firing Cero from their hands, fingers and other parts of their
bodies. This often requires the user to under take a specific pose, with Coyote
Starrk being the only exception.The power, force, speed, and blast area of
the Cero is dependent on the strength of the user (i.e., the stronger the user,
the stronger the attack), and there are some Arrancar and Vizard who have come
up with their own variation of Cero. The charging and firing time for Cero also
varies greatly, from relatively charging fast to firing it to instantaneously
fire one without much charging.

Name: Bala (Bullet)
Description: An Arrancar-exclusive technique
that hardens the user's Reiatsu and releases it like a swift blast of spiritual
energy. While the technique is not nearly as powerful as a Cero, its speed is 20
times faster and allows for it to be fired in quick repetition. In addition, it
possesses more concussive force than a Cero does. A Bala's speed and power
varies with the Arrancar using it.

Name: Sonido (Sound)
Description: A technique used by Arrancar which allows them to move at
extreme speeds, making it highly similar to the shunpo that Shinigami use. While
somewhat similar shunpo. Sonido appears to be more instinctual than shunpo
requiring no previous knowledge to perform. It also makes a different sound;
rather than the swishing Flash Step of the Shinigami, Sonido
makes a booming or static sound.

Name: Garganta (Black Cavity)
Description: Tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling,
torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible
pathway. It is primarily used by Hollow and Arrancar, but some other characters
have used it through different means.

Name: Gran Rey Cero (Grand King
Description: Cero that only Espada are allowed to use.
It is performed by mixing an Arrancar's own blood with the Cero. The result is a
Cero with a much greater attack power and speed as well as a change of color
unique to the Espada. It is also many times more powerful than a normal Cero,
capable of disturbing the fabric of space, it also seems to spin like a razor
upon release as compress and decompress due to the sheer speed and raw power. It
is a drastically potent Cero, used only by the Espada themselves.

Name: Germelos Sonido
Description:Gemelos Sonído (双児響転 (ヘメロスソニード), Hemerosusonīdo; Spanish for "Sound Twins", Japanese for "Twins Sound Ceremony"): He states that by increasing his steps even a little will result in quasi-clones. He likens it to a game of magic tricks. The trick is used in order to surprise the opponent. He further explains that the technique is not limited to only two clones, the number of clones through Gemelos Sonído can grow to a maximum of five. He uses this technique as diversions, substitutes or multi-directional attacks. These "speed-clones" generated by his intense Sonído are so realistic that they had even shown the ability to bleed after getting attacked.

~Personal Arrancar Techniques~

Name: matter mutation
Description: the ability to transmute any solid object he touches into a direct copy of him. These clones take his shape while still keeping the composure of their natural elements (i.e. If Felzer mutates metals into him, they take his form while still made of metal. they would merly be copies and have non of his abilities)

Name: Black hole cero
Description: Felzer fires a large, destructive cero, that is themed around his gravity powers. The color seems more like black cero rather than the stranded crimson.The highly compact spiritual energy that Felzer puts into the cero, creates a vortex within the cero itself causing the color change. Unlike other ceros, this cero does not explode on impact but causes a massive implosion creating a temporary Very controlled vortex "field" that heavily damages everything below his power level, this has a longer charge time than other cero's and cost more energy to fire.

Zanpakuto Information:

Name: Juuryokushi [Gravitron]
Sealed form: his zanpakotu takes the form of a Japanese polearm weapon called Guan Dao,
Felzer the espada W I P Kwan-dao1
Abilities: He can manipulate gravity to repulse matter away from him, with such force that it can easily shatter stone. By using this technique as a defensive measure, most if not all attacks directed to him will be deflected, no matter the size or mass. The ability can be used on individuals, by directing his arm toward another person, or around the himself in the form of a perfect wave that repels all incoming attacks. However he cannot perform it in rapid succession leaving him vulnerable for a short period of time after its use. When his polearm comes in contact with a living object, the weight of said object doubles at a third hit it triples and so on

Resurrecion Information:

Release Phrase: let the weight of their sins crush them
Felzer the espada W I P Anima_____no_2_by_Wen_M
Both Felzer and his weapon undergoes a major transformation when he uses his resurrecion. His skin takes on a darker tone The ankh on his forhead change into A orange tattoo that actually is his mask along with the horns. in this form he wears brown boots with red bands on them. He is wearing a pair of simple black pants. The jacket he wears have red leather attached on it in diffrent places for reasons only Felzer knows. The collar of the jacket seem to have red and black thorns/spikes,allthough the black spikes are just crow feathers the jacket are open revealing felzers chest allthough there are some bands in a crosslike pattern holding it together a little. At the waist of the jacket it seems to be cut into a triangle pattern each triangle ahve a silver cross on it each with a round silver stud in the center. He also wears a pair of gloves
Abilities Gravity Manipulation: Felzers resurrection revolves around Gravity control. he can increase the gravity in an area to make his opponents slower and even crush them under the weight while making himself lighter. By focusing on a object he is able to manipulate the gravity acting on it. With this, he can use said objects as shields or projectile attacks in which he can hurl them with unhindered speed or simply make them fall to the ground (for example he can make the gravity around a cero so heavy it will simply fall to the ground). he can make a gravity zone where all is horizontal or vertical or simply upside down if he wants to.
However, one of the most frightening abilities is the enhancement of his speed; by distorting the space between two objects through gravity, Felzer is able to reach incredible speed. the area around his feet will seem to e shimering when he uses this ability. something a alert opponent might notice.The user creates a dark black sphere of gravity that, when thrown into the sky, attracts objects from all directions within a two blocks area and pulls them into the sphere, compressing them together. The surrounding earth, including forests and buildings, are collected into a single point, piling on top of one another until it creates a large sphere. A large crater is left where the earth has been collected from

He can also manipulate and control Dark matter, a kind of substance which could turn virtually into anything its user wants and can be intangible at will. It also has the ability to turn almost any kind of matter into its own, giving the user a sufficient amount of this substance. The substance is not easily destroyed, atleast through physical means, but even if one manages to damage the Dark Matter, it can almost regenerate almost instantly. observe this is limited to his weapon armor and 3 planets. as long as he have acsess to a little dark matter he can as stated always create more

Battle form
Apperance: Felzer the espada W I P Anima__M_Gaul_armored_by_Wen_M
In this form he get covered in a armor made out of dark matter he have nearly no control over manipulating said substance in this form. The red leather pieces that was on his clothing in his other resureccion becomes made of a orange like colored dark matter from this he is able to shoot out chains. his weapon also shrinks and now it looks more like a mace or axe than a polearm. The tattoo in his face also become more visible
Abilities: In this form some of his gravity abilities are greatly enhanced. like that if he hit something in this form it wil get its weight quadrupled and so on upon hit. His repel and reject ability is greatly enchanced and he can use it more often than in his normal form. and he nearly lose all of his dark matter one except the one to make new matter to regenerate armor. In this form he will emit a aura that will make anything passing inside its area 4 times heavier. his speed strength and endurance/durability are also increased in this form. he can in this form create a small vortex he can shoot instead of sucking things in it have extreme cutting effects this can be explained such as he use the air around the vortex as a blade. it uses its extremse speed and power to cut and level things infront of him. He can also compress it into his mace/polearm to increase its cutting effect.

Name: Dark Matter Orb One – Yuuchi Ichiban (first planet) -
Description: This is Felzer’s first finished Dark Matter orb. It is only 2 cm in diameter and has a painted “One” in Japanese on it, it is also cool to the touch and virtually indestructible… thus the orb isn’t really useful for reshaping due to it’s small size therefore Felzer uses this orb as a projectile weapon, it weighs exactly 2,369 metric tons and is only effectively moveable by his Gravity abilities so when it is launched at something… it is meant to go right through the target and return to felzer’s hand like a Yo-Yo.

Name: Dark Matter Orb Two – Yuuhchi Niban (second planet) -
Description: This is Felzer’s second formed Dark Matter Orb. The orb is 6 cm in diameter and weighs exactly 8,649 metric tons, it has the Japanese number ‘2’painted in white paint to mark it. unlike its’ predecessor it is exclusively movable with his gravity techniques, the first orb is touchable to the bare hand and can be lifted by means of enormous strength, but because the second orb has so much energy stored in it, felzers energy signature is the only way to control it. Felzer found he could reshape the orb into a disk, a spiked ball, also it is not touchable by bare human hands because it absorbs heat and energy so it must be handled using only energy.

Name: Dark Matter Orb Three – Yuuchi Sanban (third planet) -
Description: This was Felzer’s third and final formation of a Dark Matter Orb… The third orb is much different than the other two orbs and took much more preparation to get right. The orb itself is 40 centimeters in diameter, about the size of a beach ball, and can be touched by the hand, but it weighs a total of 20,379 metric tons and although stable, is impossible to move by conventional means and it will only respond to Felzer’s energy signature because of the huge amount of his energy,
he can reshape it and conduct multiple techniques with it by stretching and reforming the orb into whatever he wanted… of course because of its’ weight he was restricted, but this orb has proved the most artful, and powerful weapon in his arsenal…

RP Sample: Felzer awoke within the darkness of his chambers, keeping his eyes closed he said nothing but enjoyed the peaceful, silent, serenity of his twelve by eight stone chamber. The sound of the crackling fire from his forge echoed against the cold stonewalls. Slowly he sat up opening his eyes and blinking away the glare of the fire. Stretching he turned his body, his bare feet touching against the cold stone floor. Looking around his room he observed the Spartan conditions it appeared he lived in; a plain cot, wooden desk, anvil, and workbench the only furniture noticeable within the room. On the workbench lay half a sword the blade long enough, but small lumps remained noticeable on the metal he would need to re-forge it. On the desk lay an old nineteen sixties record player the record still spinning though the needle was up. From the shadows beneath the desk a black shadowy hand raised taking the needle and gently lowering it on to the record. With a light screech the room filled with the sound of violins and piano

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Comments/Notes: you have fixed eveything i need you to fix
Tier: 1-3-

My Chars

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Vivi Orunitia: 2-2+

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