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PostSubject: The Contender   The Contender Icon_minitime1Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:39 pm

Conceptual Weapon

Current Holder: Kiritsugu

Name: The Contender

Release-States: None

Concept: Severing and Binding


The Contender Contender


Thompson/Center Arms Contender Custom, or simply "The Contender, is an ancient hunting pistol modified by Emiya Kiritsugu to use in combat situations against the mighty spiritual entities that frequent his life.
The contender was originally manufactured in 1967 by the American company Thompson/Center Arms, a break-open single shot pistol intended for sport shooting. The pistol is highly accurate due to lack of complex parts between the trigger and the barrel. Even though centuries have passed since its creation, the weapon has been kept in perfect condition, still able to fire its bullets as it did when it was first made.

With a 14-inch barrel and the grip and forearm carved in walnut, it is reminiscent of a dagger in its scabbard. The only visible mechanical parts are the trigger and the hammer, with neither a cylinder nor a slide on the simple exterior.

The gun is modeled in a similar fashion to a percussion pistol used in the last hours of the middle ages. Kiritsugu has modified the gun to use not only a variety of bullets, from rifle rounds to .22LR rounds, but also be able to fire Kiritsugu's unique, mystical ammunition known as the "Origin Bullet"

The Origin Bullet is a special version of the .30-06 rifle bullet, infused with the very essence of Kiritsugu's being, thanks to a special, and painful ritual he undergoes to successfully infuse the bullets with his essence. Kiritsugu was born with the innate ability to "Sever and Bind", as described by himself. Although he has no true prowess over the ability, by inputting the essence of himself within these special "Origin Bullets", he can utilize the effects of his dormant power by actualizing the effects of "Severing and Binding" onto the victim that has been struck by the bullet, as if Kiritsugu was a virtuous user of this ability.

The power of Severing and Binding is the power to distort and fully rupture control one has, whether it be an ability, or their own power, and then reform it in a maladroit manner, causing a temporary phase of meagerness to the being affected by the power. The effectiveness of the bullet depends on the power of the victim, as well as the prowess that victim has over controlling that power.

Max bullets in single cache: 1

Fire rate: 1 bullet per post

Reload rate: 1 post after firing.

Current number of origin bullets: 12

Piercing power:(The piercing power is decreased by one level whence 3/4 of the range has been covered by the distance the bullet traveled. The piercing power is only relevant to armor and impediments that prevent the bullet from making contact with the skin.)
Weak armor (beginner endurance equivalent)=superb
Moderate Armor (Adept endurance equivalent)=High
Strong Armor (Adv. endurance)=Moderate
Neigh indestructible armor (Mast. endurance)=Low.

Range: 450 meters.

Effects of the bullet:
The effects of the bullet become more devastating with the high and mighty, rather than the meek. The more powerful the victim is, the more powerful the bullet is. The effects only occur when the bare flesh is struck by the bullet, meaning that armor, or a shield can be used to prevent the bullet from making contact.
(5-5 to 5-1)
The bullet, upon making contact with the flesh, instantly disappears, leaving no wound or blood whatsoever. The only thing that happens is that all blood vessels and veins where the bullet hit in an 1 inch radius will be subject to necrosis, the outside of the flesh appearing completely fine, but all veins and blood vessels being fully disabled, incapable of achieving their original function. If the bullet hit right onto a concentration of nerves and veins of a limb, that limb could be rendered fully disabled. The bullet does not effect vital organs like the heart and brain, however, even if the bullet hit from point blank range.

(4-3 3-2)
The effects are augmented at a light level, as the targets now show some control over extraordinary abilities, although not enough for it to cause disastrous results. Upon contact, the effects will be similar to that of the aforementioned tiers, except that now there will be a burning sensation that can be felt at the body part struck by the bullet, feeling as if boiling blood was flowing within the victim's veins at the area. The user will temporarily loose full control of their energy on the effected limb, which will last for one post after initial contact, before the effect wears off. The pain shall last for 2 posts after initial contact, the victim receiving low damage upon the pain wearing off.

It is at this level where the origin bullet begins to become a nightmarish little peccadillo to those who are hit by it. Upon making contact, the bullet will begin to affect the victim's body in its entirety, the burning sensation spreading throughout every last inch of it. It will be more difficult to control the energy throughout the body, especially at the spot where the bullet hit. It will take double the amount of energy to use an ability that requires energy. The pain lasts for 2 posts after initial contact, the damage brought by it being moderate. The energy effect lasts for 3 posts after initial contact before wearing off.

The effects from the last aforementioned tiers are the same on here, except augmented even further. The pain does severe damage over the span of 3 posts after initial contact. It costs triple the amount of energy to use an ability. This effect wears off 3 posts after initial contact.

(0-4 and up)
The effects of the origin bullet are the most devastating. Upon contact with the flesh, the body will be immersed in extreme amounts of pain, caused by the destruction of the control over the victim's energy, said energy causing extreme amounts of internal damage due to the power of severing causing an extreme amount of volatility, the damage accumulating over the span of 4 posts after initial contact. The victim will need to use three times the ordinary amount of energy in order to use an ability. This effect lasts for 5 posts after initial contact, before wearing off.

Weakness: Although the contender is most effective against the high and mighty, it is also hardest to be able to hit the high tiers successfully with an origin bullet. The stronger and more virtuous can dodge more easily, or defend against the bullet, far better than a being of mediocre power ever could. Couple that with the fact that it is time consuming and painful to create more Origin Bullets, and The Contender is proven not to be an infallible weapon.

Guardian: None, Kiritsugu starts with this.

The Contender 2lvcuad

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I am prideful because of the heart.
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I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

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