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Sugiura Template


Name: Shunō De Louge Roi
True Age: 7,286 years old.
Gender: Male
Personality: Shuno is a tried and true teaser of everyone. And I mean EVERYONE. If you're around him and he feels playful, he will not stop teasing. His voice is generally playful and sing-song when he's in this mindset, and he'll dance around them, poking fun at the aspects of them that he feels like poking fun at, and basically being a general, all-round, goofball. That said, that's only when he's actually kidding around. Despite this rather aloof and joking demeanor that Shuno carries around him, he is very intricately developed in his own mind.

Honestly, the first thing you'll notice about Shuno is his liveliness and excitability. He'll generally be talking in a sing-song voice around anyone he speaks to - it's quite a rude manner of speaking, really. Another thing you'll notice about when he speaks to you, is that he's quite straight about what he says. He speaks to you with a realism that most wouldn't, and will give his blunt and honest opinion, no matter what you think, or how you think he'll react.

He also has an air of indifference when it comes to dealing with humans. He finds it both interesting and stupid that humans are so fragile compared to most beings, and the fact that they don't seem to survive as long as he'd want them to. In fact, one could almost say that he has become jaded by thoughts about this. As such, he has isolated himself from most humans, tying his mind down with the ideas of science about him, only truly associating with Sayuri.

Despite his exterior appearance, and his usual actions, Shuno is a very careful and pragmatic individual when it comes to his work. If a problem comes up that he didn't foresee, he will continue to try and work on said problem until he has truly repaired it.

Also, he has a strange addiction to pudding. Just sayin'.

General Appearance

Animalistic Traits: None
Appearance Age: About 29
Height: 158cm
Weight: 58kg

Natural Abilities


"Entry of Data" is the main technique that Shuno knows. When he comes across a substance that is not present in his "Database", then he has the option of taking a small sample of this material and entering it in. If it is a base substance, then it will be submitted. However, if the substance is made up of other base substances, then it will be rejected. Simple as that.

"PUDDING" is a rarity among his abilities, as it is strangely powerful, yet totally useless. It is the only thing he can summon into the world without accessing the Database. A bowl of chocolate pudding. And then he eats it. Quite strange. The pudding offers nothing but chocolate-y goodness.

Finally, Shuno seems to have the strange ability of being able to skate around without visibly moving any other part of his body - this is done by him compressing Reiatsu beneath his feet and rolling it around on the ground, with him on top.

Sacred Weapon: Shuno's Sacred is a simple dagger with no fancy markings or abilities to it.

Guardian Beast

Element: "The Makeup of Existence"

Guardian Beast:

Guardian Beast's World:

Sacred Unleashed

The first thing we must understand about Shuno's Released States is quite simple. He will NOT appear to have changed, save for the power output from his body. In these states, he has access to what is known as the "Database", which is basically a repository of everything that the world is basely formed from. Said "Database" is touch-activated, and he can access it at any time. In fact, the States that Shuno can achieve have little use except for what he can DO with these entries in his "Database". The ideals from each State carry over to the next, making his Kyuu Kyou the Ultimate form of manipulation of this Makeup.

THE DATABASE: It would probably be wise to explain the "Database" first. This, like most knowledge banks, contains rather detailed information on every base element in the world. This includes the Periodic Elements, the Five Zen Elements, Physics Elements, everything that can be formed into something "physical" is stored in this "Database". HOWEVER, unlike most knowledge banks, this "Database" also contains physical samples (where possible) of all of this, collected over thousands of years by none other than Shuno itself, built into a pocket dimension. So, to be truthful, this isn't a "knowledge base", but a file storage and retrieval system, designed to keep this dimension in order. If Shuno finds something that isn't in his "Database", then he can take a sample of it and implant it in, automatically creating an entry for future reference. If the sample in question is NOT a physical element, and instead a physical notion or shape, then the reference is based off of Shuno's understanding of the specific object or motion, and is represented by arrows/symbols.

Joushou: In Joushou, Shuno unlocks the simplest of his three ideals, "Combination". While this seems like a simple enough concept, it is filled with a large number of complexities, and needs to be fully explained to be understood. However, to put it in simple terms:

"Combination is the idea of taking several different concepts and melding them together into a single attack."

For example, Shuno can take the ideas of "Fire", "Sphere", and "Projectile", and make a fireball attack. However, if he just took the ideas of "Fire" and "Sphere", he'd only be able to create a fireball in his hand which would be thrown normally, and therefore possibly be slightly weaker.

Now, in appearances, it doesn't seem that he does anything bar create the attack out of nothing. However, there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. In fact, Shuno is processing a large amount of variables at once. What happens is that Shuno creates a visualization of the "Database" process screen before him, and slows the flow of time around him for a single second. This single second is then made into a minute. In this minute, Shuno takes every variable that he thinks that he needs, and arranges them into a Combination Flowchart. Every one of these variables is then melded into a single package, or "Compiled". This compiled ability is then take from the "Database" visualization, and time flows normally once more. Once shown to the actual flow of time, the ability takes on the properties that it had compiled into it.

Now, there are several drawbacks for the use of Combination. The first major one is the need for specifics. In order to use the Combination properly, Shuno must understand exactly what he wants, and exactly what he needs. Usually, it is quite simple, as shown with the "Fireball" attack. However, some of the more complex abilities have intricacies that Shuno has to take into consideration, or cannot perform without multiple combinations. For the latter, he must go from Joushou into Zenou.

Zenou: Shuno's Zenou grants him two abilities. First is "Advanced Combination", while second is "Physical Combination".

"Advanced Combination" is quite simple. It allows for Shuno to use multiple combinations and compile them as a single attack. For example: He can create three of the "Fireball" attacks at once and fire them all off at once, or create a "Fireball" and an "Ice Spear", and so on, and so forth.

"Physical Combination", however, is the true glory of Shuno's Zenou. If we were to put this in basic terms, it would be the

"Modification of one's own bodily structure in order to augment physical ability."

It's quite simple, really. When in Zenou, the time that Shuno is allocated in his single second is increased to five minutes. These five minutes allow for him to take a flowchart of his body and split it into multiple sections. These sections are then split into further parts, explaining each part of his body. He can then use this in conjunction with "Combination" and compile an ability to be set to that specific part.

For example, he can take his Right Arm. He then splits his right arm into several parts, choosing "Bone Structure; RA". This is then taken, and combined with a previously-formed Combination of "Iron" and "Carbon" ("Steel"), and compiled. Once returned to the normal flow of time, the bone structure of Shuno's right arm would be converted from it's normal bone to steel, thereby increasing it's resistance. The next time Shuno uses the "Database", his arm will be returned to normal.

As with every ability, there are certain drawbacks. The specific objects take on the exact properties of the chosen attributes to combine it with. So, if the bone became steel, then it becomes as heavy as that volume of steel would normally be, and so on, and so forth. Because of this, Shuno has had to both train up his body, and understand exactly what he wants and needs for the situation. This also has the possibility of stopping his vital functions.

Kyuu Kyou: And finally, his Kyuu Kyou. In this form, the time he is given in a single second is increased to ten minutes, and he gets two new abilities.

The first is "Creationism Branch". This ability lets him formulate Combinations to a point where he can meld creations within creations, if that makes sense. To be more specific, and to give an example, say he wishes to create a spear. Well, the simple thing to do would be to go with "steel" (iron and carbon) and "spear", correct? That would indeed create a steel spear. But what if he wanted a different handle? Or a different spearhead? That is where "Creationism Branch" comes in. This ability allows Shuno to take multiple parts of a blueprint, and customize them separately.

Now, while that's all good and true, there are times when the chain itself may get too much for him to consider. While it is possible for him to memorize certain streaks of information, sometimes he has to build something that is either large, not used for a single attack, or something that has to stay after he accesses the Database again. For this, he has to create an adjustment in the Framework of Reality, and that on it's own is difficult to do, taking a large chunk of his energy. In fact, he can only do this once per thread. In order to gain access to the Framework, Shuno must have at least eight minutes within his second remaining.

For an instant, everything stops, and the world around him suddenly forms a grid over it, as if everything has been given a place. This is the "Framework of Reality", a "builders area" for the world within a certain radius of the user. All objects in this area are unmodifiable, however, and any areas above living objects are out of use as well. In this area, Shuno has the ability to build a single modification to Reality from the shapes and concepts in his Database. This object can be nigh on anything, and will remain in existence even if he accesses the Database again.

Alter Form

Let's put it this way. Although Shuno has an Alter Form... he can't get to it. It's locked away in the Database where nobody and nothing can get to it. He can't even build with it. End of story.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Shuno De Louge Roi. The man who wasn't meant to be King. He wasn't even born as a high-powered Sugiura. Honestly, he was shown to only ever have one ability - and that was to document matter into his little "Database" that he had made, and it was quite embarrassing for the parents of a child like this to be seen with him. The child was expressing interest in seeing the world, so they sent him to see the world. And hoped like hell the world killed him.

Let's see... for about two hundred years, Shuno was a scared kid hiding in the Sugiura Kingdom. If he could find something to collect, he collected it, building up his Database. He really wasn't sure why he was doing this, at first. To be completely honest, the entire idea astounded him. To find that the world, despite being so complex and hardy, was so fragile around him was an astonishing discovery for this already-learned man. He decided to explore upon this further, travelling to the human world.

From there, he sampled further, taking in as many different samples as he could, finding that there was so much making up the human world. He began to form his own version of the periodic table of elements. He began to truly understand it all, even passing his knowledge onto some of the humans. There are a few elements that would've been impossible to discover without the intervention of Shuno De Louge Roi. That said, he chooses not to take credit, saying that humans are the ones who should understand the world, not the one who already understands it. In all honesty, he had some faith in humanity back then.

But as the years went on, he became shaken by this faith, eventually deciding that it wasn't worth it. He became shut-in with his mind, only collecting and thinking. Everything that he did, he was almost absolutely prepared only for himself, a selfish man. His science was his queen, and so it stayed that way. But he began to wonder more about himself, and decided to return to the Sugiura Kingdom. Instead of choosing to stay there, he began to roam the Guardian Beast Lands. This was an interesting experience for the young Sugiura, who managed to discover not only who he really was, but also his Guardian Beast. After a careful discussion, she explained more about the Database.

He discovered abilities he'd never thought possible, but also a startling secret about himself and the Alter Form. For some reason, however, he managed to kill it with a single attack, locking it away inside the Database. This other side to his personality that he had hidden away... was destroyed and hidden in a manner of minutes. That was the first reason behind Shuno being King Material. To be able to take something that was supposed to be a true part of your own self and remove it from physical and mental existence...

So, after his little excursion to the Guardian Beast Lands... he returned to the Sugiura Kingdom to people who had never expected him to return alive... or at all. And he returned with things that they had never expected. The very fact that this man had been able to manipulate the very make-up of existence astounded them, and they instantly hailed him as King. They just... it just... Shuno, in all his new-found glory, with the personality that he had, was lost for words. But when they presented him with the woman that he was to marry, Shuno could only put one word out for them to hear.


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