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Sugiura Template


Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  Unleashed_by_oathkeeper9918

Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  85fe103deb7c4ad81367b8f18e04be131286201192_fullDhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  702c4be9588d44848aa0182087e59dcf1286201194_fullDhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  04012bf52f2975d1a2ae834e25dd57e91286201195_fullDhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  E811a2c23616c816616d66361a5dc6691286201196_fullDhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  F736716cb0ec8086911eafccde7871291299085800_full

Name: Dhaos Narikiri
True Age: Unknown
Gender: Male

In terms of character, Dhaos is maniacal, short-tempered, destructive, and cruel. He is completely insane with no regard for human life, and he, in fact, finds amusement in the suffering and death of others. He tends to crack dark jokes at times, that even makes the likes of Heroism seem normal. Sometimes breaking out into hysterical laughter upon causing death, destruction, and mayhem, and possesses a hatred of virtually everything in the world; Dhaos only joy in life comes from causing death and chaos wherever he can. What begins as simply a disregard and indifference to life develops into a sinister nihilism. He isn't afraid to use dirty tactics, and downplay his own powers, often calling them useless, and fitting for weak man such as himself.

Dhaos is very proud of his own power, but possesses no physical signs of arrogance or overconfidence. He is also one of the most proficient combatants in the Sugiura kind. Intellectually, Dhaos possesses a genius level intellect. He is also very sharp-witted, being able to figure out the foe powers and gauge there power levels only after one of there attacks, he is an honor-bound man, and when he feels indebted to someone, he will go out of his way to repay that debt, even if this goes against his own personal best interest. He isn't afraid right after replaying the debt to back stab them, and turn them into his own tools.

Perhaps one of Dhaos less shown traits is his seriousness, which appears briefly during his speeches and interactions with others and seldom effects him, though some occurrences has led him to hold his serious persona for extended periods. While more times than not he demonstrates a goofy and cruel nature, not to mention a degree of laziness in his posture and facial features, Dhaos can be serious when the situation calls for it; and when he does, even other's would wisely steps back and moves out of his way, such in the past and now.he can still back up his claims.

It should be noted that when Dhaos becomes serious, the change in personality is quite pronounced. He becomes more focused, his spiritual energy more sharp, while at the same time maintaining a degree of calm authority that serves to unnerve those he encounters. He is also generally quieter, and strangely, more observant to subtle details. Such as his attacks become a lot more dangerous, and turning the tables, if he happen to be on the losing side.

Dhaos habit is to note every detail oriented when it comes to fighting. He notices his opponent's mannerisms and discerns with ease the reasons behind those actions and the weaknesses and strengths of his opponents. Using his powers slowly to overpower them. So at the end they know how weak they really are. This stems from his god complex, believing his a higher being than anyone, of every race, and his own twisted thoughts on his world.

He has little regard for humans, seeing them for their flaws, with a few people being one of the few exceptions. Dhaos also believes that he has the right to get whatever he wants and detests having to give something away if there's no benefit for him.
General Appearance


Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  Dhaosg
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  Dhaos2
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  200px-Dhaos
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  Dhaos_by_baka_ouji-d3co4ey
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  6965aa1ee0e5b9adcb802c06b34da5491286201896_full
Animalistic Traits: N/A
Appearance Age: early 20's
Height: 6'4
Weight: 160

Natural Abilities

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Dhaos is extremely well-versed in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting style most resembles a mix of Boxing and bajiquan as he possesses amazing footwork. He isn't a master per say, but skilled enough to hold his own in combat.

Abnormal Endurance: Perhaps Dhaos most unique trait is his unnatural endurance, not only in terms of his mental threshold for pain, but in terms of his physical durability as well. He can take a near unbelievable number of attacks to bring him down. While it takes a lot to bring him down. It still possible to harm him.

Pole-arm Master: A variation of Bōjutsu, Dhaos has mastered this art of fighting, as his sacred is the form of an elongated Trident. Capable of wielding it with haste and a quick hand, he has the ability to keep up with swordsmen despite his weapon's unique build. He has shown to utilize his Trident to perform unique attacks, such as catching an incoming sword between it's prongs and quickly delivering a gouge with said prongs.

Dark surge- A passive power, thanks to his use of dark matter. The Dark matter in every direction, an electrical like discharge of Dark matter flows from his entire body allowing him to affect multiple enemies. When using this attack on a great number of enemies at once, it can effectively double as an instant defence. The body of the person touched by the dark matter will misinterpret the matter nature as electrical signals from the nerves, making its muscles contract. This causes the body to involuntarily go stiff, while at the same time receives damage. This passive power can also be channeled through the ground to increase the range of the attack. While it normally unseen Dhaos eyes glow purple when its about to go off, this also makes every physical attack he does, such as punching, or kicking, feel like an strong lightning bolt is going thou them. This move if used as a range attack, it shall have a 4 post cool down till it is usable again. The phyical aspect and defense of the power doesn't need a cool down.

Dark Flash - His very own version of flash steps, these use strong dark matter brust instead of Reiatsu-bursts to move at high speeds for short distances, very similliar to Shunpo. Generally, it doesn't make any sounds, though. The only exception is for when Dhaos stands on the ground, as it melt's the surface on which she is standing. This is fast enough to make Dhaos appear to teleport around leaving a after image behind.

Immense Strength: Dhaos has immense physical abilities. His strength is such that he can make a foe as large as a Menos Grande with only one punch, catch strikes from other's using only his bare-hands and reel them in for an attack with little effort. This strength also serves as a potent defense While Dhaos has exhibited what many would consider super strength even by his kind standards,

Enhanced Reflexes- Dhaos has developed his reflexes to the point that he no longer has to think about dodging attacks, as his muscles instinctively react to incoming danger. This are not as great as his speed but there just good enough to dodge some attacks from high-speed users.

Darkness wire- thanks to Dhaos ability to create "threads" of dark matter which, when striking an opponent or object, can break down the bonds that hold them together and deteriorate them. Dhaos can at will use the deteriorate effect, so he can use them for binding, without harming the target. Once ensnare the opponent as the Threads around their body immobilizing them. The end of it remains in Dhaos hands allowing him to control the path of the threads before and after capture. These threads are near unbreakable, but by no means impossible to cut thou.

Shockwave punches -Dhaos is also capable of further concentrating a large quantity of his particular variant of Dark Matter into the lower portion of one of his arms or even his blade, subsequently projecting it outward in the form of a volatile shot emanating from the respective fist, which violently explodes when it establishes contact with an exterior object, causing massive damage, it has a range of 450 feet.

Dirty deed's- Dhaos is also capable of further concentrating a large quantity of this particular variant of Dark matter into various random object's. he can get his hands on. Which he conceals about his person. Imbuing these respective items in this fashion, serves to greatly enhance their destructive potential to the extent that they can easily pierce reinforced concrete structures, subsequently obliterating the impaled object with a substantial resultant explosion. Dhaos typically employs his respective items such knifes, only when undertaking the most devastating of actions, instead reserving things like, cards, or coins. when non-lethal attacks are deemed necessary as the insertion of these articles into a victim's body both impairs and disrupts the intended target's movements, effectively paralyzing them without causing significant collateral damage. However; Dhaos highest and most powerful skill actually utilizes the remainder of the item's in his possession, saturating them with enough Dark matter that it begins to distort their very shape, which leads to numerous consecutive immense blasts when initiating contact after dispersal.

Burst Infused Chains - Dhaos is also capable of further extending a large quantity of this particular variant of Dhaos over the entire length of a pair of chain like constructs, composed from numerous interlocking diamond links that he wields in a similar manner to dual whips. He keeps these hidden in his cloak. Imbuing these respective items in this fashion, serves to not only greatly enhance their tensile strength to the extent that they can even withstand the intense heat generated by Ankh flames, but also considerably increase their destructive capabilities and the ease at which they can be manipulated. The length of the chains are up to 15 meters, Dhaos is able to make the path of the chains normally in what are unthinkable ways,

Dhaos Blast- Dhaos charges up Dark matter before slamming his palm into the ground, creating a large explosion of energy that hits any surrounding enemies, reaching for over a block range. This shock wave alone is enough to wipe out a 50 meter area. This leaves behind a dark mist covering the, the mist is made up of dark matter, that lingers on for the next 3 post. Using the effects of Dark matter to weaken his foes. The lethal power of this is fearsome enough to cause the 50 meter area, into a 40 feet crater, people hit by the shock wave, normaly get broken bones or lots of injured organs. 1 post charge, 5 post cool down.

Dhaos Laser- To utilize it, Dhaos curls his fingers and places both his hands together at chest level facing the same direction, so that the palm of one hand is on the back of the other. Then, once enough spirit energy and dark matter is gathered, he thrusts both hands forward to fire a powerful blast of energy. The result is a powerful, purple-colored energy beam that emanates from his hands. This laser is powerful enough to rival hado 88 in terms of power, being able to wipe out half a small forest in a single blast, and can still do major damage at long range, but is deadlist at close range, where theres a high chance of getting dark matter inside a person body that stays in them for 4 post. Instant firing rate, 4 post cool down

Dark Blade- This ability creates a blade of pure dark matter and reaitsu appearing as an intense yet focused undulating purple ghostly energy, almost mist like. It extends out from Dhaos upper arm, engulfing his hand and extending out roughly 3 feet past his fingertips, though Dhaos could temporarily extend it out up to 6 feet in length by focus more dark matter into it. The blade takes a moment of focus to be created. The blade has the particular capabilities of being able to cut through anything made of Reitsu or reiryoku, and being able to break down the bonds that hold them together and deteriorate them. Each slash with the blade creates a never ending pain that last only for a few seconds, and Dhaos can use the threads to shot off from the blade, to make a good combo attack. Dhaos can fuse this in with Dark spear, or Dhaos Laser.

Dark Spear- Dhaos forms dark matter into his hands like the dark blade, but form it into a spear/blade-shape, adapting it for mid-range attacks with a maximum range of 10 meters. Although it's less powerful than the dark blade, its increased range means there is less of a risk to Dhaos. It also has the advantage of being able to be used for surprise attacks and capturing. When the enemy's body is pierced, Dhaos can alter the spear's shape into multiple additional blades, increasing the number of wounds. The blade can also be swung in order to cut things as well as cause fatal injuries. Dhaos can use the threads to fire off from the spear as well, making for a great amount of surprise attacks

Magic: Dhaos is a master of all magic, using them at full power without saying there name, and can use the one's that normally would take the use of the name in order to use.

Tsumi no kōrubakku- A Magic made by Dhaos himself, and was wiped off the records of all magic, due to its use. To perform this magic, Dhaos must first acquire some of the DNA or an strong reaitsu memory of the person he intend to revive. The soul of the intended revived must still exist, be it in hell or another soul cycle; those whose soul has been destroyed by Quincy, for example, cannot be resurrected. Next, a living sacrifice is required for the soul of the resurrected to use as a vessel. Dhaos normally uses people that are to dumb to even know whats going on. Once all prerequisites for the spell have been met. The acquired DNA or reaitsu memory of the person is gathered on Dhaos scared and once the magic is activated, the remains spread out in the form of a special seal with the living sacrifice in the centre. Then dust and ash encases the sacrifice's body, giving them the same appearance that the revived had at the time of their death. The process is somewhat painful as such the sacrifice experience never ending pain when this happens.The person is then revived and the end product is usually stored in Dhaos scared until summoned by him. Dhaos can theoretically revive a limitless number of people in this way, so long as he has enough sacrifices, reaistu, DNA, or reaitsu memory to perform this magic.

When first summoned, the body of the resurrected is stored in Dhaos scared; their body will appear grey and in a state of minor decay, marred by cracks and other imperfections, and the individual will also appear to be asleep. Upon awakening they retain their personality, memories, and all abilities they had in life, including Resurrección, Shikai, Bankai and all there natural powers, and in the case of Sugiura, they retain all there powers and the guardian beast if it wasn't killed as well, if it was killed Dhaos well need to use this magic again in order to bring back a dead guardian beast. but it does not seem to be able to recreate unique weapons such as Conceptual Weapons. Though weapons like Zanpakutō are reformed. The summoned all have grey sclera and retain their original eye colours however the entire eye is darkened. This last for a short while, till there body's start to stabilize and begin over time returning to what they really look liked.

After the individual has been summoned and awakened, Dhaos can bind the individual to his or her will by using a special talisman, and implanted in the brain. Upon implanting the talisman, the resurrected individual will regenerate further, eliminating any remaining imperfections and restoring colour to their bodies and clothing. Dhaos either remotely controls or tracks the summoned individuals using pebbles he manipulates on a simple grid, which acts as a map.

Different talismans can be used to enact different degrees of control.Dhaos normal talismans completely eliminated the personalities of the summoned, turning them into mindless killing machines under his command. he can prefer to use a weaker binding talisman on certain individuals, allowing them to retain some degree of their own personality. The latter method is useful for psychological warfare and can also allow the summoned individual to tap into their own emotions, memories, or creativity to enhance their effectiveness in combat. but also carries a host of drawbacks; it takes more effort to retain control with the weaker binding which can make it possible for the hearts of the summoned to be swayed by strong emotions, which can result in the soul breaking free of Dhaos control. Even so, Dhaos can completely remove their personalities if needed, and may elect to if they resist his command too strongly. Dhaos can even overwrite his own talismans, greatly increasing the power of the binding. If at any time, the revived are freed from his control, they have a built in fail-safe that if any chance they attack Dhaos, they shall only harm themselves. Unless that have the special talisman.

By no means this makes the revived impossible to kill by normal means. They can still die, but are weaker to what killed them in the first place, or the person that killed them. If Dhaos is sealed or, killed, all revived are destroyed and there souls go back to where ever they were. There is a special talisman Dhaos can give to a select few so they can stay in this world if he ever dies, or sealed away.

Sacred Weapon:
Sealing Death
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  115-HK57004

Dhaos sacred holds no real attack power, save for used as a melee weapon.

It holds the power to summon many coffins, to either defend or store things away in a pocket dimension in the sacred it self. This is what is used to store those he brings back to life, or call them to his side, it can create unlimited about of these coffins, and store them in his pocket dimension. It can be used to open portals if it is used to spin clockwise, it creates a portal to where ever he has been. Or can use the portal to block a single attack in front of him. It has a useless power to turn into a small stick with leaves on it so Dhaos can carry it around a lot better.

Other Weapons: N/A

Guardian Beast

Element: Kojin jigoku- Dhaos is able control and manipulate Dark matter, a kind of substance which could turn virtually into anything he wants, and can be intangible at will. Dark matter, is normally impossible to gain, since it can negate kido on touch, can appear from almost anywhere, it can slow down healing factors when he hits something, Dhaos dark matter is thought to be unstoppable, but they are a few draw backs that exist, firstly, Dhaos has to come up with a image of the from of the dark matter he wan'ts to use, and then create it from his mind into reality. Dark matter can negate the harmony of one's Zanpakuto, or Guardian beast. Those with a Zanpakuto find that there powers are Nulled as long they are in contact with Dark matter. In the case of Vizards inner hollow, is where the twisted power of dark matter comes into play, making one own inner hollow to go wild, this happens only if Dhaos uses a large enough Dark matter based attacks. In the case of Guardian beast, and Conceptual Weapons. For the Guardian beast if they are already out, and come in contact with Dark matter, they shall be in never ending pain, making them unable to fight, unable to move, let alone defend them self's. For Conceptual Weapons there use, and powers are nulled like the Zanpakuto.

On Dhaos himself, he is able to "choose" whatever he wishes to touch, which can make him intangible to any solid objects or treat liquids and air as if they have solid form, seen when he is able to walk on water and air. He uses this ability to kill many of his victims by removing their vital organs without damaging the skin, as well as avoiding damage, Dhaos can only remain intangible for approximately five minutes at a time and must be tangible in order to transport himself. The amount of time needed to attack something is also increased by the size of the mass he intends to make with the dark matter.

Guardian Beast:
Bernael -
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  354px-Shadow

Guardian Beast's World:

Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  Kingdom%20Of%20Heaven

Sacred Unleashed


In this form Dhaos dons't change but he gains a countless, dust sized blades, that always stays around Dhaos, in groups it takes form as a dark like mist, which is why it mix's well with matter. Making an tricky combo. Dhaos can control the countless, of dust sized blades, that always stays around him, in groups it takes form as a dark mist, up to the range of a half mile, he can attack and defend at once, The force behind the blade's are 50 tons, but the speed alone near bala level speed's, in group's, Dhaos can create wall's of blades, they are thick enough to block the force behind strong strikes, and then some engery strikes, while its good to block physical attacks, they are best to defend energy attack's, almost nulled any sort of energy based attacks that hit the wall's, however it can't block forever, so normally after one attack the wall's return to there dust like state. The blades can expand dramatically in size. Imbuing these sphere forms, in this fashion serves to greatly enhance their destructive potential to the extent that they can easily destroy concrete structures, subsequently obliterating the impaled object with a substantial resultant explosion and if needed increase the number of spheres to make more explosions. Dhaos mostly this by coating himself with the dust blades alone, increasing his strength and speed greatly.

Bite the Dust: A simple cero-strength stream of dust blades that can be formed in, and fired from, Dhaos hand. The force behind it as stated before cero level, and at bala speed, while fast and deadly, it is easily avoidable. And mainly used as surprise attacks .

Ride the road: Dhaos can make huge 50 feet tall by ten feet wide pillars of dust blades, form at will. Instead of growing up from the ground, his pillars simply form in the air, and can be used at random angles, and Dhaos can create at max 8 pillars at a time, to go in and crush his foe.

Double Dust: By pushing his dark matter into his palms and opening his hands, the dust blades, start spinning wildly, each being engulfed by dark matter before he throws them at the enemy at lightning fast speed. The dark matter blades will head for the enemy, tracking their reiatsu signature for up to 50 yards, bouncing off any obstacles in their path and redirecting course. Once they have traveled 50 yards each, however, they will stop dead in their tracks, the dark will disappear, and they will return to Dhaos person.

Zenou: ("Almighty")

He only gains a space like aura, and eyes changed to a dark purple, and his skin a bit paler.

While no new powers are added in this form, Dhaos attacks, are all far greater, and more damaging in this state. This form normally surprises his foes, due to them thinking he gain a new form, or attacks, but is useful to hide his Kyuu Kyou powers.

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate")
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  637bd023d01d6cfbd41a5911da38534b1299255088_fullDhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  Ace017f85c1268db5548ae8a78d6b2661299255106_fullDhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  637bd023d01d6cfbd41a5911da38534b1299255088_fullDhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  Ace017f85c1268db5548ae8a78d6b2661299255106_full

Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  I162265_Yggdrasill2
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  180px-Yggdrasil
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  A120lx

Dhaos loses the dust blades, but keeps all dark matter powers from base form, just at a far greater power level.

Insane Physical power- Dhaos strength has increased to the point where it grants him a destructive touch, meaning that his touch on an object has a tendency to crush that object, or make it break apart, even if he just brushes it. He can cause gaping wounds with a blocked punch, tearing skin and bones in the opponent's hand.This raw power, while at first seeming limited, has a great variety of uses. attacking,for example when he merely grabs an opponent's wrist he can nearly breaks their arm. He can also use it passively or to augment normal combat.

Third Dimensional Cutter- the ability to cut through the entirety of the third dimension. Whatever comes into contact with the slashes will be cut as well. His control over the location and shape of the cuts makes his utilization of the dimensional distortion considerably more effective then a surgeon. There are limits to this, while said cuts are powerful, they can't be thicker than wire. While it can bypass defense, it is noted, it is see able, easily avoidable. And most of all, Dhaos would be damage by them. He can only make a total of 160 cuts at a time, if he made more than that the cuts are reset back to before this power is used, he creates 5 cuts at a time with this power. Dhaos can shoot these cuts outwards in a range of 120 feet, making varying shapes with them to throw his foe off, or district them long enough for the other attacks to kick in.

Yggdrasil -Dhaos strongest move and most fearsome for in this form, create energy feathers made form his wings, as projectiles to throw at opponents in order to slice and pierce his opponents. The speed of the projectiles is noted to be very quick, about as fast as if he were using flash step, and their penetration power is noted to easily pierce the Hierro of Espada. The size is quite small-about the size of sword 4 feet. Should be noted however, as the feathers are fired, his wings shall stay there. This has a wide range almost half a mile. and can easily destroy towns, and large groups in seconds. The feathers fired well on impacted create powerful small blast make makes a 3 feet crater. With the force behind each feather reaching over 180 tons of force, as countless feathers rain down on the area. Dhaos can even take this move a step beyond, by coating his attacks in dark matter, making the force reach over 340 tons of force per feather, as well 10 feet craters, thou the range is more limited.

There is a variant allows Dhaos to create a small scale version of Yggdrasil. he uses this attack to cause a series of projectiles to shoot upwards from the ground to pierce his target. Yet another variant of the he, instead condenses his spiritual power into the form of an spear. This form of attack allows him greatly flexibility in dealing with aerial opponents.

Mithos -It is technically constantly active only in this form, though dormant. While dormant, it is invisible. However, once an attack gets within range to affect Dhaos, the barrier instantly activates. Only natural skills is the only thing that can penetrate it. If a punch is thrown with a ability, it will be blocked. If a kick is dropped, it will be blocked. Energy attacks are redirected at random angles, though it can never return to the sender. Something like Illusions wouldn't work against Dhaos, as it is still an ability. The same goes for everything that use a power, he is still affected by all of those on a natural level such as physical attacks. The only limitation to the power is its weakness. Only natural attack a source can penetrate the barrier. However, no abilities can penetrate it. This means it would have to be either a constant release-type or unreleased. If you try to use an ability within the barrier, then a sub-barrier will block it. This barrier is covers only a 50 meter range around Dhaos

Alter Form

Alter Appearance:
Dhaos Narikiri "The King Of Heaven"  Mithos10bb

Alter Personality:

He is sarcastic and childlike, perhaps even to the point of cruelty not to the levels of Dhaos. He has a snide, sarcastic response to even the most serious subjects, and loves to tease his friends. for no other reason than amusement, while rarely shows any sign of his emotions. Unlike Dhaos he holds honor, and willingness to help those in need. But has a great fear of Dhaos that often keeps him held back.

Alter Powers: No new powers are added.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: 15000 Years Ago, There first came the birth of an unsual shinigami, who would be known and considered as the fore mother of the Sugiura Clan. Shimura Sugiura, a woman who's skill's were very low and sub-par at best, she could not perform anything right. Around this time Dhaos was born as well, he fell in love with her. Thou she never found out. Dhaos had sub-par skills, and was never able to even manifest a spirit, this brought shame into his family, and was outcast by it. Dhaos was sent to die in the forest of hollow's. Alone, barely able to fight, and weak, it found him, a guardian beast, known as Bernael. He talked to Dhaos, telling him he shall give him power, great power beyond his wildest dreams, wanting this the young Dhaos, as hollows closed in to feed on Dhaos, he took the power of this beast, as his own, and thus the legend of Dhaos was born. The forest of menos was greatly destroyed, returning to his family, Dhaos killed them all, in revenge for out casting him, they never caught him. Dhaos learnt that his love became known as The Shinigami of evolution. Dhaos trained himself in his new powers.

Dhaos learned that she continued on her days of becoming stronger then most shinigami and evolving, into something more stronger then bankai, As she was able to defeat a captain face to face, easily in this stage over his own bankai. then one day, she decided she would go and settle down with life in a new land, new home, and to find out her roots. she married a shinigami man and have fourteen of his children. This drove Dhaos to the deep end of his life, it was time to meet her face to face, take her as his own. Dhaos became a fearsome power. This things that granted them power, he shall end them. Kill them, destroy them, first he created his own magic, the infamous Tsumi no kōrubakku. He tested this spell to bring back his dead family, it worked, he tested this spell on all the races he could find. Hollow, Quincy, soul reaper? You name it, he tested it. Making this spell into its current version. Creating fail safe, after fail safe. He was Ready, first he stalked her, got her day plan all down. Then he visited the west of these great lands, and studied the king of heroes, he bettered his still further, till it happened, he transcended into Kyuu Kyou. He tested his new found power, by destroying a large mass of the kings kingdom. Killing many, and then uses the soul of plus to bring them all back in a small army.

He used this army to attack her home, they where wiped out. But this was to buy time. It happened in one night, the day that 67% of all guardian beast where wiped out by Dhaos himself. The lands where in flames. The King of heroes appeared, and tried to use the great EA on him, but it was blocked thanks to Dhaos powers. The land was forever scared. Mountains vanished, as his battle with the king of heroes happened, and then she appeared. She used her strongest attack along with a full powered EA, it hit Dhaos barrier. And in a large blast that shook not only these lands, but earth as well. They thought that killed him, but he appeared, unharmed, only knocked out of Kyuu Kyou. In his base form, he was tried, used to much power. That's when he was hit by it. Boundary Field of Isolation used by Shimura, and this variation can even seal people, Guardian Beasts or Sacreds until she wishes them released, making the most dire and feared punishment in Sugiura Law not death, but eternal sealing. He was sealed into the lands, his Guardian beast, escaped, and hid.

The crimes of Dhaos, where wiped from the records, his tale lost in time as a mere fable, a boogeyman tale to tell to guardian beast. The fable of the epic battle that destroyed most of the lands. Thought to be done to in the grail attack not long after. The magic he created wiped from the records as well, making it impossible to know how to perform this spell. Dhaos was stuck in the seal forever, or that was the plan. his guardian beast had one special order, to set up a auto spell, that would break Dhaos free over time, this was done by using small amount of collected reaitsu in the area, to weaken the seal, Dhaos stayed the same age, power, everything like the day he went in. But he knew time was passing by, 1 second felt like a hour, and he stayed in there for thousands of years. His actions caused the war of the guardian beast and his kind.

Then 30 years ago it happen, the seal was broken, he appeared, unharmed, healed, and mad, the first thing he done was, destroy all the sea towns and made it look like hollows did it. And then he needed information, he learnt what happen to his feats, laughing on how they became fables. He returned to the gotei, killing off a great number of unseated soul reapers, and stole important information, covering his tracks up, by blaming another guardian beast. He waited, and gather information on this Aizen, fellow that betrayed the gotei a few years later. And carefully watched the battles of the espada, thou use of a Garganta Broadcast from one of the revived hollows he brought back. It wasn't till after the defeat of aizen brought a small chance of peace. After one year of silence, however, a new threat entered the halls - a new Vasto Lorde claimed the fortress as his own, and with him, the renewed Espada. Nobody really knows where these Arrancar come from - or why they are 'near-perfect' Arrancar, which should be impossible for natural ones. Ge created a group of powerful dead warriors brought back to join his ranks. After the gotei was sealed off. Dhaos stayed in the background of things. Gathering data, planing, only fighting when needed. He is now waiting for his chance to truly strike, to warn this world, that he is back. Taking the title of King Of Heaven as his own as well.

Roleplay Sample:

My Chars

{Zefonse Kaizme}
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{Chosokabe Motochika}
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PYSCHE, kidding.

0-2+ most likely for future antagonist, or something like that.

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