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PostSubject: Tohsaka Rin   Tohsaka Rin Icon_minitime1Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:47 pm

Magus Template


Name: Tohsaka Rin
True Age: 985 Years
Gender: Female
Personality: Tohsaka is, for the lack of a better word, a paradox in herself. She is known for being a 'perfect' girl and student amongst many, proud of her magical ability, but also not too high and mighty. While she is rather friendly, she is also distant and aloof, having both admirers and envious people around her, but without paying any of them much mind. Only very few can be counted amongst her actual friends.
But that is merely her mask she wears. In truth, Rin is quite the bold, rude and sharp-tongued girl. Whenever someone makes a mistake, she is quick to point it out and rub it in, makes fun of people's weaknesses, and seems generally easily annoyed. However, this only hides her actually very kind nature. She loves being praised - especially for her cooking or magic. She hides her kindness most of the time, but friends will quickly notice that she, while always poking fun at them, is also the first to help them out in a time of need.
She is a realist, and very rational, seeing clearly when someone tries to do things out of their league, and gets quickly angered at those throwing their lives away for others, seeing it as wasteful and sad for them, but mostly the latter.
As a teacher of Magecraft for many Sugiura, she is counted amongst the most accomplished and strongest mages of all time, and thus, is quite picky about her students. The only known person currently to learn magic from her is Waver, and she is also very secretive about her teachers. While one known teacher is her father himself, some rumor she even learned some things from the King of Hollows, or ancient Guardian Beasts themselves.
Tohsaka respects mages stronger than her, but will stop at nothing to surpass them and rub it into their faces, since she can't stand defeat.
Also, woe is the one she actually feels affection for. Any part of her personality seems to increase around them - both the bad and the good, so while she can be very sweet, she is also often quite teasing and 'evil'. She would never hurt someone she holds feelings for, though, unless that person REALLY flips all of her switches into an all caps rage.

General Appearance

Appearance: Tohsaka Rin 16aehpz
Tohsaka Rin 14b0oly
Tohsaka Rin Bdma8k

Animalistic Traits: None visible
Appearance Age: 17
Height: 1,59m
Weight: 47kg

Natural Abilities

Abilities: Martial Arts - Like any good Magus nowadays, Tohsaka knows how to fight hand to hand, and can do so quite well. She is more so centered on defense, but if it calls for it, she can deliver a quick array of punches and jabs, complete with panty-flashing roundhouse kicks. Her fighting style is a combination of Kung-Fu, Karate and Kapoeira, and can even shoot a bow if she needs to.

Knowledge - Being teached about Magic since her birth, there is nearly no Magecraft Tohsaka has no knowledge of. The few she does not know are those specific to a certain person, or forbidden Magecrafts.

Dreamsight - Once she is close to someone, her dreams can sometimes give her insight into that persons dreams or even past and memories.

Magic Talent - Tohsakas talent for Magecraft is on the levels where a few days are enough to master an entire branch of Magecraft if she so desires, or refine an already existing one to higher levels than ever before.

Weapons: Tohsaka has a 'Magic Crest' embedded into her left arm. This crest allows for quicker execution of certain spells, as she only has to say the name of the spell and guide her Reiatsu through. The crest then shapes her Reiatsu into the according spell. Those spells that can use this are marked as Crest Spells. All 'standard' spells Rin can use are Crest Spells automatically. Kido up to level 15 are this as well.
Tohsaka Rin 2qm22c4
Furthermore, she posesses the 'Akashic Record', a book holding ancient secrets and Magics. However, it has a mind of it's own, and will only react whenever it feels like it. Should it open up, though, it will reveal all knowledge of a certain Magecraft to Tohsaka for as long as the book stays ablaze. The origin of this book are a mystery, as it seems to be older than the Guardian Beasts, yet holds information of the newest Magercafts.
Tohsaka Rin 2d7zyf5
The third and final tool... is the Kaleidostick Ruby. Created by an ancient sorcerer, it is a sentient magic wand that usually appears as the floating top part of the stick, able to talk and forge blood contracts to turn the user into a 'special' Magus. It provides nearly unlimited power - in theory. In fact, it is limited by imagination of the user, and as a Magus, Rin has a limited ability to imagine the impossible. What exactly she can achieve with it is detailed further down.

Magecraft Unleashed

Element: Five-Elemental (Fire, Water, Air, Ground, Non-Elemental)
Affinity: Gemstone-Magic

Standard Spells: Even though Tohsaka would never admit it, her skill with the higher forms of normal Magic are not the best. She is unable to use Rho Aius, and higher level Boundary Fields are not her strong point. Other than that, she is able to use the normal magic quite well.

Magecrafts: Reinforcement - The ability to use ones own Reiatsu to strengthen every aspect of an object - how hard a shield is, how sharp a sword is, or even the taste of food, are all enhanced by this process. Called 'pointless' Magecraft, since it requires a lot of energy for rather miniscule results that don't last very long, using it on ones own body is quite useful in close combat. Should the user not be completely focused, the object will break, recieving the strangers Reiatsu as a poison. Another person is the hardest to reinforce, as their Reiatsu forces the strangers out.

Projection - Rin knows the basics of pulling something out of the mind into existance, as she knows many basics, but she is unable to use this Magecraft herself in any useable manner.

Gem Charging - Using gemstones of variable worth, Tohsaka can store her Reiatsu in them in moments of peace to use them later as ammunition for her spells. Each gemstone corresponds with an element or kind of spell, and if used with them, enhances the spells level greatly, while working like normal Reiatsu for all others. (Rin enters every thread with 10 gems of each kind unless otherwise stated)
The elemental correspondence is:

Gemstone Magic - The art of releasing energy charged in gemstones into reality through amazing spells and devastating attacks. Depending on the gem used, Rin can unleash a different spell from her stock. She CAN use her spells without them, but with reduced strength.

Spell List: Gandr Shot (Crest Spell): Not a Gemstone Spell, this is a basic attack magic. Normally used to inflict sickness, Rins magic is so strong that the Gandr Shot takes on the form of a small, black ball of energy, fired from her finger like a gun. The strength is compareable to a Bala, with the side-effect of making whoever is hit by them feeling slightly sick. The more hits are scored, the stronger this effect gets, up until the point of pinning someone into the bed with the flu for weeks.

Heartstone (Crest Spell): Embedded into the tradition of her clan, Tohsaka can create one 'Heartstone' at a time with this. The heartstone is a special, completely spiritual and magical gemstone made out of her energy, appearing in a bright red like blood. The Heartstone can be used as a substitute to replace all gems for each spell twice (once for the two strongest spells) before being used up, and can heal even normally deadly curses, poisons and injuries. Rin enters every thread with one unless stated otherwise, and can't create a new one until after a fight it is used in. Creating a new Heartstone requires a large amount of energy.

Blooming Fire (Crest Spell): With a snap of the fingers on the left hand, a bunch of burning flower petals spiral forward at the enemy. They can inflict some nasty burns.

Gem Release: Unleashing a single element with a Gem, this unleashes a blast of slightly higher strength than a Cero with the properties of the element. Wind cuts, Earth has blunt force, Fire burns, Ice freezes, the Rosequarz heals the target and the Jade is non-elemental drill-like attack.

Double Gem: Unleashing two gemstones, Rin will either unleash a double-charged single-elemental blast of the strength higher than a Gran Rey Cero, or combines two elements for the strength of a Gran Rey that has more than one property. However, opposing elements can't be fused with this. The Jade-Gemstone can't be used for this spell.

Stormblades: Uses three wind-stones. Unleashing the three at once, the enemy is assaulted from all sides by invisible, cutting blades, each strong enough to shatter solid rock like it is nothing. The first blades always assault from the front, before the rest attacks from all sides. The weakness of this spell is that the blades are a blind attack - they wildly slash, and don't aim directly.

Inferno Crest: Using three fire-stones, a first ray of energy, not unlike a Cero, but made out of fire, is aimed at the enemy. Should that attack so much as scratch the target, a large crest will appear on the ground or in the air underneath, and unleash a gigantic pillar of flames up into the sky. The destructive force of this spell can be compared to the highest kido spells, but it lacks speed.

Snapfreeze: Using three ice-stones, Tohsaka fires a very fast ray from her fingertips. Should this attack connect the enemy or an obstacle, it will 'explode' into a cloud of extremely cold energy, snap-freezing the target in place under a thick layer of ice.

Storm Falcon: Using one wind and two piercing-stones, this attack creates a drill made out of invisible, but clearly hearable air. While it has the strength of a Gran Rey Cero, it pierces nearly all defenses like they don't even exist, and after charging up in her hand and being released, travels very fast. Rin can control the course it flys in as long as she doesn't move.

Searing Storm: Using two wind and one fire, this creates less blades than Stormblades, but each one is searing hot and can incinerate the target upon contact.

Shattershot: Two ice and one earth combine in this - freezing the enemy with a ray of energy from Tohsakas fingertips, a 'fist' out of metal-hard rock shatters into the enemy right afterwards to inflict massive damage.

Elemental Prism: The 'strongest' gem-magic. Holding one stone of each element - fire, water, earth, wind - and one piercing-stone in her hand, Rin unleashes all of them into one prism-colored ray of destruction, searing, freezing, cutting, drilling, crushing anything in it's path. The strength can be compared to a Cero Oscuras, if not even higher should a full hit be scored.

Judgelight: The truely strongest of all gem-magics, this is a follow-up to Elemental Prism, and even stronger. From her left hand, Tohsaka pours energy into five Black Diamonds, unleashing a second, even stronger Elemental Prism, each single ray of it holding the strength of all elements combined to begin with, unleashing true hell on the target.

Kaleidostick Activated

Kaleidostick... Activate!

Tohsaka Rin Kaleido_Ruby_attack_by_Inmortal_Chileno

The head of the staff Rin is holding here is Ruby itself... And the form a requirement for using it. Kaleido-Ruby, Rin's 'Magical Girl' form, is rarely used, for she hates the 'cute' look it gives her. Furthermore, Ruby is a wise-cracking being itself, often putting Rin in 'humiliating' situations to get a laugh for itself.
Once Rin 'transforms' with the Kaleidostick, her Reiatsu recieves a HUGE boost. However, using the stick to refuel herself constantly will put a physical strain on her able to hurt the arm holding the stick, making her slowly more sluggish with aiming (and often resulting into widespread destruction)
For the powers it provides in itself, the most obvious one is free flight. It uses little to no spiritual enegry and is general quicker and easier to do than standing on spiritual particles, but Rin seems to dislike flying - because her outfit shows a bit TOO much when flying above someone. Nonetheless, it's the first ability. The second one is quite easily the strongest of them all.
Using Ruby for Magecraft, Kaleido-Ruby is able to use all of her magical spells without using any of her gems to do so. This form is vastly superior to anything Rin can do normally.
The 'endless' power of Ruby is limited to this, though. No person can imagine true limitless power, so Rin limits it subconciously to making her a nearly unbeatable magician. It has mundane utility uses without transforming, like slight levitation and the like, though. Her imagination DOES give life to a few new spells in this form.

Spell List: Elemental Blaster
A beam of the color and strength of whatever element Rin desires, at roughly the strength of a Cero. Basicially, a stronger version of single-gem spells.

Instant Teleportation
Allows Rin to quickly transport herself and up to three other people from one place to another. Three post cooldown.

Final Prism Blaster
This is what happens when Elemental Blaster, Elemental Prism and Judgelight are used at the same time. Absolute mayhem is released from the tip of the Kaleidostick, at the cost of throwing Rin back into her basic form, most likely breaking her right arm and making Ruby unuseable for the remainder of the fight.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Tohsaka Rin was born as the first daughter of the Tohsaka-clan in her generation, a special line of Magi amongst the Sugiura. Being chosen as the one to inherit the magic of her family from a young age, she was tought to always obey her father without question. At an age similliar to the human age of 4, she already started learning Magecraft, which took an incredible toll on her underdeveloped body and spiritual power.
Her mother was... around, but never truely there. She was clearly second to her father, and the young girl felt no love to either of her parents, and knew nearly nothing of happiness. Being educated to being a strong Magus, not a good person, was clearly not the best upbringing, but at some point, it simply 'clicked'. It was as if her mind had simply fallen into ice-cold water and a deep, pained sleep, while she obediently learned, beared with the pain of forcing magic into her young body, and developed a spiritual energy far surpassing even her father when he was her age.
This only changed around the age that could be considered '10' for a human. The exact reason is unknown, but Tokiomi, her father, died, and her mother lost her mind through it. Forgetting even who her husband was to begin with, delving deeper and deeper into an erased mind, she died soon after, leaving Rin alone in the world.

But in the end, this was the part when the world lighted up for her. Saved from her parents strict rule, she was taken in by a new teacher she refuses to speak of even today. Under him, while the training was a bit harsh, she at least felt emotions again, and matured quite a bit. Not only mastering her clans magic without anyone to directly teach her, but also becoming a much more open, outgoing and adventerous person.
After her training with this unknown teacher, she returned, living alone in the Castle Town of the Sugiura. Starting out as a 'student' on the magic academy for the first time now, she quickly demonstrated skill surpassing all the teachers, and in short time, she was appointed an official Magus-Master, being largely recognized as a bright and ideal figure of a magician that accomplished gigantic feats without a Guardian Beast.

Sneaking her way into Karakura Town and Soul Society quite often, she even has a fake persona as a student on Karakura High. Teaching Waver in the arts of magic, she is quite the harsh teacher, but a lot kinder than her own parents ever were.

Tohsaka Rin 1zg3jit

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