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PostSubject: Ayane Kazari   Ayane Kazari Icon_minitime1Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:56 pm

Human Template

"If there are demons in this world, I will kill them. If there is evil in this world, I will kill it!"

General Information

Name: Ayane Kazari

Alias: Champion of Justice

Age: 16


Height: 1,58m

Weight: Lightweight

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Red

Personality: Seemingly, Ayane is an aloof, honest but also very polite girl, but this image can be quite misleading. While she always seems polite in school and in private, she is actually known for ending every conversation as soon as possible, evades any kind of long-term contact with people, and can even get downright rude to people that can't take a hint. She seems to evade all relationships to people, no matter if positive and negative - it's almost as if she simply doesn't care for anyone, going through life as a detached role-model. This however is also misleading - as Ayane is a self-proclaimed Hero of Justice.
While she shows little to no concern to people normally, she gets angry the moment someone messes with another. Acts of evil are hated by her to no compare, and should one commit a crime right infront of her or simply be filled by pure evil, she will stop at nothing to bring that person down to the ground, or even kill the villain - no matter the circumstances that made someone a villain, as she says, everyone has a chance to NOT go down the road of darkness. Ignorant of the truth of things, Ayane recklessly pushes forward to bring about justice and peace, even if the means are questionable, her goal is noble... Or so she thinks.
In truth, Ayane can be quite hypocritical. She kills without mercy, feeling or regret, no matter her target, because she forbids herself from feeling anything for the victims of justice. The one she killed was the father of a family? Tough fladoodles, she will not care about it one bit and ignore it. Unlike Masamune, she has no physical repocussions from evil that spawns from her justice, but it serves to show that she is NOT quite right in the head. Her uncaring attitude makes her quite the rough girl - in fights, in personality, in normal actions, she does not consider others quite as much as she maybe should as a champion of justice.
Ayane is especially merciless and brutal towards those that commit acts of humilation, rape or hard physical torture and injuries, most likely linked to her past. She is known to even torture those that did those actions before brutally killing them.
Also, the girl is an insomniac, sleeping almost never - and when she is, she's constantly plagued by hellish nightmares and dark visions, which make it impossible to get more than three or four hours of rest at once. On another note, Ayane HATES being touched immensly - even a light pat on the shoulder will make her incredibly angry, and trying to hold her down in any way, shape or form will instantly trigger her full-on rage. She also refuses to talk about her past, no matter who asks her.

History: Ayane's history is nothing much to talk about in her earliest years. Being born into a normal family, with normal parents, and a normal outlook at life, she was just an everyday girl with beautiful blue hair and yellow eyes, which made her look slightly cat-like, as some friends and her mother would sometimes jokingly say. All in all, her life was a happy one in Karakura Town, without much worry - she was not able to see spirits, since nobody in the entire family was a gifted human or supernatural being.
It all changed at the Hollow invasion, like so many lives did. Thankfully, they lived in Karakura Town - therefore safe from being ravaged by the legions upon legions of Hollows rolling over the land, eradicating whatever was in their path. During this time when everyone awakened spiritually thanks to the enlarged Reiatsu in the human world, tragedy would find the young, normal and slightly tomboyish girl not in the form of an evil spirit, but in the purest and most cruel form: a human.

Only recently had her family saved up enough money to move into a small house in the city - about one year before the Hollow War - but being even slightly isolted in a time where everyone cared only for themselves was about to strike back at them in the most cruel of forms.
Her father out for a meeting until later that day, Ayane and her mother were the only people at home - sitting in the living room, worried about the future. She was still a young girl, but even so, she understood that should the 'bad guys' win, everyone she cared about would get hurt and die. As they watched the news on the current status of the fighting all around the globe, suddenly, the sound of breaking wood was heard.
What happened right after that was swift, brutal, and a memory forever unforgotten. The living room was only meters away from the entrance of the house, and without much warning, a man stormed in - armed with a knife and a rope in the hands. Before they even had a real chance to fight back, both Ayane and her mother were bound down, unable to move, gagged. This experience alone was horrible enough to send a girl her age into a trauma, but destiny was not that kind to her. The madman proceeded with his perverse fantasies - trying to have his way with Ayanes mother right infront of the girls eyes, the struggles apparently became too annoying for the man - and he slit her throat. Unable to even scream, the yellow-eyed girl had to watch in horror as the life was seething ouf of the woman, the man uncaringly violating the corpse in gruesome ways to satifsy his own, sick mind. The killer noticed - and an even sicker smile creeped onto his face.
"It's not right to peep."
And with a completely calm swipe of his knife, he took the light from Ayane. Cutting right through her eyes, the girl tried to scream, but only gargling noises of being tied down were heard. The noises, the darkness around her, Ayane was helpless. Even more so as the man was apparently 'finished' with her mother, and moved on to the girl - with brutal accuracy ripping her clothing off, the goals clear, the only ray of light came minutes before he was able to defile the girl. The voice of her father. The sounds of battle, and then, silence - before the laughter of the maniac killer. But with that laughter, time seemed to freeze.
\\Do you want justice, girl?\\
//Help me... help me, please...//
\\If you wish for justice, my power shall be yours. You will be saved. Sign the contract with your blood. Become a Mushi, and you shall be the sword of justice.\\
//I can't... see... I'm scared... Help me...//
\\Don't see. Feel. I am right here... besides you. My life, for yours. Your life, for justice. This is my curse. This is your power.\\
As the blood ran down Ayanes face, something had manifested right besides her. A small, blue bug, onto which the blood dripped, flowed, fused. As the blue being started to glow, it should mark the end of Ayane as a simple girl. The contract was sealed in blood, and as the power of the bug-like creature was unleashed, time began to move again. But this time, it was different from before...

"Huh?" It was the last sound the madman should make. As he turned his head away from the corpse of the man he had just brutally murdered, someone looked back who should not have been able to ever 'look' again. Blood still visible on her face, even inside of her eyes slightly - two blood-red orbs stared right onto the man, without any visible emotion on the face. It was quite possible that Ayane had lost her entire ability to express feelings on the face for the moment, as Ki and Reiatsu flooded her body in quantities unknown before. In the hands, the coold steel and blue hilt of a katana shined and reflected light. This was the first time the girl raised a sword - healed and restored by the contract, even her clothing had been fixed. And with a clean swipe, a sickening 'splishing' sound, and a dull 'thump', the body fell down, as a head rolled away. This was the birth of Ayane Kazari as a Musha.
Afterwards, Ayane was assigned to an orphans home designed specifically to help traumatized kids, and while normally intended for those rescued from Hollow-infested areas, the treatment there seemed almost... unecessary. Her recovery rate was astounding, and soon, she seemed like a reclused, but normal girl of her age - nobody could've known that she had been an upbeat tomboy instead of a closed off one before, after all. Two weeks later, a mysterious relative of hers, a tall, handsome man with brown hair and a confident smile, took her in. This relative, of course, was Masamune - her Tsurugi, partner, and from now on, only friend.

Filling the void left by the trauma, Ayane became furious about being a 'Champion of Justice'. Even as a small girl, she still appeared on a few of the battlefields of the Hollow War, and was apparently a driving force in saving a large group of survivors from Tokyo with her enhanced armor. She also developed an obsession with old and new superhero-shows, especially ones like the 'masked riders' and 'super sentai' variety. Even a few western superheroes, like Batman, are amongst her favorites, not to speak of normally 'boyish' shonen manga and even seinen-manga.
In the current time, both Ayane and Masamune believe themselves to be the last Musha and Tsurugi, respectively. They are only about to find out what the 'curses of killing' really are... And who else still has the ancient spirits.

Birthplace: Karakura Town

Powers: Ayane originally lacked spiritual powers. She obtained them through a 'contract' - sealing it with her own blood, she is bound to a 'Tsurugi', an ancient kind of Guardian Beast. This grants her the power to call upon her Tsurugi Masamune freely to grant her superhuman power, but she has to uphold her end of the bargain, or her life will be forfeit - to kill all villains that step into her view. This can only be avoided by her being knocked unconcious during the fight.
Muramasa himself has multiple different 'forms', and can fade inside of Ayanes mind to rest or hide. His normal, 'beast' form is a blue, bug-like creature that's about as big as a grown human.
Ayane Kazari 2hwk39d
However, Muramasa can also take on a fake 'human' form. He can use weaker versions of the techniques and powers described below, on a much smaller scale, but without his host, he is virtually defenseless.
Ayane Kazari Mlpf2w

To actually use the powers, Ayane 'fuses' with the Tsurugi by shouting out the phrase 'Tsurugi! Masamune!'. However, instead of simply giving her powers, she instead obtains... a suit of super-powered and heavily weaponized armor, standing about one and a half the size of a human!
Ayane Kazari 6ply7l
The material of the armor can't be determined by looking at it, but it is harder than steel. Ayane is the 'core' of it, wearing it much like an oversized suit of armor controlled by the mind. Masamune is the 'link' between the two, and thus, the suit is controlled by both of them. Their synch-rate affects how effective they can fight, but any synch-rate over 90% can endanger Ayane's status as a 'human' and could potentially corrupt her spirit and kill her, thus their rate is usually capped there. In dire situations, Ayane and Masamune can disable that limit and completely fuse their thoughts - leading to a DRASTIC increase in power, speed, reaction, everything one could desire, for the risk of death.

The armor has the ablity to fly, thanks to a booster in the back and the two 'shields' attached to both shoulders acting as extra boosters for even more speed. This is achieved by using the special ability of the armor - control of both heat and wind, thus enabling flight. Masamune, with full boost, on both the ground and in the air, has the force of a freight train in a frontal crash, without even using the swords or other weapons.
Speaking of swords, the armor has two of them - one is insanely sharp, a 'wind' blade, that can cut from up to three times the blade length, which is already enormous to fit with the giant suit of armor, the blade being even longer than the armor is tall.
The second sword is the 'burning' sword, and detailed below, as it can't be used constantly without overheating and melting.
The 'armor plates' attached to the shoulders serve as both boosters, shields from attacks that aim for the rear, and also as actual shields in battle, since Ayane can attach them to the arms and block attacks from the front.
Furthermore, Masamune can turn his arms upwards to reveal two gatling-guns residing within the elbows. Those fire high-speed rounds of a larger caliber than any human-made weapon known, and can devastate normal soldiers with a constant storm of bullets.

Masamune: Mugen Juuseishi

The first of the special attacks the Masamune-armor can use. Firing the top part of the 'fingers' forward with a charge of energy, they turn from sharp claws into deadly projectiles that can easily rip a human in half by grazing by him or her. The name steems from the fact that the finger-parts instantly regenerate and can be fired again, resulting into a perma-fire rain of giant metal bullets.

Masamune: Oboro Shoushiken
This technique is a combination of different swordstyles and the second sword carried by Masamune. Burning at extreme heat, the blade is actually colored bright red, and able to simply melt through metal and armor with a single swing. The usual use is a single, aimed Kendo-strike to counter the enemy, but it can be manipulated into a thrust, flying slash, or virtually anything required to cut through the enemy defenses. The name is simply applied to the use of the heat-sword. The sword can be used for a maximum of two posts before it overheats and melts for the rest of the battle, it has to be stored away during the second post. It then has a one post cooldown.

Masamune: Higatetsuho - Koenshaku
The 'strongest attack' of Masamune. Revealing a barrel stored in the armor of the right arm, it charges an incredible amount of energy, which requires it to be supported by the left arm, virtually rendering Masamune unable to move while charging or else the arm of the armor - and by extension, Ayanes own arm - will break from the energy.
Once the cannon finishes charging, which can take up to one entire post depending on the energy-levels Ayane has left and on the energy in the air, a blast is released that will push the armor backwards over the ground, leaving a deep carve in it. The blast 'expands' after the barrel into a wide beam of yellow-orange energy, and depending on the energy used, can cause a devastating explosion and piercing of armor to whipe out a squad of weaker enemies or damage a strong enemy greatly. Much like the Tsurugi-version of a Cero Oscuras.

Masamune: Roar of the Universe
To call this a technique is to call a berserkers fury a technique as well. More so a desperation-move, it is the 'reveal' of the true power of a Tsurugi - the dark power of a 'demon blade' like Masamune. Only aviable for use in complete synch, and under emotional stress, Ayane releases her emotions of pain, loss and confusion into a complete frenzy, which allows her to summon forth a magnitude of strong, fleshy metal 'tentacles' out of her armor. While the 'red' on it seems to be blood, it is not known if it is hers, or the blood of Masamune, but both are extremely exhausted after using this.
Pinning the enemy down with the tentacles is the main use of them, before wildly cutting down. Ayane will lose all memories of entering this state, and Masamune refuses to even tell her that it exists.
While in this 'fury' mode, all statistics of the armor increase once more, at the cost of all reason and sanity for a limited amount of time. No logical thought can be grasped while Roar of the Universe is active.

Masamune: Giga Drill Break
While another attack carries the name of 'strongest', this is definiatly the 'ultimate' attack Masamune can utilize with Ayanes help. Using the 'drill drive', a small, drill-shaped key while inside of the armor, this power gets unleashed. It comes in two variants - Anti-Spiral and Spiral, or 'false' and 'true' version, respectively. It is a technique that responds to true will of the wielder more than anything else. Should Ayane fight for her own justice, blind and only to fulfill it, the Anti-Spiral version will be used.
Shooting out metal tendrills not unlike the tentacles from Roar of the Universe, they try to pin the enemy down or at least hamper escape greatly. Then, both swords turn into the golden drill, after which Masamune shoots towards the opponent, the drill violently spinning and vibrating, creating a wide-spread attack with moderate piercing force and moderate strength, compared to other finishing moves, and usually results into a red explosion.
However, should Ayane fight for someone else, or for true justice, the real power of Masamune is unleashed in the true, Spiral version. This is signified by an actual 'spiral' appearing in both of her eyes inside of the armor, which can be seen by those able to percieve her Reiatsu-aura inside the armor, since it even appears in that. This 'spiral' spins at high speeds, the higher the spin-speed, the more courage and power is built up inside of Ayane ready to be released.
The drill and tendrils form the same way, but this time, the tendrils are actually fast drills themselves, and a lot thicker than the normal tentacles, about three times the norm in fact. Masamunes drill will then speed up, center wind and heat around itself, creating a vortex of pure piercing power, before flying at the enemy with high speed. The more courage and burning real justice Ayane has, the larger the drill will grow, up to TWO TIMES HER SIZE - a drill that will create the new heavens indeed. The piercing power nearly renders defense useless, and only the strongest of them will hold out against the drill.

Masamune: Return Period

This special ability is a 'mirror technique' used against strong energy or otherwise overwhelming moves. To use this, Ayane has to take the full force of said enemy attack, as it can only work with damage dealt. Once the enemy move subsides, Ayane turns pain into willpower, and Masaume turns damage into spiritual energy - before releasing a nearly perfect copy of the move that damaged them right back at the enemy, with requiring little to no energy to use, and without any charging time. The downside is quite obviously the damage she needs to take to actually use it to begin with.

Masamune: Final Justice
Justice above everything, even the own life. Using the curse of Masamune for herself, Ayane channels the eternal binding to justice and the forces of good, to force both her body and her Tsurugi to fight even when they should be unable to. Wounds that would normally kill a human can be ignored, and normally fatal blows turn into merely strong attacks instead. This state holds until her Reiatsu is used up completely, upon which she returns from her ascension back into mortality. This does NOT make Ayane completely immortal - it merely ascends her into a higher plane of existance, and thus makes killing her a whole lot harder. Getting her head cut off will still result in death, for example. Getting her lungs stabbed won't.

Companion Personality: Masamune is quite extreme in multiple ways. He seems completely unphased by the fact that he is one of the last Tsurugi alive, and furthermore, seems completely uninterested in keeping his race alive in future generations, showing little to no care for it. His contract of 'justice' is the curse his clan carries, and he loves it - instead of seeing it as an actual curse, he sees it as the blessing that will clear the lands from evil. He dispises those that use evil to their own advantage and will never overlook a crime - but he will also never ask for the reason, but simply strike with power and extreme brutality.
Despite his demanor, in armor-form, he is responsible for the large amount of brutality the two use, and never shows mercy, even infront of a beaten enemy, and will always demand the killing strike. There is no retaliation for evil acts in his eyes, and those who are villains will always stay villains. His curse does not carry over if the first killing is interrupted, but both he and Ayane see it as their duty to try again either way. Another important note is his strong connection to justice emotionally, so strongly that it affects his body.
Should he learn of suffering caused by his actions and believe the information, it will not only hurt his soul, but body as well, causing him great pain and doubt. He is often concerned for his hosts well-being, and especially about the dangers of a human using a Tsurugi in the first place.

Extra Abilities: Unphased - Thanks to the traumatic incidents of the past, cruelty, evil and the like can not shock her strongly enough to disable her. In fact, she does not fear pain or torture either, and can't be corrupted by it, or break.

Ki Usage: While not using Masamune to fight, Ayane is able to channel her Ki to give herself superhuman speed, strength and foremost, endurance. She can apply her Ki into close-range strikes and kicks that can crush through concrete without much trouble.

Ayane Kazari 1zg3jit

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Everything seems to be in tip-top shape

1-3, approved!

...For justice! (UN)

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