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PostSubject: Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE}   Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Icon_minitime1Fri Oct 28, 2011 7:16 am

Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Jace_beleren_edit_by_shadowreign984-d33025q

Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Cooltext567056887

"Cherish these last moments. Though your miserable life has come to nothing, I have given it a magnificent end!"


Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Cooltext567043425


Jace Beleren


Jace is close to 1,000,000,000 years old, although that life was cut short about 10,000 years ago, and re-started when he was re-summoned into a new host about five years prior to the present day.

The Host Race:

Sexual Orientation:
Straight as an Arrow.

Blood Type:
0 Negative


Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Cooltext567052379


Jace's appearance is no simple matter. No one who has seen him would be able to describe his look in a word, nor even in a paragraph. Not because his physical description is uncapturable, but because his presence is so commanding and his aura is almost palpable. To a point where, when asked to describe Jace, most who've seen him (those who have lived anyway), could only describe his presence, and how his very being seemed to fill the area. They couldn't for the life of them actually remember what he looked like..

This may be, in part, because Jace is a being of the dark, of the night, of the shadow. He does his dealings and operates only at night, and is at his strongest at night as well. His skin resembles this, as it has passed white, and gone to become an ashy-gray. The tone of it can come off to some as tan or dark in the night, but during the day, when the sun's on him, it's apparent how unhealthy it looks. However, this isn't only because of his night-time dwelling. It's also because of his blood. Jace's disease spirit gives him the traits of a blood-hungry beast of the night. One that the humans took into their written and projected works and christened as the term "Vampire." Jace finds this extremely amusing, as their interpretation of his condition leads to some, in his opinion, very odd weaknesses. Garlic, wooden stakes, and even sunlight? Pathetic. He also gets the odd chuckle out of that one vampire who seems to sparkle.

Jace's body can be described as built, or even as ripped. His muscles are cut and defined, his chin is chiseled, his legs are toned. How he got this way is anyone's guess, and only he knows, but were he to take off his clothing in front of anyone, the first thing they would notice wouldn't be his muscles, or even his impressive "size", but instead, the tattoos that he was branded with at birth, a permanent reminder of his motivation. Remembering the pain is how he remembers the lessons he was taught. All of which involved lack of fear, mercy, or conscience.

Jace's hair, and subsequently his eyebrows, are a dark black. Blacker than night, even. His hair is unkempt, hanging over his face in a knife-cut style, as his hair used to hang down by his waist before he cut it off at the shoulder, soon before his death 10,005 years before the present day, and that was the appearance that he took on when he re-entered this world. His hair is wavy, but not curly, and his eyebrows are thick, but not caveman thick. As for facial hair, he has none. Jace is always clean-shaven from lip to chin. His bodily hair has all fallen out, This being one of the side effects of his condition, or been shaved off, depending on the area, leaving him "smooth".

His eyes.. How do we describe them.. Soul-less, would be a good word to start with.. Un-readable, another. Anyone who looks into them would not be able to read his emotions through them, nor discern his intentions. There is no emotion there. No window to his soul. Just an empty, cold, blue void of logic and strategy. You can almost feel him sizing you up, taking in your power, and planning the best way to kill you. Whether he just slits your throat or stabs you in the back. They have a way of boring into people that puts some on edge, and others over the edge entirely. His sadistic and menacing stare has been known to drive a few people insane. The sadistic side comes out more in battle, with the glint of sadomasochistic pleasure every time a strike is made appearing more and more often the longer a fight progresses.

Jace's canine teeth, reflecting his condition and one of the things set in the human's minds to describe the term "Vampire", can become longer and sharper at Jace's mental signal. When they elongate like this, they also hollow out, filling on automatic with a pain-killer and sedative, which both numbs the pain of his bite and keeps any sleeping victims from awakening. (Full description of his condition under Unique Traits)

Jace's height can be intimidating to some, besides the freakishly-tall. He stands at six foot four, looking kinda scrawny to anyone who sees him clothed, but in reality being close to one hundred and seventy five pounds of almost all muscle. However, it'd be impossible to tell that he was such if you simply saw him on the street, as his clothes disguise the muscular body hidden underneath.

(For what Jace wears, see the picture up top, and the reference picture below) The only other thing anyone might notice about his outfit is that his left hand has an onyx ring on it, this is a symbol of his place as one of the elder/first lords of the house, being the first true "Sugiura" in existance, although the actual race was known much later, his evolution from the Shinigami came long before the clans were founded.

As far as facial expressions go, one will rarely see Jace without a smile on his face, whether said smile is sarcastic, sadistic, condescending, or otherwise. His lack of fear keeps his expression from ever forming into anything that could be taken as scared or shocked. The best you could get from him would be pleasant surprise or a look of mild annoyance. The only time his expression would change would be if he was seriously pissed off at you. Meaning if you had pushed his buttons to an extreme. In this state, he can be visible with a scowl, a snarl, or a glare of complete contempt and disgust. If he looks at you like this, expect death shortly.



Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Cooltext568636374


If you were asked to define insanity, how would you describe it? Would you visualize a man on his own, babbling endlessly to himself in a cold white room strapped into a matching jacket with his arms bound? Or maybe a psychotic serial killer with a broken past and a knife in hand? Killing all he sees until the law finally gets him on the ground? Or maybe the quiet suicidal, the one who slowly becomes more and more broken by his family, peers, and life, until his mind snaps completely and he takes his own life? Jace is, undeniably, insane, but he doesn't fit any of the above descriptions. His insanity is more of a calm, collected, bloodlust that stems from a disease and a billion years of bubbling madness from an eternal hunger. He is not the type to babble to himself, nor kill anyone at first glance, nor take his own life. Jace's insanity is simple. He wants blood. At any cost. At any price. He needs it to survive, and he won't let anything get in his way of getting to it. At night, this thirst is the worst, to the point where he WILL attack anything on site, not necessarily kill it, however. His need to feed overwhelms his better judgement if he's gone more than 24 hours without a dose. His very being changes, his personality becoming more.. bestial. More animalistic.

Jace's personality can be described, mostly, in layers. The layers in question go thus:

The first layer of his personality, meaning the way he will act initially, is calm. He's a collected and "together" person. It takes more than a lot to rile him up, as most things that could be said to "insult" him, would just come off to him as humorous. He takes everything at face value, and doesn't appear to care much about.. well.. anything that might be going on. He'll act docile, agreeable, and even friendly. He won't try to start anything, he won't try to initiate in any verbal battle, he'll just talk as if he was speaking to an old friend. Watching his normal actions, one would not guess that he was evil, or powerful, they could simply assume that he might even be a good guy. His general demeanor is usually happy and upbeat, and he doesn't patronize or condescend, instead joking like a jolly old king of some sort.

The second level is what he's thinking and processing UNDER the surface while he's talking. Sure, he may seem like a good enough guy on the outside, but in his head, his analytical mind is processing an immense amount of things. From any possible routes of escape for the other person if things went bad, to possible methods of attack if he primed the person as a feeding target, or even how long it would take to kill them from any given direction, assuming they don't fight back. He has a truly devious mind which contains within all of the knowledge of a billion years, along with him being extremely anlytical and observant as it is. His nature as a thief leads to his innate ability to study every aspect of the environment, from the people in the area, the terrain, and any possible obstacles, and assess all possible routes to take, and their outcomes. His analytical ability is such to the point where most people would mistake it for clairvoyance. His ability to predict the outcome of any situation is easily associated with such.

The third level.. is one you don't want to see.. When his vampiric nature comes out.. and when his thirst kicks into overdrive. This can usually be seen occurring whenever he hasn't fed in a day, or two, or three, depending on how much blood he took in during his last feeding. The early signs of his nature kicking in are thus: His voice will begin getting gruff, his eyes will become as red as the blood he so desperately craves. His hair will elongate to his mid-back, and he'll begin twitching. His eyes and hands. After a few hours, his hair will elongate to his waist, his fangs naturally elongating without his control, and he will lose all distinction between friend and foe. A bloodthirsty rage follows, and a massacre can be the only result. In fact, Jace is the cause for a lot of brutal massacres throughout human history.


Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Cooltext582139467


Due to odd circumstances in the events of his conception and birth, Jace now feels a driving need for human blood as a food source. This evolved into a disease that actually granted him abilities. These abilities defined what the humans later would refer to as "Vampires".

Unique Traits:

Jace cannot die of age, nor can he die of most mortally fatal wounds. There is only one way that Jace Beleren can be killed, and that would be by be-heading him.

Immunity to Heat and Cold:
Jace's vampiric nature strengthens his natural defenses against the heat and the cold, temperatures between 5000 C and -5000 C won't effect him in the slightest.

Improved Strength and Speed:
Jace possesses strength and speed much higher than most, complete with incomparable grace, a different sort than the animalistic fluid nature of lycanthropes. He can move his body so fast that any outside watchers may think that he had shunpoed or sonidoed. His strength is such that he can put his fist through steel without so much as popping his knuckles.

Improved Senses:
Jace possesses senses much greater than that of humans. he has better hearing than most dogs, and his sense of sight is much greater as well.

Heightened Endurance and Resistance:
Jace is resistant to many things – in fact, weak or regular attacks (2-tier or lower) will hardly even begin to slow him down and will heal nearly instantly. Wounds dealt by 1 or 0 tiers, however, will heal with near-human slowness.

Through direct eye-contact and injecting some of his blood into their blood stream (a near impossible task with a sentient foe), Jace can capture the mind of his target and hold them in a hypnotized state where they are not aware what is going on. This is a skilled art rather than a thing of brute power – elegance instead of strength. It is through mind-rolling that vampires can seem to disappear or move across large distances in an instant. Once more, Shinigami, Demons, Arrancar, and Iramasha have partial or full immunity to this ability.

Once a thread, Jace's own will can cause him to rot into piles of pus-filled oozing flesh, which can be reformed into his usual form even if he is torn to pieces. Despite the sickening appearance, there is no smell of decayed flesh. It is; however, excruciatingly painful to Jace to do this.

Memory Thief:
Jace has the ability to look into the eyes of his vicitim and read their most intimate memories, stealing them and locking them away for their own to use when needed. He cannot kill the victim and it is done to help look through the persons memories.

Amplify Emotions:
Jace may hieghten a single emotion in their vicitims, that is currently presence dominating the others and causing the person to react accordingly.

Jace has the ability to glide, levitate, and fly with grace, speed, and power.

Voice Tricks:
Jace has the ability to roll the minds of humans and weak beings of other races with his voice alone. It is a very warm and pleasurable sensation and very hard to fight against it because of it. Once more, this is a power of elegance rather than power – it is a skilled use of power and not something to overwhelm a person with using force.

Stillness / Making no Sound:
Jace has the ability to remain perfectly still, beyond that of anything most other beings could achieve, as if he were dead. Because of his grace, Jace can move similar to lycanthropes, making next to no sound.

Waking when Threatened:
Jace has the ability to wake if his body is threatened, he can rise up to kill those who attempt to slay him.

Read Surface Thought
Jace has the ability to read thoughts such as telepathy, enabling them to read the victims mind and what is currently being thought. This will read ONLY the present thoughts that are in the persons mind and not the entirity of the thoughts within.

Dream Walk:
Jace can enter ones mind in their sleeping hours.. He CAN manipulate the dreams, and he CAN communicate with the dreams occupant. BUT even though he can alter the dreams course, he CANNOT KILL OR INJURE the dreamer.

Animal to Call:
Jace has the ability to call upon the animals of the land he's in, whether it be wolves, rats, bats, foxes, sheep, what have you. He can summon said animals to come to his side, and have them fight with him, for him, and beside him.

Servant Being:
Jace possesses the ability to take a servant. After four marks, each successive mark bringing the being closer to Jace, the being and Jace are linked forever. A being servant and Jace share their power – Jace gains another source of energy, while the servant gains increased strength, speed, senses, partial immunity to vampire tricks, and the ability to be as immortal as Jace. After four marks, if one of the two dies, the other is soon to follow. He may only take one servant.

First Mark:
Jace shares his "life force" with the being. This makes the being immune to his glance, voice and mind tricks. In addition, it becomes much harder to hurt the servant.

Second Mark:
Two points of flame from Jace come and overtake the being. They merge into their eyes, causing them to glow briefly with color, and then they vanish. After this point, the dreams of the being can no longer be invaded by Jace. Also, Jace can feed off the being from a distance, and can sustain their life energy by using the life energy of the servant as opposed to drinking blood. The being will tend to eat much more than normal and the extra energy is siphoned off by Jace and he can taste the food that is being eaten.

Third Mark:
Jace drinks the blood of the being, not to death, but close enough. During this time, the initial bite might hurt, but then the scents and flows of power take over. The scent of Jace's power is a light and airy vanilla scent that the servant would smell anytime Jace is nearby from here on in. This mark establishes a more firm link. Direct mind contact can now be opened between Jace and his servant, allowing telepathic contact.

Fourth Mark:
Jace opens a blood supply, usually in the chest, and the servant drinks from it. The servant is now very difficult to kill and will live as long as Jace lives. The servant lives as long as Jace does and possesses his strength and stamina. Wounds heal much more quickly and they can withstand greater levels of physical pain.

Weaving Shadows:
Jace possesses the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness into opaque walls, forming crude shapes with them and darkening them.

Time Matters:
Between the hours of Dawn and Dusk, Jace's senses are dulled to half their normal strength, making him more vulnerable to sneak attacks. Between Midnight and 1Am, he fights at normal capacity, and between 2 AM and Dawn, his powers all double in strength, as do his senses and natural abilities.

Implant Memory / Trigger Memory:
Jace can craft and implant his own versions of memories, altering present ones or recreating their own into the victims mind, These memories are very real and are believed to be real, leaving no doubt in ones mind they really happened. However, they can be fought. If the person detects that their mind was messed with, and finds even the slightest issue with the memory Haseoimplanted, or suspects that their memory was tampered with at all, that person's mind will be locked to any further implants, and the current one will be discarded.

Trigger memory is an extension of it, letting Jace put a common phrase or word in ones mind, including any other little thing that will reacted with their senses, ie:: taste, smell , sight, touch and hearing. Meaning you can put a trigger in their minds and once that trigger is activated they will recall said memory.

Drawbacks: Jace's power has no real drawbacks, as it's all a part of his nature and how he is. The only real drawback is that, during the day, his senses are dulled by about half their normal strength. However, at night, all his senses AND powers are doubled in strength. Between 12AM and 1Am is when the entirety of his ability is at normal intensity.


Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Cooltext576572800


Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Textspace_1318793985_30007fbf


Body Swap:
Jace's magic can allow him to temporarily (3 posts) switch forms with another being. However, this can only be done once per thread, and has some very strict guidelines.

1.) Jace does not gain any of their abilities, nor them his. They only switch bodies.

2.) Any damage Jace's body takes, the person who he switched with will feel. Once he switches back, that damage, and the pain that goes with it, is transferred to the body of whoever Jace had switched with. The same goes vice-versa for Jace while switched.

Also, using this ability will accelerate Jace's need for hunger, sending him instantly into the mindless, primal, bloodlust that defines his need for life-blood.

Strength of the Ages:
What a lot of people see as Jace's most potent ability. For every ally he has anywhere on the planet, he gains a boost to his abilities and physical strength. Both increase by 1/30th for every ally. Meaning for every 30 allies, they double.

Step of the Vampire:
A flash-step like technique that exceeds the speed of all normal steps techniques. Basically what it does is break apart his body, and reform it in another place. However, the atoms TRAVEL from point A to point B, so it's not teleportation, it's just as fast.

Portal System:
Jace has a system of portals he can create using his reiatsu mixed with his blood that allow him to travel between any of the different dimensions.

Minor Telekenesis:
Jace can use his mind to manipulate objects to his will. Not anything drastic like lifting a school bus, but tossing pebbles, holding weapons aloft in the air, opening gates, that sort of thing.

Magic: Jace knows none of the sugiura magic, as he was never part of a clan, nor was he ever even truly part of the race. The magic was developed long after his training.

Sacred Weapon:


Other Weapons: Jace always carries a spiritual dagger in his right boot. If all else fails, Suicide.

Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Textspace_1318793985_30007fbf1

Jace's element is Fate, or the manipulation of Willpower, Mind, and Universal Destiny.

Guardian Beast:


Guardian Beast's World:


Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Textspace_1318793985_30007fbf2

Jace's appearance does not change over the course of his forms. The only noticable change is in his power.


In joushou, Jace's powers begin developing with control over willpower. Basically, he can sense and manipulate the willpower of others, or himself.

Example 1: Kenpachi Zaraki is fighting Shunsui Kyoraku. Shunsui just took a bad blow to the leg and is limping and bleeding furiously, sure he's going to lose. Jace manipulates his willpower, increasing the will to live, the will to win, and the will to keep fighting, and Shunsui comes back with a vengeance. Ignoring his injuries, he goes on to win the fight.

Example 2: Kenpachi Zaraki is fighting Nnoitra Gilga. Nnoitra's absolutely confident in winning, and is 100% sure of himself, to the point where he can almost taste victory. Jace manipulates his willpower, drastically decreasing his will to fight, his will to live, and his will to win. At this point, Nnoitra gives up fighting entirely, resigning himself to death at the hands of his opponent.

Drawbacks: Those with strong willpower will sense their will being tampered with when Jace tries this. If they focus on that sense, they can fight his tampering with their own willpower, and if they win the mental-battle of wills, then Jace can not try and tamper with their will again for the duration of the thread.

Every time Jace uses this on an opponent, his own willpower drains away slightly, causing him to lose a chunk of moral each time.

Zenou: ("Almighty")

In Zenou, Jace's power further expands by increasing his hold over fate. Extending it to include "Mind".

Which basically means that Jace now has the power to change how people PERCEIVE things that happen to them, or sensations that they experience.

Example 1: Jace changes around a human's perception of meeting him to where they interpret it as fate, or interpret his presence as friendly. Jace changes their perception of his form to where they are happy to see him, and wish to ally with him.

Example 2: Two lovers are quabbling. Jace changes the perception of love in one's mind to hatred and murderous rage, the effect of this being any number of possibilities, all ending in the other being hurt in some way.

Note: This ability is VERY taxing on Jace, and he can only use it sparingly, lest his bloodlust be driven into overdrive and he lose his sanity.

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate")

In Jace's Kyou Kyuu, his powers expand even further. Covering the basis of "Universal Destiny" as well.

This allows Jace to see the strings of possibility, chance, and events to come, and react accordingly, or even change them. It is not, however, clairvoyance, since he's not seeing the future, he's seeing destiny.

Example 1: An opponent is rushing towards Jace, he looks at all possible outcomes, factors in the chance of each one, and then narrows it down with a mix of his own analytical ability to decide exactly which path said opponent will take, he then uses this information to block and counter the opponent's forthcoming assault.

Example 2: Jace walks forward. Destiny says that he will be 100 feet ahead of his position in a set amount of time. Jace can alter that destiny to change how long it'll take him to get there, altering it to within a millisecond. Thus, creating the appearance of a teleportation.

Example 3: A sword is on a trajectory towards Jace's head. Destiny's possibilities include the sword impaling his head or him dodging. Instead, Jace changes the destiny of the sword hitting him to the sword falling uselessly to the ground.

Note: This ability CANNOT be used to DIRECTLY affect an opponent. Meaning no changing destiny so the opponent dies, and no changing destiny so a thrown sword teleports inside them and kills them, etc.

Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Cooltext586282859

To explain the history of Jace Beleren, is also to explain the beginnings of a race. One billion years ago, a shinigami couple fell onto hard times. The woman was pregnant, and the male was desperate. The baby was a mistake. They didn't want that kind of proof that they had been together, it was supposed to be no strings attached.. So when the woman gave birth, she handed the baby off to the first stranger who accepted their offer. Little did they know, they had handed him to a madman. The insane man experimented for weeks on the young Jace's body, binding a spirita to his soul. A "guardian beast" from another dimension, a wild creature of immense power that evolved Jace’s DNA, removing all trace of his shinigami spiritual pressure, and replacing it with something new.. something foreign.


Jace, as a young man in england, went through a lot of different circles trying to get to a point where he would be accepted, including getting involved with the occult. Eventually, he found a circle that would take him in.. under one condition. He was forced to drink from a vial that contained a poisoned blood. The blood corrupted his soul and his own blood, giving him a disease that would come to be known as vampirism by the masses.


About 10,000 years before modern day, Jace died in battle attempting to overthrow soul society, the omnipotent being. However, one of his underlings, a shinigami by the name of Haitia, captured his soul before it could leave his body, sealing it away to be used another day.. another time...

Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} 2lvcuad

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} FQRoKv5HpE
Jace Beleren: Creature of the Night {DONE} Shuufuckthisshit

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0-2+ approved. For event stuff.

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