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Sugiura Template

Character Theme:


Name: Otoya Kurenai
Title: King of Musicians
True Age: 9500, making him the first human to be turned into a Sugiura, and thus, also the oldest human-origin one.
Gender: Male
Personality: Otoya is a very laid back and playful man. He never appears to take anything seriously in life, but actually, he is a very deep thinker and strategist. His leadings in the Sugiura Kingdom are planned for centuries, instead of single years or similliar, and when he is actually serious, his normally slightly humming and pleasant voice of a singer gets a bit more silent and to the point, quite unlike him, which is one of the reasons why most people listen once he speaks like that.
He is perfectly aware of his own limits, both in power, intelligence and leading capabilites. He is never overconfident, but will clearly state when he thinks to be superior judging on facts without holding back. He can just as easily admit to be weaker or not as cunning as someone, calling Heroism and Zefonse masterful strategists on levels he has never seen before in his entire life.
Some might call him a good-for-nothing playboy, seeing as he is a very smooth talker and generally a lot friendler to women. However, he is also known for his famous, playful and joking quote "I would promise you the world, but my world already belongs to my Queen.". Otoya Kurenai is maybe the most trustworthy and loyal man one can meet - he would never even once play with someones feelings seriously, and while he may play the annoyed person, anyone can easily see through his smiles and jokes. Thanks to his friendly attitude, he is well loved in the Sugiura Kingdom and even among the few Undead.
Also, Otoya is a musician by heart. Not only that, he also is the best living violin maker known, aparently having met the likes of Vivaldi during his time. It is arguable if he taught them or they taught him, but in the end, he is easily on the highest level. He can play the violin with great skill, has a good singing voice, and even knows newer music styles like rock and metal quite well. His most recent piece is called 'This Love Never Ends', and is, obviously devoted to Misaiko.
Speaking of her again, the only way to actually get to see Otoya upset is to hurt a friend of his. To enrage him, hurting his family is required. But should one lay even a finger on Misaiko, he won't hessitate to use Dark Kivats powers, even if it destroys him.
To protect those he loves, Otoya puts his life gladly on the line.

General Appearance

Appearance: Otoya Kurenai Tumblr_lk3s2jbsX01qdodsno1_500
Otoya Kurenai Kiva-OPB-010-TK
Otoya isn't very tall, and is easily overshadowed by Alexander and even Takuri or Archer. His body build also doesn't seem to speak of much strength.
Animalistic Traits: Slightly longer fangs, which are not always visible. Are reminiscent of a vampire bats fangs.
Appearance Age: Early 20's
Height: 1,75 meters

Natural Abilities

Strange Presence
Otoya doesn't seem to have more Reiatsu than any vice-captain at first, but something about his whole appearance and attitude has a strange aura around it. He can withstand the Reiatsu of the strongest beings without any visible effort easily, and apparently, hides way more spiritual energy in his soul than he himself can even use, especially thanks to his crippled powers.

Masterful Musician
Even the deaf are said to be able to listen to his music. He can write songs in all kinds of music genres, compose whole operas if he feels like it, and once captivated the entire Sugiura Kingdom with his voice alone.

Techinques: Life Syphon
Otoya is able to summon free-floating transparent 'fangs' with his will. It injures his eyes to use this, causing bloody tears on his face normally. If he manages to sting someone with them, for as long as they stick, he can suck out energy from the victim and add to his own reserves.

Bat Transformation
For some reason, Otoya has the ability to turn himself into a vampiric fantasy-styled bat, mostly used to scout in the night or to escape. This is his only move that he can use without injuring himself.

All other techniques of the king of the Sugiuras are impossible to use for him without endangering his life, because his connection to his own essence was damaged from a direct hit scored by Enuma Elish.

Magic: Thanks to a defect in his spirit, Otoya is unable to use any Magecraft of the Sugiura, or Kido for that matter. This has always been the case, and not only after recieving the near-fatal blow.

Sacred Weapon: Otoyas Sacred is quite special, since it's actually a small, black bat-like creature called Dark Kivat. It is a 'transforming parasite beast' of the legendary Kivat-clan, and one of those said to chose the next true king of the eastern part of the Sugiura Kingdom. He is not a weapon fit for actual fighting, but can attack the enemy seperately and slap them with metal-hard wings. When grabbing onto Dark Kivat to release his forms, a belt forms around Otoyas waist.
Otoya Kurenai RAWKamenRiderKiva-45DivX502QB957-22

Other Weapons: Hrunting

Guardian Beast

Element: Darkness

Guardian Beast: Dark Kiva is not only his Sacred Weapon, but also his Guardian Beast.

Guardian Beast's World: Otoyas inner world is a floating dragon-castle - literally.
Otoya Kurenai Img_cdoran1
Strangely enough, 'Castle Doran' is also Watarus, his sons, inner world. It harbors the Arms Beasts, special Guardian Beasts that entered a contract to protect Otoyas son, and also holds the 'power of the emperor' and the 'blade of the emperor', two artifacts of unknown power. Otoya can't access the full extend of Castle Dorans power, while his son can actually materialize the entire castle into reality.

Sacred Unleashed

Joushou: To enter Joushou, Dark Kiva has to 'bite' Otoya directly into his skin. This causes a strange tone to ring in everyones ears, and a black belt materalizes out of nothing on Otoyas hip. Furthermore, his face gains strange, multicolored markings that resemble stained glass.
Otoya Kurenai 24o8x91
In this form, Otoyas Reiatsu drastically skyrockets to the levels of a captain, or rather, his sealed Reiatsu on those levels is released. His physical power drastically improves, and Dark Kivat is constantly helping in combat directly with hardened metal wings and fangs. It is said that Otoya could even lift a bus in this release-stage. Using his Joushou for more than 30 minutes will start to hurt the kings body.

He also gains one special move, the 'Halfmoon Kick'. An illusion of a floating half moon appears in the sky, and Otoya does a whirlwind kick aimed to smash the opponent away with intense force. A red aura, similliar looking to blood in color, surrounds him while doing this.

Zenou: Otoyas Zenou has an even slighter change in appearance, since it only causes the 'mark of the king' to appear on both of his hands, both the front and the back of them.
Otoya Kurenai KingSymbol
However, to think that is the only change is a dire mistake - Otoyas spiritual power grows to monstrous amounts. His Life Syphon no longer damages his eyesight, and his Halfmoon Kick can now be executed in rapid succession to turn himself into a whirlwind of red dust and destruction, easily breaking through steel. Furthermore, Dark Kivats wings are now sharp like blades, making him a more deadly sentient ally in battle.
Using this form WILL damage Otoyas body over time, but usually, this won't end fatal.

Kyuu Kyou: First off should be noted: Using this full power of Dark Kiva more than 2 times (read: 3 times) WILL kill Otoya by poisoning his body with his own energy. This is thanks to damage done to him by Enuma Elish at the highest stage.

Otoya Kurenai Fldfyf

To access this form, Dark Kivat has to actually 'dock' inside of the belt that Otoya is wearing in his released stage, often accomplied by his catchphrase, 'And now, Exterminate Time!'. This power is the ultimate power of the Sugiura King - it is said that no armor form Sacred has surpassed it so far. Not only does the armor give insane defensive and offensive abilities, which basicially turn the user into a living juggernaut, making hand-to-hand combat the speciality of Dark Kiva. However, he is also able to control dark violet rose petals which act like acidic weapons, able to cause burns and sear through flesh if they hit. He can unleash them with a waving motion of his hand and long cape.
Dark Kiva also can see in complete darkness or in the brightest light without any trouble. He can even survive in outer space if needed thanks to the armor protecting the body even from the friction of re-entering the atmosphere, though Otoya has yet to actually try that out.
Furthermore, Dark Kiva posesses a number of special moves, called 'Wake Ups', which result into punishingly strong punches and kicks. These are:
Wake Up One: Judgement Kick - Similliar to the Halfmoon Kick, but this time, a fullmoon appears in the sky, and Dark Kiva jumps upwards, blocking the view of it. As the fullmoon suddenly gets darkened into a new moon, the powers of Darkness cause Dark Kiva to dash at his opponent in a flying sidekick. This kick is able to ignore defense, piercing right through Hierro as if it wouldn't even exist. After hitting the enemy, the ground or a wall, a giant, bat-shaped symbol similliar to Dark Kivats appearance gets crushed into that surface.
Wake Up Two: Underworld Punch - This time, a dark, red and violet aura surrounds Dark Kivas right hand, as a new moon appears in the sky. Executing a punch aimed for speed and power, he leaves a few after-images behind as he crushes into the opponent. This has more force than Wake Up One, but doesn't pierce through defense.
Wake Up Three: Kings World End - For this move, Dark Kivat has to seperate from the belt for a short time, before 'biting' into the right leg of Dark Kiva. Then, like in Wake Up One, Dark Kiva jumps into the sky, but this time, the 'wings' on his legs extend. Also, this time the new moon is in the sky from the beginning, but it actually gets replaced by an illuminating full moon this time once the kick is executed. This kick uses the special ability of Dark Kiva that none other do - it destroys time itself.
The moment the kick is executed from the air, Otoya 'breaks' through time, which is percieved like the air 'shattering' and flying into pieces like glass everywhere. Since Otoya essentially erases his need to reach the enemy - since that time got 'killed' - he almost instantly warps onto the enemy, and if his kick hits, the 'wings' that extended on his legs beat into the enemy rapidly like a machine gun, each strike having the force of 180 tons behind them. Each and every single hit of them and the kick will essentially attack the enemies body and time - if the full force of this hits an enemy and manages to kill him, he will be 'erased' from time, essentially removing him from existance, and not allowing his soul to ever find rest and peace.
This now brings us to how Dark Kiva can use it's main power, to destroy time, besides with Wake Up Three. By 'killing' the time during a battle, he can make time essentially stop for anyone but him and his enemy, making the fight take place in an instant for everyone else, turning it into a 1 on 1 death match. Also, by making 'holes' in time, he can snap from one place to another like through portals. However, once he makes a hole in time, the air 'shatters' around it like glass, making it visible and useable for the enemy as well. However, breaking through time like this without full-body protection, like through his own armor or through a strong Hierro, will damage whatever passes through the broken time, as if the 'sharp shards' that surround the potal would cut the user up.

Alter Form

Alter Appearance: Otoya Kurenai 95japan95actor95niiro95shinya95-200903191900542
His Alter, called simply 'King', looks quite a bit older than Otoya.

Alter Personality: King is a cruel and menancing man. He believes that people exist to serve him, and nothing else - he looks down on everyone and is unable to feel love or compassion, even towards Misaiko. Even the bit of grueling respect he has towards some people is insulting and only 'from above down'. Friendship is a lie to him that makes people weak, and the same goes for most feelings for him. In a 'perfect world' as he sees it, only the strong survive, and the strong are true kings, just like him. After Otoyas powers have been severly damaged and weakened from their true state, his appearances have been far and in-between, and he is usually not able to take over Otoya for more than a few seconds, since his willpower doesn't exceed the true kings will.

Alter Powers: King has the exact same powers as Otoya. Nothing changes.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Otoya was born in ages long past. His true origin has been lost over time, as well as his former name. Only a few things are still known from his human life - he never had talent in anything but 'useless' stuff and was mainly a scoundrel fighting his way through life with a smile. Through an accident or murder, it is unknown, he died - but that was only the beginning of his tale. After his death, no Shinigami appeared to send his soul to Soul Society, but he was still saved from turning into a Hollow - by a Sugiura. On that day after his death, his soul was sent to the Sugiura Dimension, changed by the Soul Burial performed by Misaiko Sugiura - and he was turned into a Sugiura himself.

Taking on the name Kurenai Otoya after regaining conciousness, he was told what he now was by Shimura herself. He was a spiritual being now, one of the still few Sugiura, and the first human on which they tried the Soul Burial. Maybe he would've been a bit ruffled from being their test subject of soul-sending, but there was no place for that in the mans mind - because he had fallen for the pure and white being that had saved him from a life was an evil spirit.
As the Sugiura Kingdom was still pretty much a 'work in progress' with them trying to make the wild and partially ruined lands of the former Guardian Beast Empire their own, Otoyas ability to help with that was... questionable, at best. He had never been a hard worker, and he wasn't about to start - he was mostly seen as a fool, and it was often a miracle as to how he survived the many encounters with the savage variants of the Guardian Beasts. To say that his love was not returned is quite true - Misaiko didn't even really pay any attention to the 'strangely amusing fool' that he was.

Otoyas role as the clown of existance should continue until the very first real trouble the new Sugiura Kingdom ran into. A group of Guardian Beasts was out to destroy them, not approving of the alliance of their races. During that time, Otoya showed his serious nature for the very first time. As Misaiko and her sisters and brothers were preparing to fight, he disappeared - following a legend he had heard from one of their allied Guardian Beasts. Once, a long time ago during the ages of the old Empire, a family of Guardian Beasts known as the Kivat Clan had always been the one to chose their next ruler, and they were revered for their amazing powers.
Thus, to strengthen their own lands, Otoya set out to find the old mountain that was the home of the Kivat Clan, deep inside of the regions that are counted as unexplored even today. He does not like to talk about his journey through these lands - it was a trial for both his soul and spiritual body, his very being was tested by the elements, the lands around him and the wild nature of the dimension he was in. Still, during this journey, many things became clear to him: First of all, that Misaiko had no need for a bumbling fool that could only do sweet talk and play music on an instrument that would only become known in the human world thousands of years after him building one. And second, that he could be content with whoever became the king, as long as she would be happy.

As he reached the mountain, he noticed a few things: first of all, it was always night-time around it. Second... the Kivat Clan was nearly gone. Only a few of the bat-like Guardian Beasts remained, and their elder made one question towards Otoya.

"Why do you desire power?"

His answer came as quick as the question, without any hesitation.

"I don't desire any power. I just want the Sugiuras to survive."

Now, let's shift the focus back to the fight between the young Sugiura Clan and the ravageous beasts they had to face. The battle was hard - in fact, they had already nearly lost it. Takuri Sugiura, the second oldest daughter of the main family, had disappeared, and the fighters of Gilgamesh were still too far away to help them - that was when a loud cry pierced the sky, and out of the clouds, a gigantic castle flew. But not only a castle - it was also a dragon. Castle Doran, the ally of the Kivat beasts, had joined up with Otoya.
Arriving at the battle, the giant castle helped them out by providing heavy atillery fire, and thus, the battle was turned around. But not only thanks to that - also thanks to the Arms Beasts, a group of Guardian Beasts that had infiltrated the enemy lines and acted against their 'allies'. Standing on top of Castle Doran was Otoya himself, and as he saw Misaiko being in danger, he went even further than just allying their clans together.
"Enter a contract with me, Kivat."
"You know that if your soul can't withstand it, that you'll disappear?"
"Heh... a no-gooders life for the clan? Doesn't sound too bad. And now... give me the power to protect, Kivat."

With that, Dark Kiva was born, the original Kiva - from someone who could do nothing at all right, he emerged, a masked warrior of dark powers. As he crashed into the battlefield, Otoya was a 'special case' of powers, recieving his ultimate stage the moment he was bit by Dark Kivat, or better: Kivat the second.
Saving the Arms Beasts from the revenge of the King that they betrayed, they became his allies, and together, they drove back the invasion of evil beasts from the main Sugiura clan. Thus, peace was restored to the eastern clan, but Otoya won more than only the battle. Showing the strength of his heart, his soul, being ready to sacrifice himself without asking for any kind of reward - Dark Kivat had made the right decision of fate, for Misaiko chose Otoya as well. Weeks after the battle, the masked warrior who appeared on top of the castle - the Kamen Rider Dark Kiva - became the first king of the eastern part of the Sugiura Clan.

The following years were alot more peaceful at first. Rumors of Takuri roaming the lands again under the watch of the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, started to spread, and both Otoya and Misaiko were happy to hear that she was indeed still alive. Thus far, the worlds seemed to be at peace, and the Sugiura race was constantly gaining strength and numbers.
However, during this time, a new crisis struck them. As Misaiko recieved her sword, something dark and completely evil awakened in her, as the swords inner darkness caused her Alter to form into a way stronger form than normal. Otoya was helpless to stop Tenkou, the raging darkness of Misaiko, himself - but help arrived in the form of a female warrior in black armor. Clad into dark metal, wielding the ancient sword Caliburn, she banished Tenkou back into Misaikos mind, giving control back to her. The black warrior disappeared as fast as she had appeared - but Otoya knew that it could've been no other than Takuri, Misaikos sister.

As the kingdom recovered from the crysis, the first few millenia had already passed them. It was quite wondrous how years turned into something like days, yet each real day was still unique to them - the gift of the Sugiura, a nearly eternal life, was quite something.
Around this time, the first daughter of the king and queen was born, and named Saeko. Considerably shortly afterwards, the first two sons were born - but even though the firstborn was seen as the more courageous and stronger of the two, the kinder and more timid younger brother was chosen by the Kivat Clan, and named the successor to the throne. The name of that younger son was Wataru Kurenai Sugiura, who inherited the power of Kiva through Kivat Bat the Third, the son of Otoyas partner Dark Kivat.

Around those times, the first rumors surrounding the Holy Grail surfaced. An ancient artifact of the Guardian Beasts, stronger than any Conceptual Weapon, and said to be locked deep inside of a ruined city that still stood. However, they needed three keys to open the seal to the wishmaker - so, under the lead of Otoya, the three Triumvirate Sacreds were found. Excalibur, the Lance of Longinus, and the Shield of Trinity Fragarch. But then, something went horribly wrong...
Takuri returned to help with securing the wishmaker against evil influences, and nobody knew what would happen next. As the seal was broken on the Holy Grail... pure madness streamed out of it. Darkness unknown before was in that darkest pit of hell, it seemed, and the evil energies hit the sister of Misaiko. True chaos was breaking loose, and in that, both Wataru and Saeko were affected by the dark influence of the grail. Gilgamesh, through one way or another, was drenched in the corrupted contains of the wishmaker that twisted every single wish, and thus, with all their strength, the Sugiura reactivated the seal on the Holy Grail, never to open it ever again. Scattering the Triumvirate Sacreds into all winds and worlds with Misaikos powers, only Excalibur remained in the castle of the clan.

Only days later, rumors of Gilgamesh reappearing surfaced. Curious as to what happened to his old companion who had disappeared, worried about his life, Otoya headed to the scene alone, since the castle was still worried enough about keeping Wataru and Saeko safe who were still anything but stable after the exposure to the grail. However, this was a dire mistake. Twisted by the grail, Gilgamesh challenged Otoya in battle.
However, Dark Kiva still had Otoyas heart - and that was his downfall. Hesitating for not even half of a second was enough in the battle, and Gilgamesh hit the king of musicians with the full force of Enuma Elish. However, instead of dying - which would've been the normal thing to happen after that - an even more dire fate hit Otoya. His spirit was damaged greatly from it, and while his body healed over time, his connection to his powers remains damaged to this day, and is unable to be healed.

Sometime after this injury, though, Otoya picked up swordplay, something he had not touched even once in his life before. He obtained Hrunting, a special sword that never misses the target, from his Arms Beasts friends, and reigns over the Sugiura lands until this day.

Otoya Kurenai 1zg3jit

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Approved, 0-5, at normal, 0-4+ in kyuu kyou.

Misaiko: Now....if only my creator could get me completed....

me: HUSH UP D:<

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