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Berserker 383555



Name: Berserker, Mad Dog(Gilgamesh), Mad Warrior(Others).
Former Human Name: Lancelot
Former Guardian Beast Name: Unknown
Element: Creation(tainted)


Born: Middle Ages

Death: 90 years old

Current Age: Unknown

Gender: Male
Rank: ......
Orientation: Neutral

Berserker Fate_Zero_18

Berserker Black_Knight_Fate_Zero_by_elite5472

Berserker FateZeroBerserker


Berserker retains no clear personality, as he is a man fueled by nothing more then rage and bloodthirsty killing intent. He is extremely ferocious when it comes to the battle field, and will not spare anyone, unless he is ordered by his master to do so. This causes most of the people who come up against him, to refer to him as "Mad Warrior". While he may be a killing machine that may seem senseless when it comes to battle, that becomes a digression once the battle commences. Not only does he show precise skill, but he is able of completing actions by common sense, and weaving together strategical situations, in order to gauge the opponent's power levels, and even effectively trap them within an area, where his abilities can fully flourish. This often comes as a surprise to opponents who face them, as often times or not, they are fooled into thinking that he doesn't have proper battle methods, or even a sense of where he is swinging when attacking. His intelligence is nowhere near the level that he had, when he was a human, however, it is very clear that he is not bereft of his knowledge concerning warfare, making him a formidable opponent against even accomplished captains and leaders. Not only that, but coupled with his brutal strength and fierce attacks, he barely leaves any room for opponents to counterattack or come up with preparations in order to defeat him. in order to hunt a lion, the best method is to keep chasing it, not giving it a single chance to bare its fangs, strangling it; Berserker's skill is like that of a hunter who fully knows the essence of this. His attacks are not only filled with rage but are also accurate and prudent, The black knight is definitely capable of felling opponents with this skill alone.

It is very unclear, if he is able to feel other emotions, being the tormented man that he is now. He will only complete orders, that Illya or Iori sets out for him, without question. He only has peculiar loyalty towards those two, and will protect them from anyone aiming to hurt or antagonize them, it is speculated that this because they remind him of women he had had the pleasure of meeting in his former life, who probably bore a high resemblance to the two girls. However, he is not one to attack out of the blue, and is simply known to stare into no specific direction, or at certain people through his helmet. There is only one person who will make the mad warrior overreact and perform unnecessary actions, almost to the point of jeopardizing various missions that he is sent off to complete. No one knows of why, this uncontrollable side of him is brought out into the open, but whenever she appears, she becomes the epicenter of his hatred. Though he is no longer sane, he is not bereft of his martial prowess and the glory of battle shall not escape him. He will always be brought onto the battlefield and face mankind's greatest opponents, it is unclear if the Black knight will ever be free from the chains of torment and despair, that frequents his life. If there is any possible answer, then it is to kill the source of his hatred, the one who did not allow him to die with happiness, and tormented his life, even in her death. That woman is none other must be...



-The Life of Lancelot-

Berserker Lancelot

Once upon a time, there was knight, unlike any other. A man with a heart of gold, and a knight who wore his heart on his sleeves. He was born into a lowly family, without much purpose in life. However, he believed that through hard work, he would possibly reach the dreams that he wished for. As a child, his mother always asked him; "Lancelot, My dear son, what do you desire to be, when you grow up?", to that the young boy smiled heartily and spoke; "i want to be a knight, i want to save others, and most of all, i wanna grow up and find happiness, and, maybe even a lover if luck permits it". His mother was filled with happiness at his wish, and his father was proud that he had such high aspirations. From the beginning, this young man, had already showed great potential. Each day was spent, humbly progressing through the middle age. Luck blessed him in the form of a new king, a old man, who didn't have long to live, at best he had about ten or twenty years of life, left in him. Lancelot cannot remember if it was a whim, or if he truly found potential in the young man, but at the tender age of 18, Lancelot was invited to join the knights of the round table, and furthermore, the kingdom of england. Yes, this was the dream that Lancelot had been seeking every since he was a child. His dreams had finally been realized and he joined the ranks of his fellow knights and loyally served his king and queen. The Young man was something that you could call a prodigy, not only did he have a golden heart and completed many favors and deeds for his fellow knights, but he had an amazing tenacity when it came to the battle field. One of his most memorable battles, was defeating a fellow knight with nothing but an elm branch in battle.

Each day was spent, working his way through the ranks. He didn't care about that, just the sheer fact that he was apart of something so big, was enough to satisfy him. The King was a strange man, maybe he was too kind for his own good, but he had always sent his knights out on journeys in other countries, in order to bring others into salvation. They humbly accepted these challenges and request's and often embarked on long journeys. Lancelot, by chance, was a man who was blessed to go on such a journey. However, before he left, his king asked him if he wanted to succeed him and be wed his queen, who was a very young woman. He humbly declined the offer, as he only found joy in serving under that solemn old man. To that, the man smiled, and wished Lancelot off, as he set out on his adventure. Little did he know, that the man would be faced with a life changing peril, that he would never recover from. Though, the old king died happy. He died, knowing that his most loyal knight fulfilled the dream that he had always sought for in his childhood. Lancelot's journey brought him to the edo period in japan. One could would possibly call it hell, at the time, as war was frequent, Rape, prostitution, things of that nature that opened up the eyes of the knight. Nonetheless, he was not shaken or deterred and set out on finding people to save and bring back to the land in order to enjoy a life devoid of madness. By chance, he met a pure hearted girl, with features that absolutely grabbed his heart. She had nothing, and she was more of a liability then she was an asset. However, at that time, he took this burden, because that was the time, that he actually found "Love."

Lancelot frequently told the pure hearted girl stories of better days. Most of their time was spent together speaking of dreams and wishes. Lancelot gave her hope, and protected her through thick and thin. Some may have called the man crazy, and some even left him because of bringing her along, which caused detrimental damage to their mission. The day that he decided to side with her was a time where his life began to plummet to the bottom. However, the man did not regret a single thing, nor did he look for anyone's recognition. He wanted to marry this woman, settle down with her, and live the life that most men dreamed for back then, a family. In order to ensure this dream, as the knights once told him, there would be much turmoil, maybe even more then Lancelot could possibly handle. Lancelot knew the precautions and continued to slay those who tried to hurt her and make her a victim of that deplorable life that could be considered hell on earth. The thoughts of people selling her off, and punishing her, Made Lancelot all the more determined to protect her. She did not complain a single time, after all, this man had finally showed her what it meant to be happy. The ethereal feeling of being able to hope and dream for better days, that sort of feeling of the heart was beautiful. They had nothing to be ashamed of, and no one could tell them that they were wrong, they were a man and woman who fell in love. There was no way that anyone could hate them for such an affection.

However, the jealousy of man and the ungodly fate of Betrayal befell the two lovers. Lancelot's knights had left without him, due to them believing that the situation they were placed in, was more trouble then it was worth. Lancelot felt betrayed, the men that he completed deeds for, and even competed in contest's when they were bed ridden, they betrayed him. However this did not deter him from protecting her at all. Moreover, this was something that he had sacrificed his life for, he could not drop out now. No, he would not let that girl down. She deserved a better life and he felt that it was in his power to do so. One could consider him a hypocrite, as most girls of this period experienced a similar life, if he could make her dream come true, he would be satisfied, the wish may have been selfish, but there was no one like her, and no one who could replace her. Lancelot had a few knights that decided to stay by his side, after all, he was like a brother to these young men. They could not betray him, they wanted to save lives as well. However, even they came to the conclusion that things would be impossible for them. They even contemplated killing Shiro, until Lancelot scolded them, and they quickly saw the error of their ways. However soon after they reconciled, the knights were killed by Assassins. Samurai who were stronger then most warriors of the edo period. Lancelot used Arondight, a conceptual sword, that would not break, even against the strongest of warriors. He was able to kill the samurai, But what it caused was more turmoil and eventually caused him to do an action that would torment him for the rest of his life.

Lancelot could see the armies of soldiers coming toward him, chasing after him and the girl at every corner, until they became surrounded. He gritted his teeth, cursing how fate turned out like this. The Dream, The Hope, everything was falling apart before his eyes. The girl could see tears falling from his eyes, and told him to turn around. Lancelot loyally did so and turned around to the girl; "Shiro...I' looks like...we won't be able to lead that new life that i hoped for. Heh, i even made you have hope, i truly am a bastard" that was what he thought at the time. If it was going to end up like this, That girl should hate him for it. He expected her to curse him. However, what left the snow-white maiden's lips were not curses, but praise. "Lancelot, You allowed me to hope and dream for a better world, how could you be a bastard? the fact that you took someone like me in, was the best thing that you could ever grant me, my humble knight." Those words were filled with heartfelt affection and kindness. It twisted Lancelot's heart even more, why did things have to end like this?; That's what he felt from the beginning and how he felt at the end. At this time, he knew that he would die. However, the girl requested a favor that the man could not go through with. "Lancelot, Kill me. if they reach us, you'll die, and they'll take me back to that life, the bad one. I want you to live on for me, and hopefully give another girl the hope that you installed in my heart." Lancelot's tears began to fall to the ground, his face drenched with tears. "Don't request such a wish, i could never harm you! there's still a way...if we...just..." However, he stopped himself. He knew there was no way out, any sensible man could tell that from a glance. He held up the sword, and stared at her.

She gave him the affirming nod, but before then, she asked him one more thing. "Lancelot, we'll be happy again some day right? i'll enjoy the times, in my eternal slumber, and wait for you. I'll be waiting for my knight, but you must live, and i must die. that is how it must be, for now." Lancelot nodded, and struggled to smile, as he held the blade to her back. "Ha...Yeah...i'll come for you, don't worry. Your knight will join you some day. " After that, Lancelot thrust the sword through her back, for a knight who had fought in many battles, this was a deadly and precise blow. However, even against that, the girl managed to live for a few more moments. Lancelot opened his eyes and let out an agonized scream, running over to the girl he grabbed her, wrapping her rapidly cooling body in his arms. "I'm...Sorry...Shiro...sorry that things had to end like this, if you want to hate me, if you want to condemn me, then i wil let you have that courtesy." The man experienced surprise for the second time, she did not condemn him or hate him. She grasped the left side of his cheek weakly with her blood stained hand. "Lancelot, i will never hate you, for as long as i am in that eternal slumber, i will love you. even now, i love you, in my dying moments, i could never hate my loyal knight..." struggling with those words due to the pain of the wound, she closed her eyes for the last time, and died in his arms. That man was left in surprise, almost wonder. What he expected the most, what he wanted her to say, in her dying moments, She said that she still loved him. "...No...You...should've hated me..." That was what ran through his head, and those words never did leave his mind. One could say that she left him with the curse of guilt, and caused him to fall into madness.

The knights who betrayed him had a change of mind, and were able to come back with their own army and defeated the opposing soldiers. However, Lancelot could not even forgive them, actually he couldn't even forgive himself. From this day on, the man known as Lancelot, the humble knight of the round table, died without a trace. What he had become was nothing more then a man filled with guilt, which ultimately caused him to go mad, going as far as killing his own knights with the sword arondight. This crime, caused the blade to degrade to the level of a a demonic sword. Eventually, Lancelot met his death by the hands of one of his fellow friends. The man had left behind what began as a tale of a wonderful knight, who eventually turned into a mad man, devoid of any mercy or sorrow. Even when the man died, his spirit was still filled with sorrow, madness, and guilt. This was the beginning of Berserker.

Eventually, the famous knight, appeared within the land of the guardian beast's, as a plus. How could one describe this abnormality?; Maybe his soul was too tainted to become a shinigami, and his rage, too much to become hollow. Lancelot's plus body, eventually stumbled across that of a guardian beast with the appearance of a demonic knight. Black rustic armor, adorned the appearance of the spirit all over, and while dark, the armor was accented with elaborate design's. Lancelot, slowly walked toward's the spirit and without making a sound, fused with the guardian beast. Slowly, a miasma full of black mist filled the air around the two, as the guardian beast experienced the rage, the sorrow, and depression of the spirit of the Knight of the Lake. Eventually, the resistance subsided and the beast became one with Lancelot. This was the birth of Berserker, the mad warrior who knew no mercy in battle. After becoming an undead, Berserker roamed through the forest each day, fighting off massive beast's many time's his size. He won each of his battle's with his ferocity and spared not a single beast that came before his might. Eventually, he gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous undead to roam the guardian beast forest. This destructive knight eventually left after acquiring more power. Lancelot - No, Berserker only sought war and fought many battle's in order to abate and quench this taste for brutality. Soon after his leave, Berserker would meet the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh. The Golden Archer, happened to be waiting for Heroism, who was in a devastating bout with Iori. The Black knight, intently stared at Gilgamesh, and the moment the haughty and unforgiving crimson red eye's met with the ferocious and demonic eye's of Berserker, a bout between the two came into fruition.

Who could expect a man to last even a few second's being pelted and showered in the rain of sword's and weapon's, that the King of Heroes owned. Berserker not only countered but wielded these weapon's as though they were favored weapon's with which he had trained with for his entire life. Knight of Honor - this fearsome ability became the bane of Gate of Babylon's existence. Their heated battle, would eventually end, as Heroism came out on top and defeated the second daughter of Misaiko. Defeated, was far too tame. Brutalized, and out-right beaten were a few word's to describe the countenance of the once beautiful martial artist. With her, was ilya, who in comparison to Iori, had suffered no discernible wound's. Mental damage, may have been the only true thing the white haired girl experienced that day. Heroism questioningly shot a look at Gilgamesh then at Berserker, after doing so, he took a gander at the result of their battle. Even he himself, who had regarded the King of Heroes as a dangerous opponent even for him, could not fathom that a mere armored warrior could keep up with Gilgamesh. After deducing the situation, he quickly came up with a devious plan. He quickly proposed to Gilgamesh, that they take him in as a warrior among their rank's. A secret weapon, who would know no equal. Gilgamesh reluctantly agreed, and entangled Berserker within Enkidu. After this, Heroism blackmailed Iori and ilya into performing a high level skill of magic. Binding Contract - While unusual, this spell was frequently used to force and control wild guardian beast's. With this contract, came three seal's which governed ultimate control over the target. It took not only large amount's of spiritual energy, but the pain to control something not of your own, was far too unbearable. However, this was only a mere trifle to the hollow king. In fact, one didn't even need to call this a trifle. That man experienced fruitful pleasure that day, something he claimed to be of the best suffering, that brought him extreme bliss.

The Binding Contract was successful, Ilya had now gained control over the black knight. Iori shared this control, with one command seal located on her left hand. Hate - there was no other word apart from that, which could be felt from Iori and ilya. They despised and loathed this beast, cursing him as if he were the devil. Berserker did nothing, even when he was captured in the chains of heaven. Even now, he simply took the punishing word's and served them loyally. One day, which would forever be etched within the mind of the Goddess of victory, the mad warrior came to protect her and ilya from a group of arrancar who only abused them on a daily basis. Berserker brutally killed each and every one of them, unleashing that pure unbridled rage he was known for and accepted his punishment from Heroism even after the disaster. Coming to comfort the mad beast, Iori slowly but surely hugged him warmly through the cage. She simply told him one thing; "Ha---I must seem like an idiot speaking to you, and you might not understand me, but if am to die, please protect ilya as you did for us, today." Berserker definitely understood these word's and protected Ilya without fail. Each Day was spent serving her and protecting her from the good and from the bad. Iori simply controlled the mad warrior and guided him along his day's within Hueco mundo. For now, he had reached a temporary solace. However - there was still one irrefutable fact. Berserker's path would undoubtedly clash with the loved one he killed in his former life. Those two lover's broken by fate, would reunite. Their path's would cross, and Berserker would kill her, destroy her, erase her from his mind never to be found again. The Black knight would have his revenge!

Human Powers:

Knight of Honor: While a human power for a undead is usually on the level of shikai, Knight of honor is a very versatile and strong ability that the black knight possesses bearing similarities to Ovan's celestial. It is even said, to be an embodiment ability of the time where Lancelot was forced to fight with nothing but an elm branch and claimed victory despite this trifle. Once Berserker grabs hold of anything that can be even remotely conceptualized as a weapon with his gauntlets and he recognizes that he wishes to wield it, it instantly gains the property of "becoming his zanpakuto" Though it bares more similarities to a conceptual weapon. it allows for something as worthless as a piece of scrap iron to be turned into a demonic spear or sword capable of damaging divine entities and striking legendary weapons. The item while under his control will gain a myriad of abilities that confer to it's creation or multiplies something onto it's existence. For example, if Berserker were to grab the branch of a tree, that branch would be turned into a demonic sword made of very durable steel. He would enhance all of it's capabilities turning it into a destructive weapon capable of combat against even the most virtuous of fighter's. He is able to naturally control any weapon that he wields as if it were a favorite weapon with which he specialized in and polished his skills for many years. He can make use of weaponry regardless of how it was created or its time of origin, allowing him to take control of modern weapons and machinery and greatly strengthen and modified their capabilities. The ability is completely sealed along with For Someone's Glory once Arondight is drawn by Berserker. The ability soaks the affected items with Berserker's Reiatsu, muddled with bloodthirstiness and hatred, that permeates from his hands. They slowly change as they are tainted with his black color as dark lines invade the item and multiply like the veins on a leaf. The items, covered in a spiderweb pattern of black veins, look alien and repulsive compared to their normal forms. This allows for potentially unlimited weapons, as even if a weapon is destroyed by an ability able to counter Knight of Honor, such as Gae Dearg, which normalizes them by cutting off Berserker's Reiatsu flow, he can simply remove and keep using an already affected part or pick up the remains to once again use them as a weapon. He can give up the weapon at any time, returning it to its natural state, and immediately switch to another without any trouble. The weapons will stay under control for a brief moment after he lets off his grip, allowing them to be used as projectiles. The ability is a natural counter to Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon, which makes use of a large number of projectile weapon's. Berserker is able to freely catch and wield the weapons shot at him as if they were extensions of his arms, and use them to deflect volleys of weapons capable of completely destroying the surrounding area. He freely catches swords, halberds, battle axes, and exchanges them for more powerful weapons all while not receiving a single scratch. If Berserker grab's a hold of nameless Zanpakuto's, Unreleased Zanpakuto's, and conceptual weapon's without definite owner's, they will retain the same rank and abilities.

For Someone's Glory: A black fog materialized from Lancelot's tradition of winning fame and glory while disguising himself in a number of his endeavors, such as when he hid his name and disguised himself to enter a horse race for the sake of his friend's honor. Combined with his armor, which completely covers his body, this ability conceals Berserker's identity and personal status. His body is enveloped in a black fog with properties similar to an mist which constantly shifts his outline like an off-focus photograph that obscures the discerning features of the armor. The mist-like illusion also causes his image to double or triple randomly, making him appear to be a hallucination, and prevents the use of scanning-type abilities, to read the status of Berserker's abilitie's. The true use of this ability is to deceive the eyes and ears of others by allowing Lancelot to take the form of Shinigami, Human, or Sugiura, who won in various military exploits, or completed great feet's during their life time, but it has degraded to the ability of "imitation" that can only disguise his identity due to the application of Berserker's rage. The appearance is identical with the exception of Berserker's blood-red eyes radiating resentment. The ability is completely sealed along with Knight of Honor once Arondight is drawn by Berserker.

Monster Form:

Berserker E42ea31e121849902f5074367bef06e8a32276dc

Berserker Sample_60ccbb78a375d8f795e899fd191be14175d45631

Berserker's Monster form truly become's just that, a complete and brutal monster. His armor become's more beastly, more animalistic, and even his size grow's to that of a large giant. He literally in a sense, become's a "Mad Dog". in this state, Berserker is much harder to control, and exert's even more energy when dragon slayer is wielded in this form, causing much pain to both Ilya and Iori as the form require's lot's of spiritual energy in order to bring out it's full potential.

Monster Powers:

Enhance Manifold: This isn't an ability, but rather what is used to describe what happen's to Berserker in monster form. Each of his natural abilities, such as strength, speed, and ferocity, are all enhanced and brought into a greater form of destruction. He is able to over power even warrior's who pride themselves on their strength alone without much effort. His brutal swing's are capable of leaving 12 to 20 meter long crater's in his wake. his speed become's much more ferocious, and the brutal swing's brandished down by dragon slayer, cause's the opponent's hand's to numb, each time they attempt to block the mad warrior's blow's with their own weapon's. Even a mere back lash from dodging Dragon slayer, will cause a ferocious gale to sweep in order to assail the opponent or draw them back in for another potential killing blow. Even Knight of Honor is enhanced extremely, becoming much more destructive then before. He essentially become's dangerous to those around him, and the only true way to stop him is to over power him, or for Ilya and Iori to use a command seal in order to deactivate monster form. However, for all of this great power, come's the greatest price, Reaitsu cost. The cost of this form is unusually high, and if Berserker is unable to supplement it, or even Ilya and Iori, he will be forced to deactivate this form in order to regain energy in order to use it again.

Knight's Lance: This is a monster-form ability, exclusive to Berserker's monster form only. It is meant to cause wide-spread destruction around the impending area. It is quite a simple ability and a barbaric one befitting of the form of the black knight. He begin's the attack by opening his mouth slightly or widely, before gathering up spiritual energy inside his body. Once enough is stored and stocked up, the energy is thereby formed into a connected and generated force. That force is first concentrated into a ball of dark negative energy, which is then pulled out of the mouth of the black knight. After completion of this simple action, he begin's manipulating the form into that of a lance or sword. After creation, Berserker heave's the long demonic energy sword or spear onto the area. Once the sword hit's the ground on impact, a large 2 mile explosion is created, anything or anyone caught within the blast will potentially be damaged themselves. After the explosion has subsided, the opponent should suffer from a wounded body beyond recognition. Broken bone's from the blunt explosion, and melted skin if direct contact is taken. Berserker can physically use this as a weapon and dual-wield with dragon slayer. Using the Lance or sword in this manner, cause's damage using enhanced cutting might, making even the most formidable of armor's weak and nimble in the face of this great power. The Level of this attack is classed right up in the upper echelon of a Gran Rey Cero.

Guardian Beast Form: N/A
Guardian Powers: N/A

RP Sample: .................LULULUULULULULULU

Berserker AgitoSig

Berserker Dancing

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