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PostSubject: Azure Osiris   Azure Osiris Icon_minitime1Sun May 29, 2011 8:42 pm


Name: Azure Osiris

Gender: Male

Age:He looks of 19. (Real age 234)

Personality: Azure is an odd Vizard. As far as his personality goes he is laid back, easy going guy. Oddly enough his has a short temper, something that he didn't fend so well with knowing that he could use his masked powers to rip the lowly humans that irritated him. Humans tended to annoy him, as they were the ones who thought of the concept greed and 'Pride'. The fact is that Azure will be nice, but to an extent to anger. He acts differently to other races, such as Vizard and Shinigami. Towards the vizards he is cheerful, strong, he knows he belongs. The vizards also seem surprised that he felt so welcome to the fact he changed. The shinigami hate him, they despise him whenever they meet. He himself was fond towards certain shinigami, but these people know hate him because of the crime he committed. As he thinks it they are a piece of trash they need no reason to be left alone. When it came to speech with anyone he spoke in a angry way, disrespect anyone but himself. This caused him to be easily slapped, which he was used to by now. He was disrespectful, annoying, outspoken, and unkind to everyone. He was kind in-fact, but only to girls. It scared him that he knew something inside of them was kindness, he is mean, ruthless, horrible, but then it seems to override his normal instincts. His true persona is just Evil, everything about him is mean, everything he does is harm, and that he truly knows.

Favorite Color Red. This resembles his feelings towards others as he thinks. Pain, Anger, Hatred, Love, Care, these things are what he shall not admit, but he knows are there.


Fighting: Well, obvious enough Azure feels embraced by the fear of losing but the success of defeating his opponent. He feels for them, he wants them to know who he is and why he has done so. What this does for Azure is something he cannot explain, it's just what he wants and needs to do to survive.

His Friends: How this works out is odd, but he also does not know why he feels such.... Compassion towards. He knows he's bad inside, but his friends cause him to be somewhat... Nice. He believes that this is just a tendency that all races are born with but he also wishes he was nicer, less mean and evil.

His Zanpakuto: Yes, he likes his Zanpakuto spirit. His spirit, Sogimana, brings out everything that Azure ever wanted to be, everything that wanted to come out, over and over again as he has noticed. Sogimana talks to him as if they were father and son, where-as Azure himself was without a family. His spirit makes him feel like he has belonged somewhere, but he knows that he tries to make him a better family.


Idiots: People who are idiotic when it comes to speech and how they react. Lets say someone approaches Azure and begins to speak. 'Hello, why do you do some things to people?'
'Because i want to...' That person continued to speak. What this does to Azure's mind is something he once again cannot explain, but it makes it wanna beat the little persons' face in. This is something that also angers him, so the speech of anger is something easily active in Azure's mind.

Azure Osiris LargeAnimePaperscans_Dogs_FiiFO084__THISRES__254427

As a young boy, Azure was a tormenter. He had tormented his family, brother, mother, father. They all had thought it was a phase, a thing a young boy went through at the age of 6 but no. Azure had learned how to wield a knife at the age of 6, knowing that his family kept knifes in the kitchen, he had fiddled with them through his stage of torment. While most of the time he was home, beating his brother because of an angry thought that went through his head, they lived near a forest that he spent his time in. As 10-12 year old, this forest was a special place for him. He lived here for the rest of his living life. He had always kept a knife on him as he had walked the streets of Florence, his eyes gently adjusting to the assholes that walked the streets. The muggers, the rapists, the thieves. Azure had seen all that these people had done, so one by one he had started to assassinate each of them.

In his final moments, Azure was killed by a murderer. He did not live a wonderful life as a human. Knowing that he could see ghosts scared him. The old days of Florence Italy was odd enough if you also added in the fact there were ghosts. The murderer was his brother, who was tired of his disrespect, so he had finally killed him. His brother had loved him so, but Azure was not of this world. His brother began to see things no other human had been able to do, as far as he knew himself. Azure had scared him, knowing that he had an evil mind, Rushanko(Brother) had then went to kill him. The night of the killing Azure was in his room, manipulating the air in front of him to amuse himself, the small ball of air raised and lowered as he watched horrified. Rushanko had then slid the knife to Azure's throat, afraid of what would happen he quickly slid the blade to the right, blood seeping from the wound, he threw the blade to the ground as he held Azure. Azure had clutched at his own throat, trying to stop the flow although unsuccessful. Azure had died in his brothers arms some minutes later, Rushanko holding him against his chest.

As a spirit, he honed his body until reaching the rank of shinigami. By doing this he felt included into the gotei by others, only because he had been a soul before. Being a soul before was not such a bad thing though. His new family had loved him much more than his own family had, and his italian accent had amazed the family, themselves being from Russia. He wanted to be more powerful, this he knew. Only knowing that he had wanted to be powerful, there was no way of knowing the outcome of what he would soon to be, that of a Vizard, although he did not know this at the time. After being caught killing another shinigami out of resentment he was sent into exile by the Gotei. The exile was that of a slave, his mind was beginning to slide into sanity, his own eyes began to see things as he walked the streets of the Rukongai, trying to find those that would help him in his time of need. This irritated him, so he decided that he would become more powerful and he would soon make an assassination attempt on a captain of his choice. He had never killed the said captain he once knew he could kill, he had learned to forgive and forget, only to spend the rest of his days in the world of the living.

In his life as a traitor he wanted to become stronger so he did. Appearing outside the Visord's HQ he began to ask questions on whether they would help change him or not. They had accepted his request and used Shattered Shaft Training to allow him to fight his hollow-self. He had one, but barely. His body was tattered and beaten as he laid upon the ground, bleeding rapidly as he slid the mask off. To this day he roams, finding kills, food, and other vizards to interact with.

Zanpakutô Spirit:
Azure's Zanpakuto's name is Sogimana
Azure Osiris Oo
His personality is that of Azure's but anger isn't a problem for him. He deals with aspects calmly and orderly to get the job done. When in this calm state he's friendly and tiresome. While speaking with Azure he is irritated and angered because of the way Azure has dealt with him. They are close friends, but Azure needs to learn respect in Sogimana's eyes. Sogimana lives in a odd place. It's a barren wasteland, broken down buildings and destroyed street ways. There is one building that stands high into the area, which is where Sogimana spends his time.

Sealed Zanpakutô :
Azure Osiris Images6

Shikai Description:
Azure's body form is unchanged, although his clothing has. Azure wears a Trench coat, with long black pants. The difference is that his eyes and hair color have changed, oddly enough. His eyes are now a deep melodic gold. His hair as also changed into a deep red, the tips blacked out.

The sword has also changed.
Azure Osiris Fantasy_Swords_Kilgorin__Sword_of_D_UC1239_700%255B1%255D

Shikai Abilities:

Haretsu Tsubasa (Ruptured Blade) Once Azure use's this ability what is caused to happen is his blade shifts, splitting into fragments that are shot towards the enemy. If the fragments are inserted into the enemies skin, it will soon begin to cut away at the skin to cause wounds. While the fragments are in the enemy Azure does not have a sword, but if they are not effective they will reform. Once reformation has been achieved, the blade will unable to split for another 4 posts.
This ability will be generated and activated in the same post, but has a cool-down 4 posts.

Fūsoku Senpū (Gale of Wind) This ability allows Azure to control the air around him, causing it to become high in pressure only allowing him to push against any enemy as an attack. This ability can be devastating while combined with Haretsu Tsubasa. What attack is generally used for, Azure will attack with a small fist size of air at the enemy. The skill is mostly used against opponents if Haretsu Tsubasa has been successful in activation. This ability on its own could have a possible effect on the state of the enemy. If Azure has activated his Vizard mask, this ability will have a mix of spiritual pressure in addition to the air, hollow and shinigami spiritual pressures will begin to mix to cause the wind to be enhanced in strength. If this ability is used in the environment as-well. It is possible for Azure to use the wind to pick up objects hence, to send them flying. If he has used in succession with Haretsu Tsubasa there will be no cool down and the ability can be used in to same post. If used to throw an object Azure will not be allowed to throw another for the next post. IF used with the Vizard mask, there will be a cool-down of 3 AFTER using it in a succession of 3 posts.

Release:Tear through, Sogimana

Bankai Description:Will leave blank due to Age

Bankai Abilities: Will leave blank due to Age

Vizard powers: As a vizard, his only true power is that he can manipulate the air around him, causing it to get thicker and/or lighter. What this affects does is it causes the air to be almost like a weapon, seemingly able to slam against someone or slide right through them to a different target.

Azure's Cero
Azure's Cero is a Golden color, with a stream of light purple centered in the middle of it. If shikai is used with the mask while both are active, the Cero will be colored Light Green with hints of Silver. What is different from other Ceros is that Azure can increase the pressure towards a certain point of the Cero. As if he would be shooting the Cero, the middle of it can be pressurized and/or loosened of strength and speed.

Power and Speed Increase: While wearing the mask, Azure's Speed and Power, along with his Spiritual pressure is increased in Strength.

Hollow form: First, Azure's body form starts to manipulate. His hands begin to enlarge as long claws form where the nails were.He mask wraps around his skull as his chest begins to enlarge, two spikes pointing outward forming on his shoulders. The hole in his chest while in hollow form his the surrounded in a spiral of small triangular spikes. Lastly his legs become a bony lair of skin, his toes also turn into clawed nails.

Hollow mask:
Azure Osiris Midoriko_Hollow_Mask

He can control the mask for 56 minutes

Roleplay Sample:

Azure awoke, his eyes softly looking upward at the light peaking through the canopy of the trees. His night was reckless, blood covered his clothing as he stood up to dust away the dew from the morning air. His shirt was damp, his hair matted and stuck together, he truly did not want to remember the night. He slid silently through the forest to a stream that sat just off of the area he had made camp. Sliding his shirt of he gently got to his knees, pulling upward a handful of water, just to throw it into his face.He sighed standing upward to look to the left and giggle.

"Hell of a night i suppose..!"

This amused him, wanting to fight more he sighed, sliding the blood soaked, damp shirt onto his chest. He thought to himself, if he had to lust for blood, might as well kill the innocent. He stood, his body shifting slightly as it flashed as he know stood in a tree. He began to jump from one limb to the next, waiting for a unsuspecting group of Warriors to be roaming the forest for Prey. Amused by the crowd that surrounded a large rock he dropped, sliding quietly through the inner workings of the people. He sighed softly, to see two men fighting with swords.

"I must stop this!!!"

He rarely spoke so loud, just to turn the attention of the two men. He smirked gently as he slide the blade from his sheathe, the glinting steel seeming to shine in the sunlight.

"Well, who wants to go first?"

The men stared at him as they turned to each other, smirking they began to speak in a low voice together. "Well, we'll both kick your ass." This made Azure giggle, his shirt showing none of the blood that was there before. Sliding in one quick motion he had caused the blade of one man to twist slightly, the running of steel against skin cause a wound as he dug the blade into the man on the lefts right wrist, causing him to drop the blade. In another fluent motion he smacked the other man against the head with the hilt of his blade. The man with the injured wrist lurched at Azure, coming at him with a small dagger. As he lunged the dagger forward Azure slid his left arm upward as he slid his wrist against the mans inner forearm as he pulled towards himself, causing the bone to snap as the man was dragged to the ground. The man behind Azure dug the blade into his right arm, as blood slid down the arm. Azure was angered, his left hand reaching over his face as he turned to meet the man.


His Vizard mask appeared as he sent a gush of wind toward the man, slamming him against the large rock. He lunged, digging his blade into the mans chest repeatedly as the crowd watched. Blood flew from the man, drenching Azure down to his feet. He stood, his golden eyes seeming to stare at the crowd.

"No witnesses..."

He spoke these words softly as the crowd flew into panic. They began to run but Azure was smarter than them. He had appeared before them, his eyes looking downward as he lifted one hand. The hand sent gusts of wind at the citizens, causing them to slam against the surrounding trees. One man was sent into a spiked tree limb as he died instantly. The others laid there as Azure came at them. For each person he sent a gush of air, crushing each school silently. As he turned away he smirked, knowing this made him feel amazing.


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PostSubject: Re: Azure Osiris   Azure Osiris Icon_minitime1Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:41 pm

[*]Name [X]
[*]Appropriate Age [X]
[*]Gender [X]
[*]Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [X]
[*]10 sentences for personality [X]
[*]History is of appropriate length [X]
[*]Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
[*]Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
[*]Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]

Tier: 3-1+

Im approving this app right now, if anyone objects speak now.

Comments: The shikai abilities could be a bit more detailed but for now they are fine if you many any changes post it up and we'lll have someone look at it~


Kitty's Characters
Yoruichi Shihouin: 0-3
Kitty Yuudai: 0-5
Sapphire Yuudai: 1-1
Aries Senka: 1-2+
Yang Korekuta: 1-3+
Gryphon Daich: 1-3-
Kesha Sugiura: 2-1+
Kahime Bakudan: 2-1+
Rin Akira: 2-1+
Sakura Emiko Shihouin: 2-1+
Kamira Hinote: 2-1
Orihime Inoue: 2-1+
Tsukiyome Akio: 2-3
Andromeda: 2-3-
Hikari Hiraku: 3-1+

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moved to inactive chars

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Azure Osiris
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