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PostSubject: Sekku Susurebu {DONE} {VC of 8th, Reserved}   Sekku Susurebu {DONE} {VC of 8th, Reserved} Icon_minitime1Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:37 pm


Sekku Susurebu {DONE} {VC of 8th, Reserved} Sggwo8


Name: Sekku Susurebu

Gender: Female

Age: 485, looks about mid-20s.


To describe Sekku's personality, one would have to start by looking at her appearance. She is an incredibly attractive woman, but she is completely unaware of it. Her obliviousness to her looks gets her into trouble often, as her favorite ways of standing, sitting, or laying can look seductive to the point of teasing for most people. Especially towards males (or bisexual/lesbian females), as her large breasts can move together in "sexy" ways that would make most people.. excited from looking.

Sekku doesn't like to talk. She refrains from using her voice because she plain hates bonding with people even if it’s just saying Hello to them as they pass by (besides co-workers). Instead, she would nod and run off embarrassed. Reasons for this is how she see's everyone in the world as her superiors and never wants to be on the wrong side of them. This would also make her incredibly submissive and almost certain to do what anybody tells her to do like a little slave. It's not that Sekku likes being pushed around and ordered to do things. It’s because she has no choice but to listen. It’s her choice to never answer though. If people ever heard her voice, it would be considered a miracle to even get a 'hai!' and a blessing if she said 'Baka!'

When she gets angry, it usually falls into two categories: Anger at her comrades for breaking rules, and anger for her enemies. The anger for her comrades is usually very comical, which usually results in a kick to the shins, or wherever else Sekku can reach, and a whack to the head. The anger she holds for her enemies is considerably worse. She will not hold back her powers against her enemies, which results in death and bodily damage most of the time.

Sekku never likes to leave a job half done. If she was told to do something by her Captain or any other lieutenant she would quickly head off to do it in the order she was given the tasks. When checking back later, her work would be perfectly done to the letter and probably even better than first thought. This is because the girl never likes to be seen as someone that can't handle a task. If it involves fighting though, she probably wouldn't be able to do it without help. In this case, she would simply stare at the person ordering her to fight with a dull expression hoping they understood that she couldn't do that.




Height: 5'4"

Weight: 140 lbs

Eye Color: Light Blue

Hair Color: Turquoise


Zanpakutô Spirit:

Name: Memori (The Memory).



Zanpakutô Realm:


Sealed Zanpakutô :


Shikai Description:


Shikai Abilities:

Warui Omoide (lit. "Bad Memories"): Sekku has the power to influence the reiatsu her blade leaves on a cut in the opponent, manipulating it into the opponent and into their mind, targeting bad memories, specifically, and bringing them from the subconcious of an opponent into their current train of thought. This has the effect of causing painful recollection which can distract or even disable opponents depending on their past.

Memori No Kensaku (lit. "Memory Search"): Sekku can search through, and view, opponent's memories in her head using the same reiatsu used for Warui Omoide. She can view without being distracted in any way from the battle, like a constant film roll in her head, and pick stuff out to use against the opponent, verbally.

Memori No Hyouji (lit. "Memory Display"): By searching through the opponent's mind for a memory, copying it, drawing it out through a wound, and absorbing the copy into her blade, Sekku can then display that memory in front of the opponent, like a movie. This also works in a different way. She can take a specific LOCATION from their memory, and alter the battlefield to look like that place, cosmetically, like a reality marble.

Release: Make their deepest fears into reality, Memori!

Bankai Description:

Name: Memori No Shi (The Death of Memory)


Bankai Abilities:

She keeps all shikai abilities in this form, and her physical power (strength, speed, endurance, durability, stamine) is increased tenfold.

Memori No Shintou (lit. "Memory Infiltration"): In bankai, Sekku can insert her "presence" into the pasts of people she cuts with her sword in any way she chooses. To those affected by this power, it doesn't matter whether they trust her or not. To them Sekku was always a part of their past. From somewhere in their lives, as family, a friend or lover, she is deeply entrenched into their personal lives. If Sekku cuts the same person twice, they will return to normal.



~A sprout grew in the garden of life~

A birth is said to be a gift from the god's, however these two parents rather thought of it as a mistake which never should have occurred. Sekku's two birth-parents were disgusted by the fact that they were going to have a child, they thought of numerous numbers of ways to perform a abortion, but due to there not being a suitable doctor around this district, they decided to get rid of it when it was born. The birth took place within their household, taking a numerous amount of minutes, pain and regret filled her mother's face as this 'tragedy', or that what her mother called it, was performed. It was about an hour, till the baby pushed its way out of the womb as the father picked it up. The mother started scheming of ways to get rid of this baby; however the father started to feel a slight overcome of guilt, telling the mother if there was any way that they could keep the child.

After a long argument, her father gave in, as the mother had a plan to get rid of the child. She took Sekku and abandoned her in a alleyway within district 360, the slummiest of the slum areas. Their decision of this was to get rid of all the chances that the baby will ever see them again by taking it to the furthest location that they could think of. As any other baby would do, she sat within one spot and started to cry minutes on end, hoping that her parents would come back to give her comfort and a sense of belonging. To her distress, this didn't happen, so she lied upon the ground, no able to move due to being a newborn as her movement of her limbs weren't operational. An hour passed, Sekku was cold, scared and hungry, not having any strength to even cry... She fell unconscious, hearing a few voices around her before everything in her view turned to black.

A wondrous thing, a babies mind, thinking about the dream which lie within their head; however Sekku dream contained absolute blackness, as she didn't know what she could dream of... BANG! Suddenly a distant object falling could be heard in the background as she slowly opened her eyes to see a rather fuzzy view of a person looking down at her, saying the words "Look what you done, you woke up the baby."She was apparently brought to a bandit post, probably to be raised to be one of them, but the reason of them taking them in had more meaning to it. The bandits contained a few number adults, while rest of the members were rather children. Most of them have a past of being abandoned and were brought into this bandit group to strive to survive. The leader of the group was rather a woman who looked slightly shady yet at the same time mysterious harboring a past hidden behind her life.

~Fall of the kind bandits~

Bandits, when you'll hear their name, you'll expect vicious blood-thirsty killers, however for the ones which are raising Sekku, they are rather using that as a title to get away with things, harboring a kind heart. She was raised in the outskirt of Rukongai learning the ways of survival, which in their cases were stealing items from local stalls, or hunting down wild animals to eat. She was about grown to the age of forty when she started to participate within this, being quite skilful at doing this, as she was trained to do so. Her attitude was rather more childish, but being a bit more innocent, as for the times that she steals something she always turns back waving and say 'Thank you for the *Whatever it is*'. As for hunting down wild animals, it wasn't one of her good points, but she ended up getting used to it, being especially good at the use of short swords as they were quite a fit for her.

A full moon rose, as the air felt rather much bitterer than ever, as a cool breeze could be felt. Sekku and the group of bounty hunters were out, hunting a boar which is said to have an immense size, making it a idea choice to hunt down for food. They were further outer the reach of Rukongai, in almost a desert-like area with a oasis in the distance, which was where the animal was believe to inhabit. As they ventured further to the oasis they noticed the lush looks of this place, as it showed a garden of vegetation, this was probably due to the reservoir of water allowing the plants to grow. This place would of been used for selling crop due to it being a good area but with the boar running among there, people were to afraid to take as step into its territory till today.

They ended up in their chosen destination, but to their surprise the creature was lying upon the silk-grass, with a fatal wound which dug deep into its body, rather more the wound looked similar to a dog bite. The bandits suddenly panicked, holding up their weapons after noticing the blood was fresh, meaning that the beast that killed this boar was still around. A piercing scream filled each one of their ears as a dog-looking hollow was right there, staring at them in the face, Sekku thought it was another boar with her child-like mind as she thought, "Dinner time."

Spiritual pressure was exerted from the creature, overwhelming all of the children causing them to instantly ground them on their knees. Sekku was unable to even to sole movement from her position, as a something overcame her for the first time, 'fear'. The elder bandits did feel the pressure however they were able to move, taking up their swords they quickly rushed towards the creature. But to Sekku's dread they were struck down with one quick swipe from its dog-like claws. The hollow leaped back a few times, staring down the stricken bandits and let out a shrieking howl. Lightning, a flash of it appeared in their eyes, as in a dazzling movement, the creature scooped up all over those who attacked. It extended its paw to devour the bandits, blood splurging everywhere. Each of the kids face filled with horror, while Sekku came to the realization of the current situation, having a never felt grave sense of fear. Moments came on end; the creature didn't attack the children, circling around the bunch as its tongue licked the air. It didn't want to kill them yet, actually it rather wanted to fill their feel and feed of each and every part of it.

Drool dropped from the creatures tongue as its first prey was targeted, attacking one of the children and feasting upon him. Sekku shrieked with horror, as this continued, one by one they were devoured till only Sekku was left. She knew that she was going to die, rather more, knowing this was what made her more intensely fearing it. The creature glared at Sekku when suddenly footsteps could be heard from behind her, as the creature stared up, and began to run across the landscape as a figure appeared in-front of Sekku. This figure had a black cloak, a shinigami outfit, She wasn't able to see this person's face, due to falling unconscious from the shock of everything all of the present events.

~I want to be the protector~

Days past yet Sekku was unable to forget what happened that night, it kept on staying within her mind, haunting her like a night which would never end. She had been relocated to the 2nd district as the shinigami who saved her visited from time to time, checking on her to see if she were any better. She was rather shy around this shinigami, never seeing one before in her life. One day he went up to her and asked why doesn't she try out to be a shinigami, since she had a bad experience with hollows now, also not wanted to be put in the same experience again. She wanted to but she had a lot to think about, the shinigami offer that he'll help her as much as he could. She felt much more relieved due to this, as having someone support her would be much more of an ideal way to deal with successfully dealing with this trial.

These days were much brighter than her past as she was much more able to get to the grips of who she really was. While training with the shinigami, she sought out to find a hobby that she could earn money from. She came across making kimono's which she seemed to exceed upon, which was a ideal choice to use as a job. She worked part-time as a tailor to create these clothing and boy, she was quite known for her fast work and the quality of her stitches, maybe this was due to her willingness to get better and doing stuff so that she wouldn't be useless like when that hollow incident occurred. Her training was going quite well as she keep on willing trying for 30 years, till she was able to fully master the Shakkaho kidou. The shinigami left her, thinking she could take care of herself now as he said the parting words to her, "I expect the next time we meet, I’ll hope you’ll be a shinigami then."

She joined Shino Academy, after one year her skills were clearly shown in her work. Due to her early knowledge of thing, she was at a much better level than most of her class-mate; also she seemed to rather excel at written topics. Her only bad point was that she was clumsy all the time, falling into trouble due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time; however this started to diminish after a while. Being in the top of the class, Sekku got chosen for the specially selected accelerated course which cut the time of the normal course by half, however it turned out to be much harder than Sekku thought it to be. She struggled a bit at the constant changing of written and physical practices however she kept on continuing as she wanted to keep that promise she made with the shinigami.

It was the seventh year of being inside the academy, being exceptionally knowledge able about the subject which she learned, having mastered three kidou, and known to all of the teachers. She was one the list of people to be graduated, feeling a sense of achievement overcome her once she found out about it. She had another choice beyond her, what division she had to join. She wanted to join the same division as that shinigami however she didn't know which one he was in, she she decided on a way to pick the one that she wanted to join, by rolling a twelve sided dice. Many people would scold someone who was foolish enough to decide their future with a dice, however Sekku wanted for it to be unexpected, rolling the dice on the ground, after a few seconds it landed on the number 8.


Life as shinigami never was thought to be so busy, paperwork came in like crazy however most of it were for the captain and lieutenant, However a couple of times, the current lieutenant was lazy and handed a bunch of them to the other low rank seats. However the atmosphere around this group was rather more joyful, as she felt rather at home whenever here. She found the lieutenant rather funny, as she always were the one to change the atmosphere in a boring job, as captain Foiche seemed rather irritated about whatever she were doing, however you could tell they get along.

Thirteen years later, one thing was rather bothering Sekku, as she went to the 360 district to check up about it. Along the way she saw a people fleeing away gasping for breath. There she saw it, the hollow from the past. She found her lieutenant, dead, bleeding and broken on the ground, and nearly puked at the sight of it. Sekku felt the same incident recurring once again inside her head, when all a sudden a voice appeared in a rather mischievous tone saying "C'mon~ we been together for a long time and you haven't said my name?" As this happened she felt a sense flowing inside her body as she screamed "Make their deepest fears into reality, Memori!" Changing the form of her sword into its awakened state.

What happened after this was pretty much what you expect; she slew the hollow after realizing the powers, which left her with the words "I've done it everyone." She looked up into the sky with a sense of happiness, giving off a little chuckle and a smile. After this happened and the realization of her shikai, along with the death of the current lieutenant, the captain promoted her to vice captain. She feels like she is now ready to see where her fate will lead her.

Extra Abilites:

  • Master Swordfighter
  • Highly intelligent
  • Kido Proficient
  • Master strategist

Sekku Susurebu {DONE} {VC of 8th, Reserved} 2lvcuad

I envy because of the heart.
I glutton because of the heart.
I covet because of the heart.
I am prideful because of the heart.
I sloth because of the heart.
I rage because of the heart.
Because of the heart...
I lust for everything about you.

Sekku Susurebu {DONE} {VC of 8th, Reserved} FQRoKv5HpE
Sekku Susurebu {DONE} {VC of 8th, Reserved} Shuufuckthisshit
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  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Comments/Notes: Noice. (nrd)
Tier: 2-3

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