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PostSubject: Suguira Magic(Update)    Suguira Magic(Update)  Icon_minitime1Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:57 am

Shitenoou Nanatsu no Enkan(熾天覆う七つの円環 Lit: The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens): Often called Rho Aias by most, this defensive spell is very powerful. It can only be used by mid-level and higher Sugiuras as it takes a hefty supply of reiatsu to supplement it. The spell takes the form of a seven-layered barrier with the shape of an iridescent flower with secen petals sprouting out of the user's palm. Each layer has the defensive power of a fortress wall. However, since it is necessary for the user to fill the barrier with his or her own desire reiatsu, the user will feel pain if it is broken. The level of pain increases as the number of uses of the barrier increases. The barrier can block strong Kidou, Gran Rey Ceros, Cero Oscuras (Oscuri?), or equivalent-strength attacks. There is another use for this spell other than a simple barrier. This other way is to simply create a casing around the ally or allies' attack to prevent major tampering with it.

Ten no Kusari(天の鎖Lit: Chain of Heaven): This spell is said to hold the power of "Commanding the Gods." Ten no Kusari is a mid-level spell best used for escaping. It creates a long spiritual chain out of the user's reiatsu. It has no real power in its spirit form. In order to solidify it, the user must have a drop of his or her own blood fall onto the chain. It begins by wrapping to the chain around the target's entire body, binding them and severely limiting body movement. The chain acts like a Chinese finger trap. The more power you put into escaping, the stronger the trap becomes. The main weakness is being used against weaker opponents of those capable of cloaking their reiatsu. For against them, it is nothing more than a simple chain.

Kyuutenchokka(突然のクラッシュ Lit: Sudden Crash): This spell is a great balance between both defensive and offensive strategy. By gathering up enough reiatsu, the user creates a barrier shaped like a dome. Once the dome is completely formed, a swirling torrent of wind will be spun by the palms of the user turning the dome. The dome can also be sent towards the opponent in the form a bubble of half the diameter of the dome. When it gets within a specified range, the user can clap and the bubble will "pop" and release the reiatsu in the form of a massive shockwave. The defensive power of the dome is greater than that of the bubble. It can only take up to two high-level attacks before destabilizing.

Mippei Kuukanshin no Shuuryou (密閉空間神の終了 Lit:Enclosed Space of God's End): This spell creates a pyramid-shaped barrier. It is highly recommended to be at least a few meters away from the opponent. If the user is too close, he or she would be trapped within it as well. It does not need a high level of reiatsu to use, but it instead requires a great deal of concentration. Thus, only those with peak concentration skills can use the technique. It is simple in that it encases the opponent within the barrier. If broken, the remains can act as restraints to hold the opponent down for a short amount of time. The user can open a small hole in the side of the barrier to attack. A conventional use of the barrier is hitting the side from the outside. It will cause a very powerful sonar-like attack that bounces from side to side, increasing and decreasing in intesity randomly until finally the equilibrium of the opponent is damaged.

Boundary Field of Distortion: This Boundary Field that creates an aura around the user that is like a calming wind. However, the wind contains a very powerful and dissonant energy that can burn or shock the opponent. Whenever an attack strikes the field, the damage is reflected. It only requires a calm mind, and normally an attack will disrupt the calm mind afterwards. The field stretches out in a 10-meter radius. Any attack done outside of that radius will be cancelled out but so will the field.

Aka Tate (赤盾 Lit: Red Shield): Aka Tate is a simple shield of light particles that dissipates energy attacks as it contacts the surface. It is not as strong as most shields and can only stand up to a lower Grand Rey Cero-level attacks.

Shimura's Blessing: Specialized healing magic is rare in the Sugiura magics, but Shimura's Blessing is the main one. Named after the proverbial founder of the Sugiuras, it channels the user's reiatsu into a white, gel-like substance that surrounds the target. The energy slowly flows into the target's body; thereby healing them. The healing takes longer than the Shinigami methods, but it has a more widespread effect.

Taiyou no Mannakahe (たいようのまんなかへ, lit. "To the Center of the Sun"): Taiyou no Mannakahe is a high-power long-range energy attack. It has no "element" but rather is made of pure reishi. It is fired from the user's index finger of their dominant hand. If ambidextrious, it can be fired from either hand. Only one can be fired per 5 posts. It is the Suguira equivalent of a Cero Oscuras in terms of power. It is broken down into two stages. The first stage is the "aiming" stage. After pointing at the target, a one-inch-diameter circular beam will be emitted from the finger. Anyone who has not seen or heard of the attack will believe that the beam itself is the attack. However, that is false. Instead, it acts as a laser sight for the actual attack. The longest range ever recorded was 5 miles. After one post, the true attack will be fired. Instead of being something like a large circular attack, this technique takes the form of a long, tall, thin, blade-like attack. The highest ever recorded height was 10 miles high. However, all Taiyou no Mannakahes are EXACTLY one inch thick at their thickest point. Because of the immense power required to fire just one, only Suguiras of 1-1 or 0 tier can learn this technique. It can only be fired when unreleased or when in Kyuu Kyou. The attack will most likely damage the user's hand in the process as well.

Hana Moeru (花燃える Lit: Burning Flower): Hana Moeru channels the user's reiatsu into petal-like objects and vibrates them until the petals burst into flames. It then sends the petals out in an expanding radius. The flower petals they resemble depends on the user. Only Sugiura with either their element or their reiatsu as fire can learn it.

Yuurei Gensou (幽霊幻想 Lit: Phantom Illusion): Despite the name, Yuurei Gensou has nothing to do with illusions. It creates a round pulsating seal in front of the user's palm, which then sends out a paralyzing ring of energy. If it hits and traps an enemy, the user can attack the circle, causing that damage to be transferred to the trapped opponent.

Energy Petals: This spell creates the flower-petal like design like Hana Moeru. It will either have sharp or exploding properties depending on the user. They are sent out like Hana Moeru as well. It is the standard way to attack without a Sacred.

Surudoi Hikaru (鋭い光 Lit: Piercing Light): Surudoi Hikaru sends out a single beam of light that is almost like a telescopic pole. The attack is meant to be accurate and not wide-spread.It requires high concentration and a good eye to be used to its fullest.

Hahen Souseiki(破片創世記 Lit: Shard Genesis): Hahen Souseiki is most effective at attacking those with strong armor or durable bodies. The user sticks his or her hand out and makes it appear as if it were a gun. Of course, it still is a hand obviously. At the end of the index finger, a marble will appear and fire off like a bullet. Once the marble enters the body, it will first emit spikes from all across the surface. This is followed by the spikes firing throughout the body. More spikes are made from the marble itself, so once the marble is used up the spikes will stop firing. The more reiatsu channeled into the marble before firing, the larger the marble.

Hahen Dama (破片球 Lit: Shard Sphere): Hahen Dama is a larger, more unrefined version of Hahen Souseiki. It requires a larger amout of reiatsu to be pumped in before it can be fired. To launch, the user uses his or her palm instead of the index finger. It moves at a much slower speed than Hahen Souseiki when fired. It rotates as well, which is a hint to its future purpose. Once it reaches a certain area, it will start sending spikes in all directions. Its main purpose is total eradication. The spikes use up the mass of the sphere, much like Hahen Souseiki.

Oblivion Arc
This is a more destructive set of magic that is well known for its devastating effects in the battlefield. This spell requires moderate reiatsu in order to cast. By sticking the palm outward, an arc of luminous crimson lightning is shot out, the arc usually strecthing out to 9 feet. The arc moves at a speed similar to an arrow, and dissipates upon hitting anything other than another being. If the arc strikes someone else, it will cause some serious burns from the inside out, rather than from the outer surface, due to its fevid, unique magical propeties. But that's not all. If there so happens to be someone else right next to it, the Oblivion Arc will jump off the first body, scorching the other one. The more people that are next to each other, the further the oblivion arc shall travel, and the greater the overall damage becomes. This is excellent for dispatching groups of enemies at once, though, the user can also be struck byit, if too close to the enemy. The size and soeed of Oblivion Arc cannot be increased, but more arcs can be fired in rapid sudcession if the user is adept enough

Oblivion Sphere
Oblivion Arc MUST be learnt first before Oblivion Sphere. This spell is more costly, compared to the former, due to its more destructive power. By sticking both hands out, a large, glowing crimson sphere is fired, usually the size. A deep hum can be heard emerging f.rom the sphere, sounding like an electric generator. The sphere moves as fast as the arc. As soon as it gets close to people, Oblivion Arcs will shoot out of the sphere towards the enemy. The sphere itself is incredibly hot, and contact with it will incinerate the enemy from the inside out. At least 4 arcs can be contained in a sphere. The size, and quantity of arcs contained can increase by using more reiatsu. The user can get struck by this attack if nearby AFTER the sphere is fired. Any cold based attack will successfully damper the sphere's power. Another energy attack can be used to overwhelm the sphere.

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