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PostSubject: Kohaku Kioshi [Shinigami]   Kohaku Kioshi [Shinigami] Icon_minitime1Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:11 am



Daniel Redwood

Kohaku Kioshi


1935 looks 23

Protective over the things that he loves, doing anything that he can in order to keep his loved ones alive, his personal belongings that he got from his foster parents were the greatest gifts that he had ever gotten, he had a sword that his foster father gave him that was almost blue that he always carries, the things he holds dear are his sister and his friends and family that he has been with almost all of his life. He isn't the type to give up anything and will risk his last breathe to defend him.

Lover not a fighter, is one of the things that he lives by. In this aspect he is almost like a monk, he doesn't like killing anyone the only time that he will is if they are threatening the things that he cares most about

Kohaku Kioshi [Shinigami] Luke

5"11' Feet

190 Lbs

Eye Color:

Hair Color:


Zanpakutô Spirit:
Kohaku Kioshi [Shinigami] Kanna

Zanpakutô Realm:
The realm of Kagami is in the room of a castle, the great hall where people would dance and go to the ball among other things. It is cold and it has the ominous feeling that your always being watched. The floor is made up a a very thin ice that reflects the image of you and anyone else that steps on in. You have to enter through the front gate in which it is basically a one way mirror that you can walk into that puts you in the great hall where the girl is sitting on a throne holding a mirror.

Sealed Zanpakutô :
Kohaku Kioshi [Shinigami] 1.full-sword-set

Shikai Description:
Kohaku Kioshi [Shinigami] Sword

Shikai Abilities:

"Koori" (Ice) こおり=氷 
Working off thew idea that Daniel can make ice, he makes the ice smooth enough that you can actually see your reflection off of. As well as control the element of ice, making it bend to his will he can seemingly make it so that it moves the way his hand does, much like Byakuya with Senbonzakura. He is able to make the hydrogen in the air freeze and make it turn into ice in which he controls as well as turning bodies of water into ice with the touch of his finger.

"Kagmi" (Mirror)
This is a special move that Daniel has built his powers off of ice, making any shape just by tracing his finger he can make a mirror out of ice, once its made which takes a matter of miliseconds it can deflect, reflect, or refract. Reflecting it back at someone means that Daniel has to use slightly more reaitsu then the other person. Deflecting it meaning that the mirror bends the kidou or elemental based attacking and pushing it from its path, making it go to the right or the left of Daniel. This is all based on the thing if they are stronger or weaker then him. The mirror cannot be broken by any special move as once they are made by the ice they become like the real thing. Also that's only if he doesn't want to put as much reaitsu into him, if he wants to he can directly summon a mirror that he wants to use. Also he can summon them up to about 50 feet away, meaning if he wanted to he could summon a mirror and bounce a kidou directly off the mirror but the mirror takes correct positioning, meaning concentration because of the angle that it will bounce off of the mirror at.

"Shinko Kagami" (Real Mirror)
The real mirror of Kagami appears, it's the one that she has in her hand, and everything that you shoot a kidou into it, it is able to absorb the kidou and then fire the kidou back in the form of a white lightning, in Shikai form the kidou that is fired back as the same exact amount of power as the kidou that is fired into the mirror. This mirror is summoned and can only be one real mirror at a time.

"Mira-Bo-Ru" (Mirror Ball)
There is a single mirror that Kohaku can look into, you have to touch your face to this mirror and then you will be teleported into a room full of mirrors that only he can enter, with this he is able to find sources of peoples information, also being 0 division he is able to get personal records or anything of that sort, this is also a place where he can store memory and also in the middle of the room there is a chair that has a bunch of touch keypads around him and then around 50 monitors around the room that are flying around him in a circle unless he is sitting down then they all stop, in this place he is able to control anything and everything, in this dimension he is god. All of the monitors can access information as well there is maps of different places and in a corner of his eye he always sees a map of a mile radius around his body that is left when he enters this inner world in which the map shows reaitsu outputs and where people are in that miles radius.

"Hansha Kagami!" (Reflect Mirror!)

Bankai Description:

Bankai Abilities:
"Tentei Kyoumen" (God Mirrors)
These are 7 mirrors including the real mirror that Kagami always holds and is summoned when the Bankai is called out, these 7 mirrors are able to be controlled with a single thought or the flick of a wrist, he is able to control them up to 50 yards and he is able to use them to bounce kidou off of one another. Or he can make the kidou go into the real mirror and then gain power and then shoot from another one of the 7 mirrors upon his command.

"Zenhansha" (Total Reflection)
When Kohaku say's this he is able to make a mirrored room, this mirrored room is a 50 ft by 50 ft room that is impossible to break out of unless you knock Kohaku out or if Kohaku dismisses the mirrors, in this room Kohaku can control the mirrors, in which meaning the angles of the mirrors, these mirrors are only able to block any kidou based thing, meaning a Bakudo or a Hadou, Kohaku can move up to 10 mirrors at one time, meaning he can actually have more then 1 attack in 1 turn.

- "Awasekagami" (Opposite Mirrors)
This ability is the ability to make everything in the mirrored room completely opposite, well
only left and right are different, left is right and right is left.


Born into a powerful family there was some things that his family did that he never knew about, but he did find out one thing when he was about 6 years old he had a sister that was about 4 named April Redwood, which he was a bit jealous over because they would always spend time with her. What seemed weird was that her attitude kept on changing over and over again, she became shady a lot more agile. She grew more and more distant in that single fact, Daniel was more out of the loop and decided to try and turn toward different things, as he started to go to school he didn't hang around anybody, he didn't like anybody in his class. Daniel did get through his schooling for 2 more years, until the fatal incident where his parents were killed by his own sister. Killing them both right in front of his eyes, he ran as fast as he could, scarred that he would be next.

He was then found on the side of the road, not knowing what was going on and scarred for the little kid, a new family took him in, carrying them to there house and taking care of them as much as they could, they found out that he had forgotten everything, they didn't know why but they did know that he needed a new name. His new name was Kohaku Kioshi. He had now taken on the name of his foster fathers, father. They took care of them, put him into school and he had a good life, achieving intelligence of the highest level, even getting into athletics and taking some martial arts classes. Graduating high school early at the age of 16, he went into college for 2 years reaching the age of 18, but then he decided against his parents realizing what he really wanted to do was take up martial arts.

He decided to go to a temple, in which he found out that there was something different about this place, teaching martial arts here was a life style and he was tested in every way possible, even ways that he didn't think were applicable. As in the testing of the mind in which he had to think on his feet and try and do simple things. He was also tested spiritually, asking him what he believed in and soon enough instilling buddha into him. They taught him that there was such things as Ki, which was the spiritual embodiment of your power. They started training him in this, he was one of the strongest they had ever seen in that aspect. He had actually begun to use it in a manner that even surprised some.

When he was 23 he found out one of the best things that he was able to do, he was able to sense any Ki that was around him in 2 meters, he wanted to improve on this though so at age 24 he went out into the wilderness and began to train on his own. He set up things, with insects where he actually covered himself in honey as it attracted bees of all sorts, he raised up his defense trying to push it to it's limits, he made it to about 3 meters as he was able to knock every bee that came at him down, almost like those 3 meters were his ultimate defense against attackers. What he found out was that this had a single blind spot, it was that if the thing was close to dying that he wouldn't notice it, he found this out because a bee landed on his neck, as he was trying to slap it, it stung him. The bee was very posionous and he slowly died, but his soul lived on for another 10 years. That's when a hollow was coming along though, almost dead as he tried to kill Kohaku, but what he found out was the hollow was basically dead. A single person came into view, his name was Kisuke Urahara. Who sent him into the Gotei 13. To Rukongai.

Upon getting there to Rukongai he actually had a couple of problems with the people around them. Praising him for things because he looked like someone that they had seen before, shouting the name Redwood at the top of there lungs, all he could think about when they said that was the name "Daniel Redwood" wondering around he came to the front of the entrance to the Gotei 13, noone seemed to be around but he walked closer not knowing what it was when a huge man just appeared out of nowhere and started to shout at him, asking him what he was doing. Kohaku had no clue at all what he was trying to do, where he was or anything. The man came to attack him in a matter of seconds holding two giant axes as he swung them both down, Kohaku jumped out of the way, his reflexes seemed almost as if he knew what was about to happen. He tumbled over and then stood up looking up at this giant. A whisper fell upon his ear. "Swing down your soul's sword" It said, raising his hands in the air he thought about everything that had happened to him, swinging his hands down toward this giant something seemed to happen, in that instance a sword seemed to come out of nowhere, a cool breeze fell upon the whole field as this giant's axes seemed to freeze within a matter of seconds.

Blinking a few times he came back into view of what was happening, the giant's axes were frozen and he had a sword in his hand, a whisper came past his year but he couldn't tell what it had said. The giant seemed dumbfounded by what just happened, as the axes slowly fell to the ground he then started to run straight at Kohaku. He looked at his sword that he had in his hand, a sheath lay on his left side as he sheathed it. This was going to be fun. He raised his hands into the air, breathing deeply a few times, exhaling as a cold wind came out of his mouth. Slowly closing his eyes he then enhaled as he felt the giant penetrate his Seikunken that he had built around himself. In his mind he had imagined him blocking the giant's punch as he moved his hand to block it, he had nothing else to live for. He didn't mind dying at this instant because he had nothing to live for. The voice of something familar saying "Live", a giant pressure seemed to fall down on everyone around him as a sonic boom exploded from the contact of Kohaku and the giant. Smoke went every which way from the dry ground that was below them.

When it cleared up, Kohaku stood standing there, his eyes seemed to be glowing a very light blue as he slowly looked up toward this giant that he was now fighting, it almost seemed like the beast was moving in slow motion as he ran in front of him. For the giant's eyes it would almost appear like he teleported to right in front of him. Kohaku then punched him in his stomach as he flew back and then hit the wall. But just then someone appeared in front of him, it was almost suffocating at the amount of pressure that Kohaku was now feeling just by this person's presence. A man with a white squad uniform stood in front of him with showing that he was part of the gotei 13, knocking him unconcious with a single move.

When Kohaku awoke he was laying in a bed as he slowly rose from this bed there was the sword that was right next to him, he could tell that it was his, something just pulled him right to it. He then heard a voice, telling him that his Tsubine. He looked up to this man talking to him. Telling him that he had a incredible power just lying in wait and he was here to help him find it and bring it out into the open. From that point on this man trained him, hand to hand combat and this thing called Kidou, he excelled in both of them, in everything until it came to the use of his sword.

"This is called a Zanpakutou." The man said holding up his own blade, which looked slightly different then his own. "I want to send you somewhere in order to have you find out what the name of your Zanpakutou is, i noticed that you and it have very strong connections because the only way you were able to beat that guard was because of that single fact." This seemed a bit weird to him, but of course everything did, Kidou where you would shoot things out of your hands and all of this stuff within the Gotei 13. Which was a army basically that had 13 different "sectors" you could call them and Tsubine was in charge of the 5th Division. "There is a name to your sword that you hold there, and your going to find it out." He said as he then jumped out of the window that was next to them, it was a balacony as he fell hundreds of feet down. Kohaku then followed him jumping right after as he seemed to disappear and reappear a couple of different times and then land safetly onto the ground below. "Go to the forest outside of these walls and find out the name, then return to me and show me what you have found." Tsubine told him, he then disappeared. He walked out of the gate that was opened as he looked up toward the guard, this giant.

A few hours later he arrived at the place where he was supposed to go, for weeks he wandered those forests trying to find the name of his sword, he defeated many hollow and found many things that were interesting. Then he came upon this thing there was a waterfall that stood in front of him, walking over toward the thing he then sat down. Closing his eyes, something seemed to come near his ear, a sound. "You still haven't found out my name, listen closer." It was a girls voice and it almost sounded as if it was right next to him, he opened his eyes and in front of him was a giant castle, but the gate was just this mirror that he looked straight into. Looking around he saw just open land, nothing for miles so the best thing he could think about is to walk over and then touched the mirror and appeared within seconds in this giant great hall, he looked around and it seemed so cold and vacant, there was this throne where a girl sat he looked down and then saw that the floor was frozen over and it was reflecting himself and this giant place.

"Who are you?"

"You still don't know, do you? Daniel Redwood." She questioned him.

"Daniel Redwood, who's that?"

"It's you."

"My name is Kohaku Kioshi." He stated as he looked at the girl who was now right next to him holding a mirror as she held it closer to his face. It showed a picture of a girl who seemed almost too familar she had red hair.

"This girl is your sister, April Redwood."

He looked straight into the mirror, almost dumbfounded as he looked into her eyes when he got closer to the mirror. "April-chan." He stated as he then looked at this girl that was right next to him.

"Now can you hear my name, Daniel?" She questioned him. He heard something for a couple of seconds.


The world seemed to swallow itself whole as Kohaku was sitting down and his sword was in his hand, it was glowing a blue color as he stood slowly up and started to swing it around a little bit, it was cold to touch but it was almost a good kind of cold. Almost as if it was perfect in his hand. But then is when a hollow showed up, it came at him with blinding speed. Kohaku waved his sword in the air as he looked at the thing, he imagined the same thing that happend to the guard's giant axes but to this hollow. It froze almost instantously. He walked closer to it and then stabbed it in the head.

Upon returning to the Gotei 13 and the shinigami he found himself already going into 2nd division and meeting a man named Ceon Clixx, he didn't know who he was but upon Tsubine's recommendation he was put into guarding the Maggot's Liar where people of all kinds were sent when they were needed of stronger guards then just a couple of low ranked people. He did his job good for many of years.

One day he was assigned to going to earth in which he did so, getting there was the easy part the hard part was that he had to find and detain someone, but what he soon found out was that this person was stronger then anyone had actually expected. The reinforcements that were sent didn't do much at all but he did find someone that could help, the man that had sent him to the gotei 13 appeared in front of him. Telling him about Bankai, in which Kohaku was very interested in and decided to follow Kisuke and learn about what he was talking about, he went through 3 days of intense things basically facing his zanpakutou spirit in the great hall, but this time mirrors were everywhere, they tricked you into thinking that she was one place when she really wasn't. How he beat her in the end was using Kidou he shot at one of the mirrors and it reflected directly at her, causing him to win. Obtaining Bankai. She taught him a couple of different things as well, exactly what she was able to do. Teaching him what his different techniques were called, and about what the Bankai did for him.

The next day he went out to face this new person, releasing his bankai he wasn't able to detain him, when he released his bankai and attacked this man, using one of the techniques that he had learned. The man died and Kohaku was to return to the Gotei 13, they told him this was a test and then assigned him to be 8th Division's new Captain.

Extra Abilites:
Kidou Master: Daniel is able to use high level kidou without saying the incantation, being able to use this up until 91 as it has been seen, he has not used any spell above that level without the incantation, not that people have seen.

Flash step master: Daniel Is Masterful at the use of flash step higher then most of the captain's in the gotei 13 his steps actually leave a ice print that evaporates in a couple of minutes making him a bit easy to track.

Insane Strength: Daniel is able to make himself a lot stronger without much effort at all making it so that he can punch a hole through a wall or many other things.

Higher Sense of Ki: Daniel after many years of training himself in the martial arts he makes it so that he is able to sense of Ki or others around him. He can create something called a seikuken that is out in about a arm span where if he stays calm he can keep it up, it's about 3 meters in diameter from the centre of his body. He can detect anything that comes in that vacinity.

Roleplay Sample:
(Show us your stuff!)

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0-2+ Approved. Since he's gonna be the CC.

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