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PostSubject: Jin Kisaragi [DONE] [SHINIGAMI]   Jin Kisaragi [DONE] [SHINIGAMI] Icon_minitime1Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:05 pm

Jin Kisaragi [DONE] [SHINIGAMI] Jn600_00Jin Kisaragi [DONE] [SHINIGAMI] Jn313_10Jin Kisaragi [DONE] [SHINIGAMI] Jn409_13


"I gave you too much credit. You are worthless."



Name: Jin Kisaragi

Gender: Male

Age: 372

Appearance Age: 23

Personality: Jin is honor and pride-driven only. He doesn't go by duty, like most Captains. If he is assigned a mission, he will follow the orders to keep his pride. Why do something like that? His pride extends to his family name, Kisaragi, and he won't stain it by not following orders. Thus, one could say that his pride and duty are one in the same. Jin is also a very arrogant Captain, rivalling a certain Golden King when it comes to his Iai.

However, Jin has a soft side. This soft side is shown mainly around his family, though not always. Normally, he is just a stiff stick in the mud. He doesn't socialize, but rather discourages it. He is prone to bouts of anger and sheer rage, which are to be avoided at all costs. In battle, Jin tries to end combat quickly and quietly. He prefers to use the "Dead" side of "Dead or Alive" when in combat. This is so he doesn't have to deal with snide comments. He has an obsession with his Iai and will gladly take anyone on that disrespects it. If he loses in an Iai-on-Iai battle, he will train to become faster and/or stronger.

Hobbies: Collecting vintage motorcycles
Values: His pride
Likes: Being left alone
Dislikes: Weaklings, meat dishes


Jin Kisaragi [DONE] [SHINIGAMI] Jin_kisaragi-yukianesa-katana-blazblue-fanart

Height: 178cm (5'10.1")

Weight: 61kg (134.5 lbs)

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Blonde


Zanpakutô Spirit: Nox Nycotes appears a young female armed with a white katana. She has waist-length lavender hair. She wears an ivory pin above her left eye. Her side bangs extend to right above her breasts. Her eyes are a piercing yellow with a golden pupil. Her thin eyebrows and mouth give her a stern, yet cute, appearance. Her skin is pale, but it is not sheer white. Her breasts are slightly above average size, though she has compression garments on to push them inwards. She wears an orchid-colored kimono that is shorter than normal. It has brown flower designs on it. The sleeves are also shortened. Her right sleeve is detached from the shoulder and reattached by blue thread. She wears nothing but her undergarments under the bottom half of the kimono. Her white katana has a golden square tsuba and an ivory scabbard. Its blade has nothing inscribed on it. Nox Nycotes is a fairly serious spirit. She doesn't express emotions openly. She is also hard to surprise or make happy, which is perfect for Jin. The two have a great relationship, despite there not being any sort of conversation between them other than official business.

Zanpakutô Realm: Nox Nycotes's world is a thick jungle of bamboo. It is eerily silent all the time. The bamboo can be symbolized as a hyrda. Once one stalk is sliced down, two appear in its place. The most impressive feature of the world is that it is almost pitch black in most of the forest. Only in a 2-meter wide ring that has an inner diameter of 2 km is there light.

Sealed Zanpakutô : Nox Nyctores appears as a nodachi with an an odd tsuba. Instead of being flat, it appears as a "V" like European swords. It is, essentially a European nodachi. The handle is wrapped in green cloth. The scabbard is the same color as Jin's overcoat. The blade has "Στο κέντρο που επιχείρησαν οι θεοί" inscribed on it. This a Greek version of the Latin phrase "In Media Acie, Qui Deos Molitus" which translates into "In the Heart of Battle, He Who Wielded the Gods." The sword is just three inches shorter than Jin.
Jin Kisaragi [DONE] [SHINIGAMI] Jin_concept_3-1-1

Release: "Sleep, Nox Nyctores."

Shikai: Nox Nyctores

Shikai Description: Jin doesn't get a single appearance change in his Shikai. The only change is a slight icy glow around the blade. It is very faint, but it can be seen if looked at long enough...or if Jin gets pissed off, which then it will glow a bright blue.

Shikai Abilities: Nox Nyctores's Shikai has an irregular ability. It pushes the Zanpakutou out of the scabbard at incredibly high speeds. This allows Jin to use Iai without hesitation, which he does. The other ability of Nox Nyctores is coming from the glow. The blade can freeze whatever it cuts into, albeit only the cut itself. This makes healing from the wound difficult, but it prevents bleeding out. Jin can also swing his sword into simple geometric shapes and make ice follow that trajectory. The ice will then be launched at whatever direction it is pointed at. A unique ability is that whatever liquid he steps onto will be frozen. However, the only part that is frozen is the area he is standing on. It will melt as soon as he steps away from it.

Bankai: Nox Nyctores Yukianesa

Bankai Description: Jin again doesn't change except that his irises now have a blue ring around them. This ring gives him night vision and thermal vision, which he gained from training in the pitch black darkness of his inner world. The main change in appearance is the glow. The glow is now visible for a good distance and can even act as a torch if needed. There also appears to be a light mist around the blade, giving it more of an icy look.

Bankai Abilities: Mulierem Gladium is a much enhanced version of Jin's Shikai. The Iai ability is enhanced to double the speed of the swing. He can apply the Shikai strength speed to any katana he uses while in Bankai, allowing him to dual wield and use Iai. On the subject of his ice powers, any liquid he steps on will be completely frozen. This ice can extend for two miles around him and half a mile beneath him. The ice has another ability. It can channel Jin's sword swings into spikes, pillars, or sheets of ice. Example: If he slashes upwards, a pillar of ice will appear and follow the trajectory for half a mile. However, his strongest ability is what he calls "Oasis." He will create a dome of ice with a two mile diameter that extends half a mile into the air and half a mile beneath him. Inside, a lush bamboo forest will appear. Yes, he is materializing his inner world on a smaller scale. The ring of light is still there, as is the silence. However, the darkness is also there. While it is not pitch black, it is hard to see any movement around, unless one has enhanced senses. Jin's glowing sword no longer glows until it is swung.


Jin was not born in the World of the Living. Instead, he was born to the Kisaragi family, a sub-branch of the once-noble von Zarkonheinz family. Jin was no stranger to internal conflict. His father was abusive to his mother and beat her senselessly every night. She was actually a servant for the family who had been raped by Jin's father. Jin was brought up thinking that he was born to the actual matriarch of the Kisaragi family.

Jin's mother was scarred under her kimono. The scars were from her being sliced with broken glass to make sure she obeyed the patriarch. The matriarch was a snobbish woman who took advantage of her husband's position. However, she was replaced in more ways than one by Jin's mother. Even though she was already pregnant with the current patriarch's son, Jin was born first and was claimed as the true heir. When her other child was born, he was treated as the "second heir" even though the two looked nothing alike.

Ragna, as the other child was named, was brought up to basically fend for himself. Jin, on the other hand, was raised in luxury and was forced to uphold the family's name over everything else. The two half-brothers were treated as brothers though. The two were the public faces of the Kisaragi family, even though only one was the heir. However, when Jin was being trained to fight, his strength in Iai was truly witnessed. This brought back memories of the main branch's strongest leaders. the Tsubine-class. Thus Jin was enrolled early in the Academy.

Because Jin was trained with Iai, he normally won any spars he was pitted in. The only time Jin did not win a spar against another Iai user was against the Third Seat of the Thirteenth Division, who was acting as a substitute teacher at that time. Even though he was a third seat, his Iai speed surprised the captain that was supervising the match. Jin never learned that man's name.

Jin was sent to the Sixth Division after graduation. He looked up to Captain Kuchiki, though the two rarely spoke or even saw one another. Jin's Zanpakutou's first release was in a routine hollow extermination that went awry. The hollow turned into a parasitic liquid whenever it was struck with a Zanpakutou. Jin's anger got the best of him and his Nox Nycotres finally released. The blade glew blue and he cut the creature down. However, the creature's wounds did not heal. Instead, they were frozen. He kept cutting and cutting until only one section was not ice. He cut the part off and stepped on it. The thing froze and he shattered it more. The Hollow soon became nothing more than ice particles in the wind.

After the Aizen incident, Jin was transferred to guard the redone Central 46. Jin had little activity, and yet he was favored by the Central 46 members. When the Aizen Destruction Party returned to the Seireitei, Jin was notified that upon achieving Bankai, he would become the new 9th Division captain. Jin saw this as an order and acknowledged it. Over the next few years, Jin obtained his Bankai. He may be a new captain, but his Iai skills matched those of a Captain when he was a third seat. Why would he train so hard in one art? To beat that man.
Extra Abilites:

  • Number One: Nadegiri (撫で斬り, "Clean Sweep" or "Killing Several with One Sword Sweep"): This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place.

  • Number Four: Kamishini (神キラー, "God Killer" or "Cutting down God with a Single Slash"): By swinging the user's sword across, they can make a sweeping motion that cuts everything within 4 m of the user. The force behind this technique is great enough to defeat even Adjuchas-level Hollow with little effort.

  • Number Six: Gyaku Karasu (逆烏, Reverse Raven): The user uses shunpo to quickly get behind their opponent and then quickly doing a reverse spin hitting their opponent with the back edge of edge sword, slicing into them with an accurate and rapid slash.

Jin Kisaragi [DONE] [SHINIGAMI] SigforTsu-1

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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [omit]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [omit]

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