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PostSubject: Kesha Sugiura   Kesha Sugiura Icon_minitime1Sun Mar 27, 2011 7:38 am


Name: Kesha Sugiura
Age: 748
Gender: Female

Kesha Sugiura Ariesiramasha2copy
Kesha Sugiura Ariesiramasha
Kesha Sugiura Ariesgirl1copy
Kesha Sugiura PC1copy

Kesha has many layers to her when it comes to her personality, but overall she's warm to the most people.

Kesha is very much a spazz, and she definatly prides herself on it, she perfers to be a spazz than a generic 'normal' being. Her little spazz moments can go from anywhere from spazzing because she cant find something (even though it might be in her hand the whole time..) to spazzing out over something so rediculously stupid (like how Justin Beaver is actually famous). Overall, people see her spazz moments as entertaining and find them to be like a comic releif.

Kesha has the ability to overthink things at times, for example: if she is trying to figure out what someone might do in a game of rock paper sissors, her thoughts might go a little something like this: I just used rock, and he just used paper, so he might use sissors, thinking that I'll be using paper because that's what just beat me...but what if he's thinking that im thinking of using rock again because he's thinking i'll be using paper...
(that just confused me typing I'll stop can get the jist of how she thinks:P)

She really likes taking care of the people she loves, she likes to see that they have everything they need and are comfortable/ satisfied (not in a sexual way you sick fucks D< her lover, then yes...satisfied in a sexual way:P). Overall she's kind and considerate to the poeple she actually cares about.

What else can be said? Stubborn speaks for itself. She isnt always stubborn though, only sometimes, for her this mood would usually appeear if she isnt really in the best of moods, or if she dosent want someone pay or get something (not because she dosent want them to, but she'd feel bad if they did).

She has the ability to turn a situation into a very tense, serious one. When she does get like this, nothing else matters but the task at hand. She's often very strict and has little patiance when she's like this.

Kesha is pretty damn protective, she sometimes acts a bit motherly towards her friends, when it comes to their safety and well being. She is just protective by nature, she watches out for the people she cares about and does what she can to help them.


Kesha dosent remember her parents, her whole life it was always her older brother, Mu taking care of and looking out for her. Mu was about 6 years older than her, he was the typical big brother; protective over his little sister est. But he had the role of a provider and father figure to fill.

Kesha Sugiura 9e635bdfe31e8d268c2e88d05f6693621224874015_full
Kesha Sugiura Saint_Seiya_Aries_Mu_wig_ver_01-1-01
Mu spent a lot of his time looking out for and teaching his little sister, the armour he had was made up of a special material forged from an ancient and powerful demon, who's defenses were very strong. The demon had a twin brother and the two of them terrorised the land they lived in (which Mu and Kesha also called home). Their names were Shun and Shi, after about a hundred years of tormenting the lands, Mu and Kesha's ansestors (named Hikaru[male] and Hikari[female], ferternal twins) slayed Shun and Shi and forged the demons incredable armored like skin into armor of their own and since then, has been passed down generation after generation. Of course each generation that it's been handed down to has tweeked it to fit their time and needs.

Over the years Kesha of training with her older brother, Mu, she developed great defensive abilities. When combat confronted them, Mu would usually be the offense and Kesha would be the defense, and like that they developed a great tag team. So Mu began to focus more of his strikes and perfecting his abilities with them, and Kesha focused mainly on her defensive abilities. That would prove to be their down fall.
It was Mu's 450th Birthday and he wanted to go hunting with his sister, Hunting had become a favourite pass time for the sibblings. But on this trip, they encountered Kimiko, the devils daughter. She had been out on a mission of her own, assigned to her by her father the devil. She was hunting down a few angels that had apperently stolen something from her father. Mu was always on the side of good, so when he saw Kimiko attacking the angels, he automatically juped to the angels defense, Kimiko didnt take to kindly to that, she quickly and easily took down Mu. Before he defended them, he had told Kesha to hide and to wait for him at a safe distance. After Mu's death, Kimiko had gone on her merry way and continued hunting down the angels.
Kesha was devistated by this, her brother was the only family she knew, he was her support system, and now he was gone. It took her a long time before she was able to accept that her brother was no longer with her. During that time, she stayed in the small town that she grew up in. She isolated herself from a lot of people and eventually people began to think she had died or moved.
About 50 years after his death, and after her healing, she deisded that she sould travel a bit and see more of the world. She took that time to train, get stronger and learn how to use more offences so she could better protect herself.
One night, on the 100th year anniversary of her brothers death, she prayed for his soul and that night when she revisited her brothers death place, he appeared infront of her. They had a long teary conversation, and then Mu explained to her that he would now be her guardian beast. And that his powers over nature (yes they both had the same element powers) would be loned to her whenever she needed it and now this was a way that he could now help protect her.
With her new found guardian and her new found perspective of powers, her heart opened up more to training and ventureing off more, and letting people in more. About 30 years after the reunion with her brother, she met a man by the name of Richard Sugiura, the two of them began as friends, they helped each other train, and find their way in the ever changing world. They eventually, well...not too long after they met each other, their friendship grew into a romance. They dated for quite some time before getting married, by this point they both were around 550-600 years of age.



Nature Control: The ability only applies to pants, such as trees, flowers, grass, pettals est. Over the years she has developed these powers to a near art. She can speed up the groth of pants est. This ability can be both offesse and defence. She can manipulate the plants and such to her will, she usually uses this ability as a means of holding her opponent in place though.


Defensive: Kesha's arrows can be used as a defensive tool. They can travel about 58Km; when she shoots them, the arrow travels and once it comes within a few feet of the person she wants to protect it appears to dissplove into the air and start shattering off into pink blossom pettals, and then creates a barrior/ shield for the person she shot it to.
def arrow: shoot arrow from afar, shatters into pettals and creates a protective barrior. shield for person or her. So in other words, she can protect someone from a far. She can also protect herself with the arrow, by shooting it towards the attack she is trying to stop, the same effect as the above desctiption.

Offensice: There are a couple of things she can do with her arrows as a means of attack.

Shuriken Petals: When the arrow is fired, she can 'release' it, the arrow will then disburst into about 50-100 rose pettels. The petals will then continue to hurl towards the opponent, spinning at a quick pace, the petals then act as shurikens in a way, their sharp and can do quite a bit of damage...Of course these attacks wont be all too deadly. Depending on how fast and how they fall, they can sink into somones skin by the sheer force of it.

Bringing to life: The arrow can sink into the ground, once it does glowing pink ripples (like water ripples) are visable, the arrow sends out pulses through the surrounding area and 'bring to life' the vines and roots underneath the groung, and uses them as a means of destracting and trapping her opponents.

Posion Tipped Arrow: Because the nature of her powers, Kesha can use posionus plants and douce their toxins onto the arrow head. The posions are not faital, but they can cause a significant amout of power loss to the opponent. If the arrow grazzes the skin and actually cuts the opponent, it will effect them as in the posion will slip into their blood streem and slowly begin to weaken them. The small cut effect takes a cource of 5 posts in the opponents system, on the 5th post the poision starts to ware off. The weakening is best described as a decrease in overall strength, speed, stamina est. power blasts are also weakened.
If the arrow clearly perices the person, weather it be limbs, shoulder, back Est, and if the arrow sinks in about a good 2 inches, the posion will take its effect much faster than just a small cut. Because now the poison is being directly injected right into the body and has a better oppertunity to take its toll. The poision starts working within the next post of the opponent, the first 2 posts are where the person will feel the most damage. It takes longer for this peircing to leave the system, by at least the 7th post, then it starts to ease off of the person. If the likley hood of her arrow finds its way to a persons heart or brain, then it's obviously a kill....But the likelyhood of that happening is slim, kill shots are gonna be saved for any event threads.



Hoi: Designates a person as the target of the spell.

Joso: Designates an area as the target of the spell. Needs a high focus (Sacred drawn) and more Reiatsu.

Ketsu: Creates a barrier around the target enemy or area. The barrier can be used as a defensive messure around oneself, or to trap enemies for a short period of time. Enemies of the same or higher strength can break the barrier with a bit of effort. With a drawn Sacred, the barrier gets stronger.

Kai: Releases the barrier without causing damage.

Metsu: Collapses the barrier inwards, damaging all trapped inside. The more Reiatsu is used, the more devastating the explosion inside the collapsing barrier is. Can be used without a Sacred, the sword makes it stronger, however.

Tenketsu: Opens a dimensional rift in the barrier, disorting the Reiatsu of the one trapped inside, weakening the victim with time. Enemies that are far weaker than the user can be killed by this effect. Can only be used with a Sacred.

Zekkai: Using negative energy, the Suigara fires out an energy attack at the enemy, or repells an attack. A dark aura circles around the user of this technique. It does not require the use of a barrier beforehand, but a Sacred is needed. Since this increases negative feelings inside the user, frequent use is not recommoned, since it can cause depressions, destructive bloodrages or even suicidical thoughts.

Shinkai: Often called the strongest of the Suigara magics, this either creates a huge energy shield in front of the user to not only block, but reflect incoming attacks, or fires out many energy blades onto the target. This technique drains a huge amount of Reiatsu from the user, but has extreme force. If a target gets specified with the weaker spells, the attack has homing abilities. Without a Sacred, it can be deadly to even attempt to use it. Weaker Suigara would kill themselves by casting this.

Shard genesis

This type of magic is simple, yet effective in dispatching enemies, especially those with durable armor or bodies. Only a small amount of reiatsu is required to use this attack. By sticking the palm out, a small marble (with the color of your choice) is shot out of the palm, moving like a bullet. One second after that crystal bullet makes contact, it will "detonate" by rapidly splitting/growing into a set of needle like spikes, shotting out from all directions, piercing through whatever comes in its way. If an unlucky fellow ends up taking a marble to the gut, it can result in shredding and skewing that man through many thin spikes. The more reiatsu used to cast the spell, the more spikes that can becreated, or the longer and larger tha spikes can

Shard sphere
Like genesis, this form of magic uses crystals as a base, but works in a totally different fashion.
While sticking the palm outwards, the user fires a large crystal ball (the color of your choice) minimum size being as large as a basketball. This sphere moves much slower than the marble, at 3 meters per second. The sphere is rapidly rotating, which constantly fires equally sized crystal spikes from both horizontal sides of the sphere, the spinning making it similar to a spinning water sprinker, except instead of sending water in all 360 degrees, crystal spilkes are sent in all 360 degrees. The sphere slowly shrinks as spikes shoot out of it, and usually dissapears at 50 meters. The shards fired spread out for 30 meters before falling towards the ground. The size of the sphere and spikes, as well as the range of the sphere and spikes can increase if more reiatsu is used for casting the magic.

Raven Strike
This magic is quite costly, but makes an effective distraction/ offensive maneuver. By sticking the palm, or weapon out, a unique, black projectile is fired out, resempling three, foot long, black trapezoids connected to one another at the center, forming a 60 degree angle in between each pair of trapezoids, giving it some resemblance to a triangle. The projectile spins counter clockwise, and moves as fast as a rocket. If the projectile hits anything OTHER than another being, it will simply break down, with no damage done. If the projectile ends up hitting another, however, the three trapezoids will split, and immediately morph into a trio of metallic creatures that resemble ravens, with glaring red eyes. These ravens move quickly, and their caws are audible from even a long distance, although being right next to them will not make the din any louder. Unlike ordinary ravens, their body is far more suited in sundering dense and strong materials, making is useful for slicing through hierro, or any sort of meddlesome armor. The trio of ravens will glide in various directions and angles, aiming to pierce and slice the enemy, quickly turning around to repeat the action. The ravens usually turn around after being one meter apart from the enemy. This assault lasts for ten seconds, can can be stopped using any sort of attack that binds, freezes, or encases the ravens. Attacks bent on destroying, incinerating, or crushing the ravens will be inferior to the former methods.

Matter Band
The matter band costs a decent amount of reiatsu, and can easy to learn. The user creates a long, red band of energy, the minumum length of the band being 2 meters. The band can be created up to 10 meters away from the user, at any height or angle. The band then stays in place for two posts after being created, before expiring. Any physical object that so happens to collide into the band will cause the band to stretch backwards, as if it were some sort of sling shot. The projectile will slow down before stopping completely by the band. The band will then rebound, catapulting the projectile back at the enemy. The harder the projectile hits the band, the longer the band will stretch, the longer it will take for the projectile to slow to a halt, and the faster the projectile will be fired back. The band does not break, regardless of how hard the physical projectile hits it, but the band can end up ramming the user if the projectile caused it to stretch that far The band can only deflect physical matter, as any energy projectiles will cause the band to break. The band expires after shooting back one projectile. The size and length of the band can increase with the use of more reiatsu.

Shitenoou Nanatsu no Enkan(熾天覆う七つの円環 Lit: The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens): often, called rho aias, by most this is a powerful defensive spell, that can only be utilized by mid-level to very high level sugiuras, as it takes a supply of high amounts of reaitsu to supplement it. It takes the form of a seven layered barrier with the shape of an iridescent flower with seven petals. Formed out of a Strong Reaitsu user's palm. Each layer has the defensive power of a fortress wall, however it is necessary for the user to fill the barrier with the use of strong reaitsu, should the barrier be broken, the user will feel pain in accordance. which depending on the number of times it is used, could be quite costly to the user, if they are not so much as an ounce careful in using this spell, with one with a full powered reaitsu, this could block off Strong Kido Spells, Gran rey cero's, or a cero oscuras, because of the massive defensive walls created, within each layer's structure. they can be broken depending on the strength, another use for this spell, can be used to help, block an attack before it reaches an ally, or when they need extra energy behind their attack. by doing so, they can utliize the spell, to block off the attack, on the opposite side of the opponent, while working as a extra layering around the allies attack. Nullifying the opponent's attack, so the ally can use their own, making it one of the sugiuras strongest defensive magic techniques.

Shimuras Blessing: A basic healing magic, this channels the users Reiatsu into a white, slightly slow-moving substance that something can still pass through, but it will be slowed by it. This white energy can flow into the targets body, restoring both the body and the Reiatsu at the same rate until either one of them is full, after which the restoring energy focuses on the remaining aspect. This technique thus works slower than Shinigami Healing when focused on Reiatsu alone, but has a more wide-spread effect.

Taiyou no Mannakahe (たいようのまんなかへ, lit. "To the Center of the Sun"): Taiyou no Mannakahe is a high-power long-range energy attack. It has no "element" but rather is made of pure reishi. It is fired from the user's index finger of their dominant hand. If ambidextrious, it can be fired from either hand. Only one can be fired per 5 posts. It is the Suguira equivalent of a Cero Oscuras in terms of power. It is broken down into two stages. The first stage is the "aiming" stage. After pointing at the target, a one-inch-diameter circular beam will be emitted from the finger. Anyone who has not seen or heard of the attack will believe that the beam itself is the attack. However, that is false. Instead, it acts as a laser sight for the actual attack. The longest range ever recorded was 5 miles.

After one post, the true attack will be fired. Instead of being something like a large circular attack, this technique takes the form of a long, tall, thin, blade-like attack. The highest ever recorded height was 10 miles high. However, all Taiyou no Mannakahes are EXACTLY one inch thick at their thickest point. Because of the immense power required to fire just one, only Suguiras of 1-1 or 0 tier can learn this technique. It can only be fired when unreleased or when in Kyuu Kyou. The attack will most likely damage the user's hand in the process as well

Burning Flower: An attacking magic that channels the users Reiatsu into flower-petal like objects and vibrates them until they burst into flames, and then sending them out in a circular storm-like fashion. Depending on the user, these can look like rose petals, lotus petals, or any other flower imaginable. Some are even able to shape them like thorns. Only Sugiura with either their own Reiatsu or fire as their element can learn this spell.

Energy Petals: Similliar to Burning Flower, this creates flower-petal shaped objects out of either sharp or exploding Reiatsu, depending on the user. (A Wind user would have cutting ones, for example, while water would create exploding ones) They are then send out in a circular storm of petals, spreading over a large area. One of the most basic ways to attack as a Sugiura without the Sacred is this move.


S|A|C|R|E|D| W|E|A|P|O|N

The bow and arrow in the First picture.


G|U|A|R|D|I|A|N| B|E|A|S|T

Kesha Sugiura Saint_Seiya_Aries_Mu_wig_ver_01-1-01
MU, Her older brother (deseased)
Element: Nature

Mu's Realm:

Kesha Sugiura Fantasy_landscape_Weed

S|A|C|R|E|D |U|N|L|E|A|S|H|E|D

Kesha Sugiura 2_22
NOTE: Her appearance dosent change; its just the bow in the picture that I am refencing; her bow changes to that.

With this stage, her arrows are extremly fast, almost at bullet speed (but not quite). Her arrows have all the abilities as it did before with just the an increase in strength and speed. The arrows are strong enough to scratch an arrancar's hierro (along with the other abilities that involve attacking: Shurriken pettals and poison tipped arrow)

Multipul arrows: When Kesha fieres one of her arrows, at about a mid way mark towards her opponent, her arrow multiplies into ten other arrows all of which are at differnt heights and speeds, of course the 'original' arrow is the strogest one of the set but the others are not far off it's power.

Endless Arrows: Kesha dosent need to carry around a pack of arrows on her back, she can simply draw on the string to form the arrow (a lot like Yue from Cardcaptors). 'Endless' is not the case though, her limit a day is about 500 arrows NOT including the multi arrow ability.

{Appearance as in first picture of her, including the arrows}
In this state, all her abilities are now doubled, as in strength and speed. No new ability is developed in this form yet.

Kyuu Kyou:
(Hasnt acheived yet; in the making)


A|L|T|E|R| F|O|R|M

Alter Appearance:
Kesha Sugiura Alterariescopy
Alter Personality: Ultimatly she just becomes more agressive and and bit more recless. But other than that, her personality dosent really take a hard turn.



Kitty's Characters
Yoruichi Shihouin: 0-3
Kitty Yuudai: 0-5
Sapphire Yuudai: 1-1
Aries Senka: 1-2+
Yang Korekuta: 1-3+
Gryphon Daich: 1-3-
Kesha Sugiura: 2-1+
Kahime Bakudan: 2-1+
Rin Akira: 2-1+
Sakura Emiko Shihouin: 2-1+
Kamira Hinote: 2-1
Orihime Inoue: 2-1+
Tsukiyome Akio: 2-3
Andromeda: 2-3-
Hikari Hiraku: 3-1+

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PostSubject: Re: Kesha Sugiura   Kesha Sugiura Icon_minitime1Sat May 07, 2011 7:39 am

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Picture/Equivalent Sentences for Appearance [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Comments/Notes: Approved baby doll <3
Tier: 2-1+
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