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General Information

Name: Misaiko Sugiura
Appearance Age:
True Age: 10000
Element: Wind/Air

Overall Appearance



Misaiko Sugiura(WIP)  Misaikoheader

Misaiko Sugiura(WIP)  Sample_6dbeb6ca78dc3f4c18f34447eaa06682

Weight: 107 lbs.

Natural Abilities

Master Swordmanship Specialist: Misaiko's extensive training in Swordsmanship is where she is skilled the most. Her swift, precise, and concentrated attacks. Coupled with the ability to augment her cutting power through the power of her Sacred's Wind manipulation makes her very formidable on the battlefield. she is usually able to fell her foes using only swordplay and a mix of strategy. Each attack is well thought out and coordinated to serve an underlining purpose beyond physical damage. her ingenuity in it is much greater than most shinigami as she is able to use her skill in more versatile and effective maneuvers, to which she has demonstrated tremendous aim and control of where and how it will strike, depending on which form it takes. She is even capable of cutting through steel, as if it were a piece of paper. She is a practitioner of Laijutsu, and has mastered and perfected the art, over the many years that she has held a Katana.

Discerning Intellect: Several times throughout past duels Misaiko has broken down her enemies movements, attack pattern, speed, and thought pattern in the heat of battle. She does so, even while watching others battle regardless of it being between friend or foe. She takes a mental note and stores it in her mind so that if there are ever any future occurances with that individual she can quickly devise and execute a plan and pattern of attack with the greatest possibility of success. This trait apparently carries over to normal conversations held with others as she is able to deduce a person's mental pattern through their tone of voice and emotions. Her intellect is quite honed, and she always prepares herself to make her strategy count, as even the smallest of mistakes, can mean the end of the battle.

Flash Steps Expert: Misaiko is a highly trained individual in the field of Flash Step. She has however been able to take this technique, to a entirely whole new level. Surpassing the normal limits by manipulating the wind flow directly around her, through the ability of her Sacred Megami Kaze. she is able to out maneuver many Captain level opponents and move at stunning speeds. Since the wind flow, is always coming around at various speeds, she is able to move at a rate, in which her body literally becomes untraceable to sight. Even to a point, where she can hide her presence by simply moving so fast, that even her aura is lost. This coupled with her extensive knowledge of the sword, makes it a daunting task for anyone to bring her down.

Fumeiko(不明子, child with a lack of wisdom): By focusing reiatsu on the heels of the legs and pushing said reiatsu at incredible speeds, the user's speed is increased unbelievably, to the point that the technique is speculated to be some type of space/time manipulation. The user leaves behind numerous afterimages resembling the user to the highest extent - the afterimages act exactly like the user, even being able to blink their eyes and attack by themselves. They can be hit by a very strong attack, causing them to disintegrate into reiatsu.

Decimating Spiritual Power: As one of, if not the strongest Sugiura alive, Misaiko possesses absolutely monstrous spiritual power. Her very presence can cause even the most skilled Shinigami to lose their breath, Her presence and aura, often imposes fear into the opponent, if their not on her level, and is even capable of causing most opponents to freeze up. Without her even moving a finger. Thus she is required to wear a limiter. Which comes in the form of glasses, that were created by one of the sugiura's most prolific scientist's, Jubei. These glasses allow her to blend in without, causing humans or shinigami, to break down. When she removes the glasses, her eyes are filled with a blue glowing tint, while her aura is combined with a foray of blue flowing winds.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Misaiko is a very strong individual. While she may not be on the level of someone as Iori, or Hime in the field of close combat. She still holds relative skill in martial arts, as well as how they work. She is often shows great coordination and agility in her skills. as well as using her strength to catch the opponent off guard. She practices martial arts, as a way of meditation. While she may be no master in the field of hand to hand combat, she possesses a complex knowledge of points in the body, that can be hit to hinder the opponent, as well as immobilize them depending on the power of the blow. She possesses amazing skill in Taekkyeon Which makes use of powerful kicks and graceful dance like movements.

Shinsoku(神速, "Godspeed"): This is Misaiko's special flash step technique, it's principles are based on utilizing godlike speed, and precision to deal powerful blows that usually bring down foes with one shot. The swordsman must also be able to read techniques at an amazing pace as well as interpret emotions as a form of clairvoyance in order to accurately predict what an opponent will do. Combining those two elements with the speed and the precision allows Misaiko to subdue the opponents before they can even act. if she's far away she's able to close the distance, to get towards the opponent in a matter of seconds without much strain. By using the wind to augment her power, she can close the distance in a split second, and perform a high number of powerful sword strikes and devastatingly fast blows. Even if a opponent can find them selves dodging the Shinsoku, She can create powerful vacuums of air to draw them back in for a subsequent strike.

Kuzu-ryūsen(九頭龍閃, "Nine-headed Dragon"): this powerful sword technique, utilizes Shinsoku to the fullest extent; dealing nine strikes to the most fundamental targets of swordsmanship(Head, shoulders, wrists, both sides of the waist, between the legs, and the chest. ) All at the same time. These points are the focus of the technique as they make up the basis of one’s guarding stance, regardless of style or weapon. So with the Kuzu-ryūsen, attacking all nine all at once, guarding and dodging becomes virtually pointless. This means, even if the move is executed without flaw, the force behind the technique will differ from wielder to wielder depending on their class in weight and arm strength. Essentially, a "lighter" Kuzu-ryūsen would be overpowered by a "heavier" Kuzu-ryūsen. By adding wind around her blade, she can multiply the strikes, to create a variation of kuzu-ryusen, known as "Hyaku-ryūsen"(九頭龍閃, "100-Headed dragon") executing 100 strikes, at the same time, delivering a swift death to her opponents.

Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki(天翔龍閃, "Dragon Flight of heaven"): this, is one of her strongest, sword techniques, which goes beyond god speed. It is very dangerous to perform. A single step alone adds instantaneous acceleration and weight to the sword changing the god-like speed of Shinsoku, or Kuzu-ryusen. to "Beyond god-like speed". However, this extra step is difficult to take as one of the fundamental teachings of the technique. states that one should step forward with the right foot as to avoid cutting their own foot with the attack. As such, the additional step forward with the left foot can spell certain death for the swordsman, as it takes precise timing to coordinate, as to not lose any momentum while drawing; it requires the utmost concentration, that can only be obtained by one's desire to live. There is another secret to this technique. If the initial strike is avoided or blocked, the force of the unusually fast slashing motion displaces the air around it, generating a wind vacuum or wind void in its wake and sucking the opponent in. As this happens, the body is spun around for a second strike, the previous action adding force and momentum to the swing, making the subsequent strike far stronger. This is the true power of the Amakakeru Ryū no Hirameki, as Misaiko once stated " Even if you were able to avoid the fangs of the flying dragon, the gusting winds strip away freedom of movement, and the claws would rip you apart" if wind is created around the blade, it becomes exceedingly harder to dodge this powerful technique.

Number One: Nadegiri (撫で斬り, "Clean Sweep" or "Killing Several with One Sword Sweep"): This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place.

Number Three: Aragari (アラバマ物語, "To Kill a Mockingbird"; "one step, sudden death"): Placing the sheathed sword upright and listening to the "heartbeat" of her opponent, the attack rapidly unsheathes, attacks, and sheaths the sword. This technique is done with with incredible precision and speed, as she cuts down her opponent in a matter of seconds. This technique is capable of leaving deep, precise wounds in an opponent's body in a matter of milliseconds.

Number Four: Kamishini (神キラー, "God Killer" or "Cutting down God with a Single Slash"): By swinging the user's sword across, they can make a sweeping motion that cuts everything within 4 m of the user. The force behind this technique is great enough to defeat even Adjuchas-level Hollow with little effort.

Ittō(壱刀, cut with a sword): Said in it's day to be a precursor to the technique Jinzen, by using reiatsu as a type of signal, Misaiko is able to callout the full power of her sacred. Calling out the full power of the weapon augments it past it's highest boundary for a split second. In this split second the user slashes downward on the opponent's person, creating a deep and often fatal wound which is only capable of being healed by a special herb. The damage done by Ittō can cleave easily through even the toughest of Arrancar, and can even kill most Shinigami with apparent ease.The use of Ittō is restricted to those who have a deep bond with their zanpakutō or sacred, as those who do not suffer physical and neurological damage from the use of Ittō.

Guardian Beast

Sacred Weapon:

Misaiko Sugiura(WIP)  264px-Feudal_reiki

MegamiKaze(女神風, "Goddess Wind"): Megamikaze, is a legendary and powerful elemental long sword, used by Misaiko. It is a ceremonial long sword, with a circular cross guard, a long white hilt, the end of the handle sporting a tassle, and the sheath having a rope spiraling down at the end of it. It is a powerful weapon which controls the wind, with absolute rule. It is even capable of storing up wind, in order to release powerful and majestic burst's of wind, that envelope the area. It is regarded as one of the strongest wind sacreds, and is capable of posing a threat to nearly anyone in battle.

Guardian Beast :

Misaiko Sugiura(WIP)  018019rc1


Shunousha is a humbled and dignified spirit, who is very skilled in his words, as well as being able to handle things in a calm manner. He is not a wild spirit, and is a spirit who lets things run their course, only adding in his own comments, when he feels that they are important. It is because of this attitude, that it is much easier for Misaiko and him to converse with one another. As it is very rare to ever see the two argue. They enjoy life, and loves to see how things unfold. He greatly admires the world, for it's down comings and for it's great accomplishments as well. He enjoys playing with Misaiko's children as well, as Midori and Iori refer to him as "Old Gramps Shu". A crucible to how kind his heart can be. As far as abilities go, he is one of the strongest wind spirits, in the mortal and soul society plane. Capable of causing Hurricanes, Whirlwinds, and powerful tornadoes with a massive swing of his tail. These are much more punishing then Misaiko's, which stands as a testament to why her skills are so powerful and god like. It is because of this, that he is not fond of battle, and will only go out to protect Misaiko if she truly needs him. However, he is quite fond of being rode on and is capable of long distance air flight. Misaiko even goes as far as as saying, that he's the sugiura's personal Plane. All in all, there is no doubt about how pure and gentle this old dragon's spirit is.

Guardian Beast's World:


Misaiko's spirit world, is a illustrious and beautiful land. It exhumes both peace and futility. With a peaceful forest, area. Above the horizon at the end of the forest, is a beautiful and amazing sky, with the clouds being the main resting place that Misaiko and Shunousha reside. There is also a part of the land, Where Misaiko trains at frequently as well. Since she is a person who does not allow herself to get rusty, when it comes to upcoming battles.


Howling Moon: This Technique is one of Misaiko's most powerful wind based techniques. It is performed, by reading the out line of the area, in which she resides, She traces the space in which the attack needs to be implemented, and goes at that chance, with hopes of ensured victory. The technique releases powerful high velocity winds on impact of the opponent. The technique is created when Misaiko utilizes a few quick steps towards them. While utilizing these quick steps she performs Lai-styled slashes, and instantly re-sheaths the blade, all in the same motion. To the opponent, it would seem as if she did nothing at all but swing the sword, However in the motion, she creates a displacing vacuum, which then begins to gather up wind, into a powerful dome of large connected wind that essentially creates a "vacuum" effect. The dome does not only give her offensive benefits, she is even able to use the doom to protect herself from large projectile attacks depending on the power and energy output, making this one of her more formidable techniques. Damage suffered from howling moon can range from deep cuts within the skin, high blood loss, and rupturing of the lungs, due to the air pressure.

True Moon: A powerful technique (one of her strongest) that releases a mass of high velocity winds that envelope the enemy from every side. A dome of incredible wind-velocity surrounds the enemy trapping them within. The wind pressure is so great that it can crush the very bones of an unsuspecting opponent with ease. Within the pressurized bursts are large cutting blades of wind that slash at the enemy from every angle and cuts down/ through anything it touches completely severing it. To an outsider... the technique appears as a massive dome of swirling winds cloaked in Blue spiritual pressure.

Harmonized Strike: Misaiko will leave a slash on the opponent's body, it will look like she slashed them once, but more slashes will appear on their body, this is from her creating special pressurized strike's through the wind it's self to cut the opponent's body. However if she adds in movement, like Byakuya with his Senbonzakura it becomes astoundingly faster. She can also utilize this with her style of Battojutsu.

Void Tempest:

Divine protection of the Wind: A completely defensive wind technique. It can take the shape of a rotating yet flat circular shield for protection and also appear in a dome like construction around an opponent to trap them, when in the dome the rotation of the air currents can be increased to cut and injure the target.

Divine Punishment: Misaiko gathers air within her hands and compresses it into a bubble, when the bubble is small enough she releases the compressed air and sends it toward the opponent. The air quickly decompresses, causing a massive explosion. The force of the blast is strong enough to destroy a large wide area and cause serious injury to an opponent

Soaring God Strike: A powerful preemptive attack used when an opponent is attacking Misaiko from above. she channels the wind element combined with her spiritual energy into her blade as it glows with a Blue color. she then leaps or uses Fumieko to rise into the air with an upward strike with incredible power intended to cleave the enemy in half.

Whirlwind Fist: By spinning her arms in a circular motion with great speed, a small twister forms around her wrist. The middle is hollow, allowing her to punch the opponent. Should the opponent dodge, the force of the wind is strong enough to knock them back and if not wound them.

Reversal: A technique that uses the equal and opposite force of an opponents Power then amplifies the rebounding effect of the opponents attack, to send the attack back before it enters the users body this works for user's who like to transport their power's out through their bodies and into another, such as lightening.

Wind Cutter: This technique creates a large blade of slicing wind which can cut through her opponent. Making slashes allows her to release transparent blades of wind to cut enemies from a distance. It appears to be extremely powerful and can be used to immobilize large targets.

Shock wave: with a wave of her arm, Misaiko can send an extending, forward shock wave of wind towards the opponent. As the shock wave connects with the body it can hit the organ system, resulting in severe pain and internal damage. This technique is quite dangerous as it can cause severe damage to the body and so misaiko does not use this technique often unless in a dire situation.

Cyclone Destiny: The opponent is suddenly enveloped in a pillar of spiraling wind currents that can be used as a defense by changing the direction and pattern of the spiraling winds and increasing the rotating speeds of the cyclone. This technique is mainly used to block larger more powerful incoming attacks by completely surrounding the individual inside the column of wind. It can also be used as an offensive measure to distract the enemy and keep them stationary inside the vortex leaving an opening from which Misaiko can plan her attacks.

Gale of the Swan: This is one of Misaiko's signature techniques, it works as a defense by creating a Huge gale which is used to slow the speed of an enemy by shifting the wind currents to flow in the direction of the enemy so that they travel against incoming wind-pressure. the sheer force of the power is enough to blow back large opponents, and blow back menos-type hollows.

Ferocious Claw: By concentrating pressurized air on her hand, Misaiko can release these as destructive blasts from her hands with extreme force, the blasts are quite devastating. having the destructive power of rupturing the bones of the opponent should they take the full blunt. It's one of her more skilled techniques, as it's even able to effect the body externally and internally. Continued use of this technique on the opponent, hinders them greatly.

Sonic Cutter: Misaiko can launch a supersonic and invisible blast of wind that is shaped like a crescent moon toward her opponent, she can use it in a similar way to her wind cutter as well

End of World: Misaiko Will Create A boom tunnel what she does is create a cylinder of Wind, traveling at incredibly high speeds, with Thick Wind so nothing can escape it then, positioning it horizontally she creates a sharp thunder inside of it. By launching it out of the tunnel, this will create a sound wave at x50 power, As well as making the lightening Fast that even the naked eye can't see it coming almost like a shot from a gun. She can Shape the lightening to her liking, and mostly uses the lightening blade shaped, as well.

End of World II: Misaiko will create another tunnel but make it narrower, so it is roughly a diameter of 5 feet then, she will make it narrower near the end opposing Her, shoot lightening through it. This basically gives her a sniping tunnel with lightening traveling at four times the normal speed of lightening. The impact of the lightening is capable of completely obliterating the opponent, and if they don't find their selves obliterated, it is hard to recover from the powerful shock, as a result of the attack.

Trinity Rogue:

Great Wind Blade: This technique creates a large wind blade around Misaiko's sword that is soundless and invisible but can still be discernible through one who possesses great eyesight. Misaiko usually implements the attack, by charging towards the opponent and performing a Batto-Styled Slash, in their direction, the blade is then instantly re-sheathed in a beautiful and graceful motion. This Releases a powerful gale around her, which has a wide range, as well. it can reach an astounding high wind velocity that reaches at at least 90 KM/H, and is capable of ripping through an Espada's hierro, the more power she adds into the swing, can decide how much power the technique can ultimately have.

Wind Bullet : A tornado-like mass is compressed until it has a very high density as well as increased cutting power, and is then released. The wind pressure is raised to its highest limit, and once the technique hits the target, the resulting blast is able to push them back by a considerable amount. allowing Misaiko to create a distance between her, and her opponent. The blast, is capable of causing a large rupture, in the opponent's abdomen area, as well as hindering their movement, becasuse of the dense force and velocity.

Vaccum Sword: The user swings their blade and a gust of wind is released in the arc that it was swung in. The technique is strong enough to stop projectiles that are thrown at the user. the gust's of wind, can be created into even larger arcs, depending on the current use of MIsaiko's strength and what it enables her to do, at the current time, of the battle. It's capable of stopping projectiles such as needles, and elemental blades, but is useless against energy based attacks.

Drilling Air bullet: Misaiko creates a Blast of wind, in her palm, much like how the arrancar create their cero blast's. After doing so, she launches a large explosive bullet of wind, that creates a sonic boom through the air, should opponents take direct contact, it's capable of completely shattering the bones, internally. While the cutting damage, is so lethal that it is capable of completely ripping the opponent's skin off, making it a dangerous technique.

Wind Unity: Misaiko begins to create a flower shaped petal, made from her wind, into her palm. The petal grows, the more of the wind, that's added around her grows. After doing so, she Sends the flower forward, after doing so. It releases countless microscopic wind-blades that damage the body on a cellular level. It produces so many individual strikes, that most opponents cannot discern the, strikes with mere sight. It is capable of causing the nerves to fail, on the opponent, during a battle, they can regain it, through the eventual bout, but the damage created is quite severe nonetheless.

Two Strikes are not needed; This technique, is one of her more dangerous techniques, in the opponent's case. There are two versions of this technique, both meant to end the battle. Misaiko had always once stated, that one strike was always the most vital strike.

Without Element:

Misaiko tenses up her eyes and muscles, focusing solely on the vital spots of the enemy, before springing forth like a lightning bolt, disregarding defense. A single strike is executed at the vital spots of the enemy with intense strength, before she sheaths her blade in a flowing motion.

With Element:

Misaiko concentrates on sharpening her wind and storing a large amount of it, before striking at the opponent once, with only a light slash. A trail of extremely sharp, fine wind follows the blade, trying to sever the enemy in two on a molecular level, making Hierro compareably weak against this technique. The wind blade can be redirected, defended against or dodged if the enemy reacts before being completely cut in two.

Flight of the Swan: This Allows her to create wind wings, with the power of a tornado, for each wing. She creates four wings, around her back, then uses her already gifted skill in flash step, to move forward at incredible speeds. Allowing for her to avoid certain attacks, with a peak level precision, should the opponent attack her from behind, she can release the tornadoes, most of them knocking back the opponent, with a strong force.


Shitenoou Nanatsu no Enkan(熾天覆う七つの円環 Lit: The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens): often, called rho aias, by most this is a powerful defensive spell, that can only be utilized by mid-level to very high level sugiuras, as it takes a supply of high amounts of reaitsu to supplement it. It takes the form of a seven layered barrier with the shape of an iridescent flower with seven petals. Formed out of a Strong Reaitsu user's palm. Each layer has the defensive power of a fortress wall, however it is necessary for the user to fill the barrier with the use of strong reaitsu, should the barrier be broken, the user will feel pain in accordance. which depending on the number of times it is used, could be quite costly to the user, if they are not so much as an ounce careful in using this spell, with one with a full powered reaitsu, this could block off Strong Kido Spells, Gran rey cero's, or a cero oscuras, because of the massive defensive walls created, within each layer's structure. they can be broken depending on the strength, another use for this spell, can be used to help, block an attack before it reaches an ally, or when they need extra energy behind their attack. by doing so, they can utliize the spell, to block off the attack, on the opposite side of the opponent, while working as a extra layering around the allies attack. Nullifying the opponent's attack, so the ally can use their own, making it one of the sugiuras strongest defensive magic techniques.

Ten no Kusari(天の鎖Lit: Chain of Heaven): said to hold the power of "commanding to gods". this creates a long spiritual chain out of any of the user's Reaitsu, they must also cut their arm and have a drop of blood run over the chain, in which the appearance now takes that of a real chain. It's a mid-level spell, that is best used for escape. by wrapping the chain around the opponent's entire body, it binds them and the use of moving their body. it grows stronger, in reply to how the reaitsu of the binded opponent does, thus the larger their reaitsu grows, the chain continues holding a powerful hold over their body, however it's main weakness is that, to a simple opponent with low reaitsu or people that can cloak their reaitsu, it is no more then a simple chain.

kyuutenchokka(突然のクラッシュ Lit: Sudden crash): this magic spell, is a great balance between both, Defense, and offensive strategy. by, gathering up enough Spiritual energy, the user creates a force field, that resembles that of a small circular dome, once the dome is formed, using both of the palms, it will then turn around in a clock wise motion, sucking in a column of wind like a vaccum, as well as the descending attack of the opponent's, which is usually energy, the user can send the dome, in the form of a bubble, at the opponent, and instantly clap their hands releasing all of the energy, causing it to explode in front of them, and cause a massive wave of confusion, and loss with the opponent, if they're close enough to the attack, they can also get damaged as well, it's best used for escape, but can always be used in battle as a surprise attack. it creates damage, from their attack as well as most of the conflicting wind, to burn, or even lacerate the skin of the opponent if they take the full blunt, depending on the attacks, the Sudden crash, becomes quite a powerful technique, but it can only take up two two large attack's, that are comparable to the cero oscuras, or even a chaos blast. if anymore are fired, it will explode, thus the dome has to be fired into the bubble shape, quickly.

Hoi: Designates a person as the target of the spell.

Joso: Designates an area as the target of the spell. Needs a high focus (Sacred drawn) and more Reiatsu.

Ketsu: Creates a barrier around the target enemy or area. The barrier can be used as a defensive messure around oneself, or to trap enemies for a short period of time. Enemies of the same or higher strength can break the barrier with a bit of effort. With a drawn Sacred, the barrier gets stronger.

Kai: Releases the barrier without causing damage.

Metsu: Collapses the barrier inwards, damaging all trapped inside. The more Reiatsu is used, the more devastating the explosion inside the collapsing barrier is. Can be used without a Sacred, the sword makes it stronger, however.

Tenketsu: Opens a dimensional rift in the barrier, disorting the Reiatsu of the one trapped inside, weakening the victim with time. Enemies that are far weaker than the user can be killed by this effect. Can only be used with a Sacred.

Zekkai: Using negative energy, the Suigara fires out an energy attack at the enemy, or repells an attack. A dark aura circles around the user of this technique. It does not require the use of a barrier beforehand, but a Sacred is needed. Since this increases negative feelings inside the user, frequent use is not recommoned, since it can cause depressions, destructive bloodrages or even suicidical thoughts.

Shinkai: Often called the strongest of the Suigara magics, this either creates a huge energy shield in front of the user to not only block, but reflect incoming attacks, or fires out many energy blades onto the target. This technique drains a huge amount of Reiatsu from the user, but has extreme force. If a target gets specified with the weaker spells, the attack has homing abilities. Without a Sacred, it can be deadly to even attempt to use it. Weaker Suigara would kill themselves by casting this

Dai Shinkai: A secret magic, designed by Takuri herself. Only she and Misaiko can use it as of now. This is a stronger version of Shinkai - it consumes less Reishi, but needs MASTER rank in Magic to be useable, since it needs incredible control. The energy gets compressed even further, allowing to reflect the strongest Kido, needing less Reishi than the enemy needed to perform the attack. This also works against all kinds of Cero. If used as an attack, a smaller amount of blades is released compared to Shinkai, but each of these blades has the strength of a normal Cero.

Nenshi: Another way of binding, this creates a glowing energy thread in the collor of the Reiatsu of the user. It can be used to bind an enemy in place, struggle or torture him. It is connected directly to the palm of the user. This can be used without a Sacred.

Sekkai: Developed to be used against Suigara techniques and Bakudo, this can disrupt barriers by quite a bit, making it easier to break free.

Shuufuku: A healing spell that heals wounds and restores damaged objects. It first creates a weak barrier around the object or person, and then restoring Reiatsu is funeled into the barrier.

Shikigami: This creates small paper dolls that the user can use as measures of spying on enemies, since the user sees everything the small papercut does.

Guardian Beast Unsealed

Joushou( "Ascending"):

Misaiko is a wind, goddess, there is no denying the fact, her wind is so great, that she doesn't even need to draw or release her sacred, if the situations does not call for it, So, it is no difference, when changing into delving into the power of her sacred. that her control and level of wind is raised to amazingly, and exceedingly high levels. Tornadoes, vortexes, everything that is anything within the wind, is able to destroy mountains, destroy foundations, and impose the reason why Misaiko holds the name of {Wind Goddess}. each powerful gust can be created at a whim, with triple or quadruple the force of a normal gale, and a tornado, or slash of wind. feels like it has the force of a compact hurricane crashing down on the opponent, as a by product of this great control of wind, She can control the movement of air, which includes the ability to generate wind with intense force, lift and carry objects, fly and, more subtly, amplify small vibrations in the air - allowing her to hear faraway conversations, She can also compress air into a person's ear to disrupt their middle ear's equilibrium thereby disturbing their balance.

Kaze no Tachi (風の太刀, Long Sword of the Wind): Misaiko's blade is very legendary, most opponents, from a simple glance, would recognize the blade, if they were well versed in the study, of weapons. It's history, travels far and wide, and even the soul society. or even central 46 refer to it, as a dangerous weapon. Therefore, Misaiko created this special ability, which; creates a mysterious wind, that protects Megamikaze, like a scabbard. Through multiple layers of compressed and gyrated wind, it distorts the refraction of light and renders what is inside, the shape of the blade, completely invisible. But it is also a soundless, invisible whirlwind that can act as a protective wall on an area not limited to the sword.

It is mostly for use of hiding her blade, and confusing the opponent, at each turn. The whirlwind it produces enhances the cutting power. Additionally, it can be used as a distant attack by releasing the compressed wind at once, acting like a hammer made out of wind. This attack is not influenced by Misaiko's current condition. When releasing the compressed wind, she releases a wave of rapidly spinning winds are released from the blade. The power and force, is like that of a typhoon. It gives increased accuracy and defense, as it makes it difficult for opponents to parry lunges and thrusts from Misaiko, for they cannot discern the length or width of the blade. But once the opponent is able to correct the visual disturbance, Kaze no tachi is not much more than wind around a sword. In other words if one posses natural enhanced senses, with their eyes, such as Archer, the technique, is no more then wind around a blade. making it, useful in most situations for Misaiko.

Daifuhabanrai (大風波万雷, Great Wind and Waves Heavy Thunder): Misaiko's Second ability, of her joushou state, is usually performed when she sheaths her blade. She isn't resealing the sacred. Seeing as she is capable of fighting without it, Making it a good feint for a surprise attack. By implementing her favorite martial art, that she picked up, from korea. During her time she learned of something known as Taekkyeon. The movements of Taekkyon are fluid and dance-like with the practitioners constantly moving. It is unique because of constant bending and streching of knees which is called o-kum jil. The motions of Taekkyon may be similar to the motions of Taekwondo, but the techniques and principles differ a lot from those of other Korean martial arts. For example, Taekkyon does not make use of abrupt knee motions. The principles and methods used to extend the kick put more emphasis on grace rather than strength. Putting this into many applications, Misaiko's able to create powerful hurricane force winds, through many dance-like and graceful movements. Allowing her to perform in the field of hand to hand combat, much more efficiently. The Gales are rapidly spinning and The winds are highly abrasive, and grinds into dense materials, like a rapidly spinning wheel of sandpaper. These gales are able to cut through Hard subtances, as well as being able to cut through espada level hierro, and captain level Reaitsu. Making her a formidable opponent, in this stage alone.

Hana Senpuu (花旋風, Flower Whirlwind): Misaiko fires out a basketball sized, gray sphere of rapidly spinning winds from her palm, the sphere moving at a fast pace of 5 meters per second. Upon making contact with the sphere, the sphere will burst into a large foray of cutting arcs of wind, all of the arcs emerging from the front of the sphere, in a style similar to a katana slashing at an extremely fast pace. Approximately 24 arcs are made, each arc stretching foward for 3 meters, sundering through whatever gets in the way of it. This is excellent for cuting through hard substances like Hierro. All twenty four arcs are made, and dissipate in the span of 2 seconds.

Zenou: ("Almighty"):

Susano'o(スサノオ, God of Sea and Storms):

Miryōkanna (魅了カンナ, Godless Heaven): Misaiko's blade begins to become enveloped in a tight band of rapidly spinning winds and gales. The cover only being about an inch thick, appearing like a transparent, gray coating over the blade. The winds move faster and faster, causing the coating to slowly glow into a rich blue, the tempurature of the winds close to that of plasma. A loud, deep hum, similar to that of an electric generator, can be heard eminating out of the blade.
Once the coating turns into a luminous orange, she raises the blade up into the air, the end of teh coating stretching out from the movement, in a similar fashion to a whip, the tip curving in a downwards arc. After raising the blade above her head, she quickly brings it back down, causing the coating to loudly crack, the whiplash causing the coating to burst, creating a large explosion of fervid winds on the ground, looking more like energy than air. The initial exposion is 10 meters tall, and with a 6 meter blast radius. Out of the explosion, a large pillar of luminous Blue, searing winds, approximately 20 meters wall and 3 meters thick, is created from the resulting explosion, the pillar tearing through the earth as it rockets towards the enemy. The pillar is composed of rapidly spinning, fervid gales. Contact with the gales would be more than enough to tear apart an arrancar's hierro, as well as completely incinerate the flesh due to the extreme temperatures. The pillar moves for 500 meters, before it fully expires. Although the pillar alone does heavy damage, the greatest amount of damage is from getting hit a point blank, from both the initial explosion, as well as the pillar formed from the explosion. It takes one post to coat the blade, and one post to unleash the pillar. She can move as the blade becomes coated, but must stay still before launching the pillar.

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate")

Fūjin(風神, Lit: Wind God ): When Activating Fujin, Misaiko shoots a small sphere of air out of her palm (or sacred) which moves at an incredibly fast speed. The little, cyan sphere of air rapidly expands upon firing, an opening forming on the side facing the opponent, creating some sort of net of winds. The size of the net is enormus in size, and even it that's to small, can be made large enough to swallow an entire skyscraper, if needed. This giant net, upon getting close enough to the enemy, will immediately close up, creting a large, cyan sphere of raging winds. Mere contact with the winds is devastating enough to tear apart an Arrancar's most developed Hierro. After a couple of seconds, the newly developed sphere of air will condense at a moderate pace, getting shorter and shorter, before condensing to a very luminous cyan sphere, smaller than the opponent's size. The condensed sphere will get brighter and brighter before exploding in a powerful burst of concentrated winds, scattering tense gusts from every direction strong enough to destroy all structures at point blank range, while being able to push heavy objects as if they were but toys. This technique is incredibly powerful, and costs a great amount of Reiatsu to fire, meaning that Misaiko has to make this shot count, if she desires a victory against a formidable opponent.

Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi (草薙の剣, Lit: "Grass Cutting Sword"): Misaiko's Final and most powerful technique, Misaiko extends her arms wide open, her hands appearing as if they are gripping something. As this is done, four spheres of rapidly spinning gales will appear, the size usually ranging from 4 meters to 8 meters in radius, two of them on the sides of Misaiko, spread apart by 30 meters or so, and the other two a good mile away from her. The spheres are placed so that they are parralel to each other.

Once Misaiko crosses her arms, her hands still having their fingers posed as they were at the beginning, the four spheres will eject a dense, fat vane of wind, each intersecting at the center of the "square", where the enemy should be. The extremely powerful vanes will be enough to tear apart the strongest hierro out there, but that's only the beginning. The friction formed by the molecules of air impacting one another will become sronger and stronger as the four vanes move faster and faster, eventually causing the extreme friction to transform the winds into plasma, creating a bright "star" at the epicenter of the attack. This incredibly luminous conflux of winds will be bright enough to blind anyone that is up to a mile away from the area, darkening the environment around it due to its potent radiance. The star will last for about ten seconds, before exploding in a blinding flash that engulfs up to a ten mile radius in incredulously bright light. At the end of the attack, the enemy should be totally vaporized from the exreme force of the wind vanes, and the resulting star. The requisite for using this technique is that Misaiko must stay still upon forming the four spheres, and cannot move lest she wants the spheres to dissipate. It takes one post to create the spheres, and one post to fire the vanes.


History/Roleplay Sample

Roleplay Sample: you guys know how i rp =w=

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