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Sugiura Template

Character Theme:

General Information

Name: Takuri Sugiura
Appearance Age: 18-20
True Age: Aparently exactly 10 years younger than Misaiko, making her the second oldest of Shimuras children.
Gender: Female
Element: Storm
Titles: Black Knight, Goddess of Storms, Storm Wolf, Saver

Personality: Takuri is a serious woman - about everything, it seems. She doesn't even seem to know what a 'joke' is, trains her body and mind every single day and places protecting her sister and the kingdom above her own safety and life by far. She is said to be a born leader - even though she rarely speaks to those who don't know her, the air around her makes people try to follow her, and she can be very convincing if she tries to be.
Still, this 'serious' mask is mostly a mask. Takuri is extremely emotional at times, and has trouble keeping her instincts and urges in check. It is hard to make her snap, but once you manage to do it, be prepared to fight. She is a proud warrior, and doesn't take insults to her fighting kindly. Chivalry is something that will most likely make her laugh at the very best, as she believes that everybody has the right to fight if they so chose.
Behind the proud and down-to-the-ground warrior lies a kind woman, though. Whenever she feels at peace, her usually permanently serious face can even turn into a smile as bright as the sunlight, it is said. Still, she almost never gets out of her armor when she is not in her chambers in the palace. She can even sometimes be a bit naive, and can actually get embarassed quite easily - but not regarding her body. In fact, she doesn't care about the fact that she is one of the most beautiful daughters of Shimura, and doesn't think much about her appearance, besides keeping her fur clean.
As she has both a tail and wolfears, those animal parts of hers are actually quite sensitive. She is known to hate it when people touch her tail, in fact, as it makes her seem weak.
Deep underneath, though, Takuri is a VERY broken and hurt individual. Her constant inner battle against her darker Alter self takes it's toll on her mind and self-esteem, and if you strip away the armor and galant warrior that she tries to appear as, a pained and self-blaming woman remains that tries desperately to repent for her past sins. She does not realize that her true heart, even though she can from her own nature be aggressive, moody and easily irritated, is as pure as the blue sky.
Unlike many people, she doesn't dislike 'bad weather' - she instead loves rain, even thunderstorms, since they are both refreshing and completely harmless to her.

Regarding her habits, Takuri has few, besides nearly never sleeping thanks to being a spiritual entity, and excessive reading. Whenever she is not doing her daily training-routine, she is seen with a book in hand. Most people suspect her to be reading novels or scientific books, considering her vast intelligence and knowledge of those. However, only very few people know that a large majority of the books in her own private library... are smut.

Overall Appearance

Appearance: Takuri is roughly 1,90 tall, but has a rather slender and agile figure. She has light brown hair with a tint of gray, both on her head, ears and animalistic parts. The clothing seen on the picture is what Takuri wears underneath a special armor, made out of brown and black cloth with a darkened metal chestplate and a leg-covering battle-garment.
Takuri Sugiura WIP E4f30429b452927138837d8
Another thing to be noted is the fact that the red markings on Takuris body have been there since she was born. They glow slightly when she uses her magic, or if she is very angry or exicted about something.

Height: 1,90 meters
Weight: Secret.
Trait: Brown, smooth fur covers her lower arm parts, and while not covering her hands, she does have wolf-like claws on them. Her legs are nearly completely covered in fur, the same goes for her feet, all together with claws on them. She also has a 'fluffy' wolf tail. Lastly, two wolf ears replace any human ears on her. For some reason, she hates it if someone touches her ears...

Natural Abilities

Inhert Storm Control: Takuri has a passive ability which makes her soul influence the actual weather of the world. Without releasing her Sacred, these changes are minor, for example, being depressed could cause clouds to come up. Once she has her Sacred released, though, the weather will change to provide optimal fight conditions.
Inhert Storm Control also gives Takuri the ability to use strong winds, minor electric manipulation and manipulation of water without releasing her Sacred, being her natural element. Releasing her sword grants her higher control over a normally uncontrollable element like the storm, though.

Insane Physical Power: The physical strength in her body exceeds everything normally possible. Her dense Reiatsu makes it into something insanely powerful, and her hands, feet, legs, arms and last but clearly not least her sword are deadly weapons that can easily beat enemies with brute force alone. It goes further to being able to break steel with her bare hands, feet or even teeth if she so choses. A few strikes of her sword can break a normal sealed Zanpakuto if her enemy is not on her level or above.

Grand-Master Swordsmanship Specialist: The only known Sugiura who can match Takuri in swordplay is Misaiko, and that should be quite the big hint. Training with a sword for almost half the time of humanities existance as a whole, her skill with many forms of swordfighting and techniques are something to behold. Takuri is able to fight efficiently with Katanas, longswords, shortswords, Dai-Katanas, broadswords, claymores, daggers, and even to some extend polearms. If it has a sword-like blade, she can wield it with unlimited skill, precision and deadly strength.

Incredible Reiatsu: As one of the oldest and most powerful Sugiura alive, Takuri is known for hosting a large amount of raw spiritual energy in her body, causing a big deal of pressure to emmit from her whenever she unleashes it all. The only known match in raw energy is Misaiko, with her younger brother Tsubine being above her. Of course, Shimura herself also has more Reiatsu.

Guardian Beast

Sacred Weapon: Takuris Sacred looks like a katana that is slightly longer than usual, but still a one-handed sword. The leather around the hilt seems a bit worn off, and a strange gem looking like bone is on the tip of said hilt. A chain is wrapped around the upper part of the hilt and the lowest part of the blade, and her sheath is slightly wider on the upper part so that it can still fit. The blade itself looks like shining steel.

Other Weapons: While Takuri doesn't wield it today, she is one of the people able to draw Caliburn, the sword that banishes evil, is a possible candidate for Excaliburs wielder, and also, her armor is a special Conceptual Weapon: The higher her Reiatsu is, the more damage it can nullify and thus defend her. It consumes some Reiatsu by doing that, though, so she needs to shed away the armor whenever she uses her Kyuu Kyou.

Guardian Beast: Takuri Sugiura WIP Susano_O_by_DeadXCross
Takuris Guardian Beast is called Susano'o. In fact, he is actually THE Susano'o - one of the ancient gods of japanese folklore. His element is the Storm. Susano'o is the only one able to wield Ama no Murakamo no Tsurugi, the divine sword of great power.
His personality can range from being lazy and a drunkard to actually being a brave warrior, or to completely rage-filled outbursts. Thanks to Takuris strong will, he mostly is a noble warrior nowadays, and not as destructive as he was before.

Guardian Beast's World: The inner world of Takuri and Susano'o looks like a gigantic temple, with many interwinding curves, big halls, small chambers, and wide gardens. This temple goes on into eternity, but it still has a center. In this center stands a throne made out of the bones of Orochi, the eight-headed serpent. This is where Susano'o is found most of the times. Takuri often ventures into this inner world to meditate in one of the many gardens.

Sounds of the Wind - Takuri can use her control over the wind to hear over insanely large distances. She can't have this active all the time, though, or she risks going deaf from loud sounds. It's still very helpful for scouting.

Burst Steps - Her very own version of flash steps, these use strong wind-gusts instead of Reiatsu-bursts to move at high speeds for short distances, very similliar to Shunpo. Generally, it doesn't make any sounds, though. The only exception is for when Takuri stands on the ground, as it breaks the surface on which she is standing.

Free Flight - Being the 'Goddess of Storms', Takuri can freely soar through the air, with or without her sword drawn, stand completely still even in the heaviest natural or artificial storm, and has a higher resistance to wind-based attacks. The gusts of wind she leaves behind when using her Burst Steps while in free flight still have her shape for a short moment, leaving after-images behind if used in rapid succession.

Growling Moon: A technique she developed while Misaiko made her own technique, Howling Moon. Takuri presses down the force of a storm gale and the sound of thunders into her sacred, she executes a downward slash either from afar or close up, releasing a 'sphere' of fast moving energy, shaped like a tornado or twister. Should it hit, then the soundwaves and storm will combine into one hundred beatings directly onto the INSIDE of the enemy, attacking organs and bones directly, ignoring Hierro should the enemy have that. After the one hundred beats occur, a final slashing motion of Takuri releases the rest of the energy, 'cutting' the tornado in two, which makes it and the entire air inside slide into two parts like a Sith cleanly cut by a lightsaber. This air-shift can even cut open the enemy should he not be able to evade this effect after the first half of the attack.

Thunder Blade: Takuri can charge up her sealed sword with electric energy of a thunderstorm, giving it the ability to shoot out lightning bolts shaped like blades with a single swing. Highly uncontrollable, but also very destructive.

Wind Slicer: Similliar to Thunder Blade, Takuri channels cutting sharp winds into her blade this time, releasing a flurry of sharp, invisible blades that can only be felt with Reiatsu-senses. They are able to cleanly cut through iron and damage steel in sealed form. Since this consumes little to no spiritual energy, it is Takuris normal method of ranged attacking.

One Strike: Takuris fastest move, and arguably one of her deadliest ones without releasing her Sacred. Concentrating a massive amount of Reiatsu and pure Storm Energy directly in her blade, the Chains around the upper part of the hilt and lower part of the blade get bursted off, like when releasing Susano'o, but instead of changing form, the Katana begins to glow light blue. Dashing forward, with the katana stretched out on the side besides Takuri, she passes her enemy, slashing through with Susano'o.
However, this slash is not the main damage. Just a short moment after the blade contact, a gigantic storm force follows - this hit of blunt and cuting force can sever an enemy in two, or even rip him to shreds. One Strike is known for ending a whole war by cutting down half an army.

Claw Fighting: Takuri, as a part of being a wolf-type Sugiura, does not need a Sacred to fight - she is able to fight using her claws as cutting weapons. While she is able to hold her own in a brawl, she is not on the masterful levels of someone like Iori.

Paralyzing Palm: By using her control over electric energy, Takuri can charge up her hands with enough power to work like a taser, causing muscle spasms or even downright paralysis with her hand-to-hand strikes.

Execution Slash: A sword-strike executed with intense precision at the neck of the opponent from behind. It is usually accompanied by a wind coming from the front, so that the opponent has a harder time getting away. Used mostly in sneak attacks.

Mist of Souls: To use this technique, Takuri has to summon forth water first. Touching the water with the tip of her sword in either release or the tip of her whip in her Alter Form, the water will start to create vast amounts of white mist. This mist is made out of Reiatsu for the most part and can't be blown away by wind.
This mist is actually an illusion-technique, but since that really isn't Takuris strong field, this skill only has two possible effects: It either blocks and dulls out vision, or sound.
If the mist effects sound, an opponent on Takuris level will hear things like underwater, possibly confusing and making him more sluggish. This effect can be fought off by concentrating Reiatsu into the senses for a short time to get rid of it. An opponent weaker than Takuri might go completely deaf in the mist, or even worse, hear things from the wrong directions, misleading them completely if they try to use their ears to find an opponent. Again, concentrated Reiatsu can weaken or disable the effect. While in sound-mode, the mist is always seen around the field of view of everyone inside as a white wall, but whenever trying to focus the eyes on it, it goes back and reveals whatever was where the eyes are now on, making it hard to actually focus on the stuff that makes hearing harder.
While in vision mode, the mist simply grows like thick natural mist, going so far as to make it near impossible to see things that are not directly infront of you, and even then, only as shades. Enhanced vision senses and stronger own Reiatsu weaken this effect, and all other senses still work fine.
Both kinds of mist last up to 5-6 posts and have a 4 post cooldown.

Maken - Tsubame Gaeshi: A technique of legend. Considered impossible, many swordsmen have found various ways to escape the impossibility - tricking reality, outright breaking it, godlike skill. All those things and more are needed to perfom this technique perfectly. One of these swordsmen is Takuri - using pure skill and the principle of a school of Kendo is all she uses, using her wind to increase the range of the technique even further.
To begin the technique, the dull side of the blade rests against her shoulder. It is a counter-move or move to be executed if she has a short break, more so than an attack - a charging enemy can be cut down with this move easily, though. Waiting for the enemy, the grip itself around the blade is rather loose - just enough to keep it where it is supposed to be. Once the enemy reaches the radius of the attack, and has no more chance to easily escape, Takuri lashes out - it is a single step forward, using the motion of her hips, torso, and legs to propell herself and her sword downward in an arc. A slash like this made by Takuri is already enough to break through solid steel like it would slice a single piece of paper.
This is only the first stage of this attack - because it has a fatal weakness, and that weakness is a leap above. A sidestep is easy to counter by redirecting the position of the own body right before the actual strike - therefore, it is not something Takuri has to worry about, thanks to her speed. However, should an enemy leap over her after her right foot meets the ground of the forward-slash, she'd be defenseless against a slash to the back or the neck, a fatal flaw. An upwards-slash with the arms alone is merely childs play - any swordsman can tell you that such a strike lacks in killing power, and at the most gets you disarmed by the enemy.
Thus, Tsubame Gaeshi requires one knowledge - if the innitial strike will connect or not, before even the first step with the right foot is complete. If Takuri is sure it won't, she then stretches out her left leg, before using it's propelling force to balance out her slightly forward-position of the torso. Redirecting the movement-power of her torso, legs, and hips upwards into a straight line, the next part is using her hands correctly - changing her grip, which had to be loose to begin with, slightly, she now executes an upwards slash with full power. Thanks to the changed grip, she doesn't have the danger of twisting her elbows too far or not enough, as it is a simple slight bend now, thus not losing any speed or power.
This upward-slash will then hit any enemy trying to jump above Takuri - thanks to the wind extending her blade up to quadruple the natural range, an escape from the range of this technique is nearly impossible. In one motion, two slashes are made and completed, leaving no room to evade the counter or counter it back - attacking her while in the stance for Tsubame Gaeshi is one of the quickest ways into an early grave.

Magic: Hoi: Designates a person as the target of the spell.

Joso: Designates an area as the target of the spell. Needs a high focus (Sacred drawn) and more Reiatsu.

Ketsu: Creates a barrier around the target enemy or area. The barrier can be used as a defensive messure around oneself, or to trap enemies for a short period of time. Enemies of the same or higher strength can break the barrier with a bit of effort. With a drawn Sacred, the barrier gets stronger.

Kai: Releases the barrier without causing damage.

Metsu: Collapses the barrier inwards, damaging all trapped inside. The more Reiatsu is used, the more devastating the explosion inside the collapsing barrier is. Can be used without a Sacred, the sword makes it stronger, however.

Tenketsu: Opens a dimensional rift in the barrier, disorting the Reiatsu of the one trapped inside, weakening the victim with time. Enemies that are far weaker than the user can be killed by this effect. Can only be used with a Sacred.

Zekkai: Using negative energy, the Suigara fires out an energy attack at the enemy, or repells an attack. A dark aura circles around the user of this technique. It does not require the use of a barrier beforehand, but a Sacred is needed. Since this increases negative feelings inside the user, frequent use is not recommoned, since it can cause depressions, destructive bloodrages or even suicidical thoughts.

Shinkai: Often called the strongest of the Suigara magics, this either creates a huge energy shield in front of the user to not only block, but reflect incoming attacks, or fires out many energy blades onto the target. This technique drains a huge amount of Reiatsu from the user, but has extreme force. If a target gets specified with the weaker spells, the attack has homing abilities. Without a Sacred, it can be deadly to even attempt to use it. Weaker Suigara would kill themselves by casting this.

Dai Shinkai: A secret magic, designed by Takuri herself. Only she and Misaiko can use it as of now. This is a stronger version of Shinkai - it consumes less Reishi, but needs high skill in Magic to be useable, since it needs incredible control. The energy gets compressed even further, allowing to reflect the strongest Kido, needing less Reishi than the enemy needed to perform the attack. This also works against all kinds of Cero. If used as an attack, a smaller amount of blades is released compared to Shinkai, but each of these blades has the strength of a normal Cero.

Nenshi: Another way of binding, this creates a glowing energy thread in the collor of the Reiatsu of the user. It can be used to bind an enemy in place, struggle or torture him. It is connected directly to the palm of the user. This can be used without a Sacred.

Sekkai: Developed to be used against Suigara techniques and Bakudo, this can disrupt barriers by quite a bit, making it easier to break free.

Shuufuku: A healing spell that heals wounds and restores damaged objects. It first creates a weak barrier around the object or person, and then restoring Reiatsu is funeled into the barrier.

Shikigami: This creates small paper dolls that the user can use as measures of spying on enemies, since the user sees everything the small papercut does.
Musou: A technique to highten the body of the user. Pumping Reiatsu into the muscles, they get faster, react better and stronger, but give up capabilities with magic casting at the same time. Lasts for about 20 minutes.

Gekidou: is a Special Sugiura Magic that can, Create a strong Prism made out of the color of the user's Reaitsu around the opponent, effectively catching them and trapping them inside the prism. Similar to Six ways of binding light, it explodes when you make contact on the user, by an attack or even a punch, often causing damage into the body of the enemy from the powerful reaitsu being pushed down on their body. This Can be used without a sacred and depends more on the reaitsu of the user. In order to completely trap them however, you must be able to fully see them and they have to be at least a bit of a mile close into your radius to do so.

Kyuusaisha: is a technique that utilizes calling on the help of another sugiura, when in their respective area they can create a small telekinetic message throughout the area to one specific Sugiura to go to their aid if they are being ganged up on or even in a very horrible and unlikely situation. Depending on the Reaitsu Level and tier. they can send more messages. This can be used without a Sacred or with a sacred to call on more help.

Shitenoou Nanatsu no Enkan(熾天覆う七つの円環 Lit: The Seven Rings that Cover the Fiery Heavens): Often called Rho Aias by most, this defensive spell is very powerful. It can only be used by mid-level and higher Sugiuras as it takes a hefty supply of reiatsu to supplement it. The spell takes the form of a seven-layered barrier with the shape of an iridescent flower with secen petals sprouting out of the user's palm. Each layer has the defensive power of a fortress wall. However, since it is necessary for the user to fill the barrier with his or her own desire reiatsu, the user will feel pain if it is broken. The level of pain increases as the number of uses of the barrier increases. The barrier can block strong Kidou, Gran Rey Ceros, Cero Oscuras (Oscuri?), or equivalent-strength attacks. There is another use for this spell other than a simple barrier. This other way is to simply create a casing around the ally or allies' attack to prevent major tampering with it.

Ten no Kusari(天の鎖Lit: Chain of Heaven): This spell is said to hold the power of "Commanding the Gods." Ten no Kusari is a mid-level spell best used for escaping. It creates a long spiritual chain out of the user's reiatsu. It has no real power in its spirit form. In order to solidify it, the user must have a drop of his or her own blood fall onto the chain. It begins by wrapping to the chain around the target's entire body, binding them and severely limiting body movement. The chain acts like a Chinese finger trap. The more power you put into escaping, the stronger the trap becomes. The main weakness is being used against weaker opponents of those capable of cloaking their reiatsu. For against them, it is nothing more than a simple chain.

Kyuutenchokka(突然のクラッシュ Lit: Sudden Crash): This spell is a great balance between both defensive and offensive strategy. By gathering up enough reiatsu, the user creates a barrier shaped like a dome. Once the dome is completely formed, a swirling torrent of wind will be spun by the palms of the user turning the dome. The dome can also be sent towards the opponent in the form a bubble of half the diameter of the dome. When it gets within a specified range, the user can clap and the bubble will "pop" and release the reiatsu in the form of a massive shockwave. The defensive power of the dome is greater than that of the bubble. It can only take up to two high-level attacks before destabilizing.

Mippei Kuukanshin no Shuuryou (密閉空間神の終了 Lit:Enclosed Space of God's End): This spell creates a pyramid-shaped barrier. It is highly recommended to be at least a few meters away from the opponent. If the user is too close, he or she would be trapped within it as well. It does not need a high level of reiatsu to use, but it instead requires a great deal of concentration. Thus, only those with peak concentration skills can use the technique. It is simple in that it encases the opponent within the barrier. If broken, the remains can act as restraints to hold the opponent down for a short amount of time. The user can open a small hole in the side of the barrier to attack. A conventional use of the barrier is hitting the side from the outside. It will cause a very powerful sonar-like attack that bounces from side to side, increasing and decreasing in intesity randomly until finally the equilibrium of the opponent is damaged.

Boundary Field of Distortion: This Boundary Field that creates an aura around the user that is like a calming wind. However, the wind contains a very powerful and dissonant energy that can burn or shock the opponent. Whenever an attack strikes the field, the damage is reflected. It only requires a calm mind, and normally an attack will disrupt the calm mind afterwards. The field stretches out in a 10-meter radius. Any attack done outside of that radius will be cancelled out but so will the field.

Aka Tate (赤盾 Lit: Red Shield): Aka Tate is a simple shield of light particles that dissipates energy attacks as it contacts the surface. It is not as strong as most shields and can only stand up to a lower Grand Rey Cero-level attacks.

Shimura's Blessing: Specialized healing magic is rare in the Sugiura magics, but Shimura's Blessing is the main one. Named after the proverbial founder of the Sugiuras, it channels the user's reiatsu into a white, gel-like substance that surrounds the target. The energy slowly flows into the target's body; thereby healing them. The healing takes longer than the Shinigami methods, but it has a more widespread effect.

Taiyou no Mannakahe (たいようのまんなかへ, lit. "To the Center of the Sun"): Taiyou no Mannakahe is a high-power long-range energy attack. It has no "element" but rather is made of pure reishi. It is fired from the user's index finger of their dominant hand. If ambidextrious, it can be fired from either hand. Only one can be fired per 5 posts. It is the Suguira equivalent of a Cero Oscuras in terms of power. It is broken down into two stages. The first stage is the "aiming" stage. After pointing at the target, a one-inch-diameter circular beam will be emitted from the finger. Anyone who has not seen or heard of the attack will believe that the beam itself is the attack. However, that is false. Instead, it acts as a laser sight for the actual attack. The longest range ever recorded was 5 miles. After one post, the true attack will be fired. Instead of being something like a large circular attack, this technique takes the form of a long, tall, thin, blade-like attack. The highest ever recorded height was 10 miles high. However, all Taiyou no Mannakahes are EXACTLY one inch thick at their thickest point. Because of the immense power required to fire just one, only Suguiras of 1-1 or 0 tier can learn this technique. It can only be fired when unreleased or when in Kyuu Kyou. The attack will most likely damage the user's hand in the process as well.

Hana Moeru (花燃える Lit: Burning Flower): Hana Moeru channels the user's reiatsu into petal-like objects and vibrates them until the petals burst into flames. It then sends the petals out in an expanding radius. The flower petals they resemble depends on the user. Only Sugiura with either their element or their reiatsu as fire can learn it.

Yuurei Gensou (幽霊幻想 Lit: Phantom Illusion): Despite the name, Yuurei Gensou has nothing to do with illusions. It creates a round pulsating seal in front of the user's palm, which then sends out a paralyzing ring of energy. If it hits and traps an enemy, the user can attack the circle, causing that damage to be transferred to the trapped opponent.

Energy Petals: This spell creates the flower-petal like design like Hana Moeru. It will either have sharp or exploding properties depending on the user. They are sent out like Hana Moeru as well. It is the standard way to attack without a Sacred.

Surudoi Hikaru (鋭い光 Lit: Piercing Light): Surudoi Hikaru sends out a single beam of light that is almost like a telescopic pole. The attack is meant to be accurate and not wide-spread.It requires high concentration and a good eye to be used to its fullest.

Hahen Souseiki(破片創世記 Lit: Shard Genesis): Hahen Souseiki is most effective at attacking those with strong armor or durable bodies. The user sticks his or her hand out and makes it appear as if it were a gun. Of course, it still is a hand obviously. At the end of the index finger, a marble will appear and fire off like a bullet. Once the marble enters the body, it will first emit spikes from all across the surface. This is followed by the spikes firing throughout the body. More spikes are made from the marble itself, so once the marble is used up the spikes will stop firing. The more reiatsu channeled into the marble before firing, the larger the marble.

Hahen Dama (破片球 Lit: Shard Sphere): Hahen Dama is a larger, more unrefined version of Hahen Souseiki. It requires a larger amout of reiatsu to be pumped in before it can be fired. To launch, the user uses his or her palm instead of the index finger. It moves at a much slower speed than Hahen Souseiki when fired. It rotates as well, which is a hint to its future purpose. Once it reaches a certain area, it will start sending spikes in all directions. Its main purpose is total eradication. The spikes use up the mass of the sphere, much like Hahen Souseiki.

Oblivion Arc
This is a more destructive set of magic that is well known for its devastating effects in the battlefield. This spell requires moderate reiatsu in order to cast. By sticking the palm outward, an arc of luminous crimson lightning is shot out, the arc usually strecthing out to 9 feet. The arc moves at a speed similar to an arrow, and dissipates upon hitting anything other than another being. If the arc strikes someone else, it will cause some serious burns from the inside out, rather than from the outer surface, due to its fevid, unique magical propeties. But that's not all. If there so happens to be someone else right next to it, the Oblivion Arc will jump off the first body, scorching the other one. The more people that are next to each other, the further the oblivion arc shall travel, and the greater the overall damage becomes. This is excellent for dispatching groups of enemies at once, though, the user can also be struck byit, if too close to the enemy. The size and soeed of Oblivion Arc cannot be increased, but more arcs can be fired in rapid sudcession if the user is adept enough

Oblivion Sphere
Oblivion Arc MUST be learnt first before Oblivion Sphere. This spell is more costly, compared to the former, due to its more destructive power. By sticking both hands out, a large, glowing crimson sphere is fired, usually the size. A deep hum can be heard emerging f.rom the sphere, sounding like an electric generator. The sphere moves as fast as the arc. As soon as it gets close to people, Oblivion Arcs will shoot out of the sphere towards the enemy. The sphere itself is incredibly hot, and contact with it will incinerate the enemy from the inside out. At least 4 arcs can be contained in a sphere. The size, and quantity of arcs contained can increase by using more reiatsu. The user can get struck by this attack if nearby AFTER the sphere is fired. Any cold based attack will successfully damper the sphere's power. Another energy attack can be used to overwhelm the sphere.

Boundary Field of Alert: A basic spell not suited for combat. It can be erricted around a rather large area and will alert the user of anyone entering, unless they can completely mask both Reiatsu and visibility, since the field checks for both things. Nearly all Sugiura are able to at least protect their own home with one of those. If the user is asleep, he/she will instantly wake up once someone intrudes the field.

Boundary Field of Hiding: Another basic shielding spell, this renders an object or person inside a seal on the ground, drawn out of Reiatsu of the user, invisible to the naked eye. However, Reiatsu can still be sensed, and the object/person is still there - noises can be heard, and the objects can still be touched. The largest recorded Boundary Field of Hiding at one time was big enough to fit Shimuras mountain into it completely. It needs a constant supply of spiritual energy to stay active.

Boundary Field of Destruction: A seal on the ground that is more of a trap than an active attacking spell. Once someone steps on the invisible seal on the ground, the boundary field is set loose by the user, and a stream out of pure energy or energy of the element the user has shoots out of it, damaging the trespasser. A skilled user can turn a normal area into a minefield. If one is VERY skilled with detecting spiritual energy, it is possible to sense the fields.

Boundary Field of Isolation: A combination of sealing and barrier techniques, this can store an object into a pocket dimension. A seal will appear on whatever object or body part it is sealed in, the size depending on the power and size of the object itself. Sealing a Sacred inside someones arm, for example, would turn the whole arm into the sealing point. The seal can be revoked only by the user, and it is not possible to seal the powers of someone else forever, unless the own power far exceeds the power of the sealed object. A variation of this can only be used by Shimura, and this variation can even seal people, Guardian Beasts or Sacreds until she wishes them released, making the most dire and feared punishment in Sugiura Law not death, but eternal sealing.

Guardian Beast Unsealed

Joushou: The first form of release breaks away the chain around Susano'os hilt.
It increases Takuris control over the storm by a lot - a single flick of her wrist or sword now has the power of a storm strong enough to bend over an ages old tree to near-breaking point, and her Wind Slicer becomes strong enough to cut through steel. Other than that, as long as this state is active, the sky above the fighting area will slowly be covered in a thick layer of clouds, until it'll finally start to rain. This rain will increase in strength over time, until it is a full-out drenching one. There is no wind involved yet, though.
This form also grants Takuri a number of special attacks designed for raw power.
Spinning Stab - Sword of Piercing: Takuri focuses wind around her blade and stabs it forward, either in close-combat or at range, which will release a spinning, cutting whirlwind raging towards the enemy. The 'tip' of this whirlwind is as sharp and fast as a high-energy drill, and the following rest of it is a widening whirlwind. The full width on the end of the whirlwind is about half the size of Takuris body.
Reversal Dash - Waters of Illusion: Not an illusion as much as an optical trick, only useable if there is already a thick rain falling. Takuri dashes at the enemy with a glowing blue sword, charged with storm energy - but this Takuri is a fake, as she is actually dashing at the enemy from behind, and what the enemy sees is merely a reflection on the water controlled by Takuri. The closer the fake Takuri gets, the easier it is to spot the trickery. The slash itself has the force of a crashing tidal wave.

Zenou: In Zenou, Takuris red markings start to constantly glow. Also, her armor can only be used at half strength at best now, since most of her Reiatsu is needed to support the offense. The weather on the battlefield now gains high-speed winds in addition to even stronger rain, obstructing vision and hearing to everyone but those immune to it or those on Takuris side. Her winds pick up intense velocity, able to snap a tree in two with a thrown storm gale. She can literally blow someone away with this, but even more, her physical power increases. To make an example: Before Zenou, a single slash might cause a slight whirling wind.
Now, a single swipe of her blade is able to send a storm forward just like her storm-controlling left hand.
She gains one more special attack, in addition to her others, which all get enhanced.
Lions Roar - Apptly titled, this move works by Takuri shooting out a big amount of her energy into the clouds the commands, thus this move is not useable in areas too small to host her weather-changes.

Kyuu Kyou: In her Final Stage, Takuris body changes. This form looks much more 'purified' than her normal one, and has a distinct similliarity to her older sister, Misaiko. The red symbols also change shape, and still represent the flowing Reiatsu throughout her body.
Takuri Sugiura WIP TakuriKyuuKyou
In this form, a natural armor of fast winds surround her body, which can cut up enemies attacking her slightly. This shield causes tractions and high velocities around her weapons, making them look blurred, or even like on fire. Furthermore, she can now compress her lightning into orbs and throw it, after which they will explode into unpredictable, short lightning-storms.
That is not all, though. Her Kyuu Kyou unlocks the final aspect of storms, extreme winds. A flick of her wrist can now release strong gales of wind with high brutality and blunt force. In this form, she can freely make her whips sharp like blades, though she actually prefers to simply form the water into a sword shape in her left hand and turn it into an actual lightning blade using her excellent elemental control.
Using a combination of all three elements, this completes Takuris personal three elemental swordstyle.

Fifth Act: Calm Grace
The winds normally surrounding Takuri die down, and it actually seems like her powers disappear, since both her controlled water and the lightning disappear - until she moves down her blade, and makes a gigantic lightning bolt burst down from the sky. This force of nature has immense power, and a five post cooldown. It is supposedly stronger than the regular Cero Oscuras. The bolt is guided by the direction Takuris sword is facing. After usage, her passive and active powers return to her.

Sixth Act: Swarm Strike
The attack said to be able to cut down an entire flock of birds within a second. Takuri focuses lightning, water and wind around her blade, giving it the signature orange glow, before releasing it with a single swiping motion close up. It releases slicers of combined three elements, around 100 of them, to hit the enemy from all sides if successful. Three post cooldown. Makes a certain 'cling' sound, like a bell ringing, when used.

Seventh Act: Glory of Mercy
A swipe executed with extreme precision from close up. This is a special strike that aims to paralyze whatever the enemy is using to direct his attacks - be it the arms, the legs, or even the whole body - by making a small cut using wind around the blade, and inserting an electric shock. This move can't kill the enemy, since a layer of water keeps the blade from cleanly cutting an enemy in two even if the swipe of the sword would've normally done that.

Closing Act: Swordstream
A final attack, executed only in hopeless situations. After usage, Takuri instantly has to power down into her sealed state, and can't unseal her sword for at least one entire weak unless she finds a way to regenerate her Reiatsu reserves this move burns.
For the move itself, Takuri focuses all she has into her sword. The golden dragon on the blade of Susano'o changes shape to where it glows like on fire, and seemingly comes to life. With one strike of Susano'o, Takuri releases all of her reserves, unleashing a bursting wave, or even, tsunami, filled with twisting whirlpools filled with electricity, high velocity wind, both blunt and cutting, and not to forget the fact that the water is travelling at high speeds. Swordstream is a move that grows weaker when Takuri is weakened, and a full powered Swordstream would need for her not to have fought at all before using it. The full power variant, though, would easily be able to cleave a canyon into the landscape. It would be more of a natural disaster than an attack. Needless to say, that form of it is impossible to use without the backslash not only draining her of all remaining strength, but it would also kill her. In other words, using this move NOT as a last resort would be suicide.

Takuri Alter

Overview: Takuri has another side to her. It was created when she fought off her natural instincts and seperated most of her constant negative thoughts and feelings from her mind, a split personality. This side is called Takuri Alter, and it is the personality of a very sadistic woman. But not only that, she seems to have absolutely no positives about her character at all - she enjoys all kinds of sufferings in the worlds, and doesn't mind experiencing it herself. Unlike the real Takuri, Alter can be very seductive and outgoing.
Alter Takuris abilities with the sword are gone - she uses it only for brute slashes, if at all. However, she is extremely adapt at using the water whip of Joushou, Zenou and Kyuu Kyou, both of them. Her fighting style loses some of it's strength in exchange for dealing more pain.

Appearance: Takuri Alter has more pale skin than her normal counterpart. Also, the eyes of her shine bright red in color, and the hair, wolf-ears and tail darken to black. The red markings on Takuris body also start to glow permanently with a slight light, unlike before.

Techniques: No additonal techniques.

History/Roleplay Sample

Notable Quotes:

"If you lay even one hand at my sister, I'll rip your spine out!"

"Destiny does indeed exist. It's up to us to ruin it's day."

"For the final and last time, I'm not getting married!"

Character Background:
~The Second Child~
Born as the second daughter of the first Sugiura, the evolved Shinigami named Shimura, she was much like her mother as far as appearance was going - having fur on both her arms and legs, in addition to a tail and wolf ears. Another strange thing, though, were the red markings all over her body - Shimura noticed that those were another path of 'evolution' her daughter had, since those marks were basicially the junctions of Reiatsu in Takuris body made visible.
As she and her sister grew up, both were very close. When training, Takuri often held herself back, letting Misaiko win every single spar in their entire life - when she was actually winning against everyone else. Her brutal style always seemed to soften up around her sister, and the protective urge she had for her older sister often resulted into people viewing her as the older sibling.
Still, Takuri was fine with being the 'little sister' in many regards. When the question for a ruler of the new race came up, Takuri would usually be out of question since she was not the oldest one - however, unknown to anyone but herself and her mother, Shimura, she was aksed to be the Queen once. The refusal came so quick that Shimura didn't even speak the entire proposal. Takuri felt that being a ruler would put those under her in dire danger at some point, and she should be proven right only a short time after this talk.
It was only shortly after meeting Otoya. Instantly disliking him, the one who was 'taking away' her sister at first, she soon grew to accept and even befriend the kind man with his strange but relaxing humor. Disaster struck at the still weak Sugiura kingdom around this time - but not in the dead of night, not in secrecy, but in open daylight. Training with her sister and their still un-named and spiritless Sacreds, Takuri suddenly felt a murderous intent rushing towards them. Without thinking, she pushed her sister out of harms way - and was hit by a black and white wind, which entered both her body and soul. The red markings on Takuris body lighted up like never before on that day. Shining bright red, Takuri fell down to the ground.

After waking up again, her head felt as heavy as a rock. Her inner world had been turned upside down, around, mirrored, got erupted and reconstructed all at the same time, but the worst part was: the spirit that invaded her.
Unlike the spirit of her mother Shimura, Susano'o wasn't a kind spirit. In fact, he was a warrior of the storms, a berserking man without much restraint, and even staying concious took quite a bit out of her. However, this also revealed her element - the storm, one of the strongest elements up to this day in pure offense quality.

Some days after being invaded by Susano'o, Takuri slowly came to terms with her beast. However, her whole nature became more rough, and her attitude was outright arrogant to anyone, even her siblings and mother - her power was now far above the level her sisters had at this point of time. Also, the pride of Susano'o infected her. However, this would all lead to the next great disaster when she was training with Misaiko again.
Susano'o influenced the young Takuri with his powers, and in a sudden fit of anger, she broke the training Katana of Misaiko with a punch of her fist from the side before nearly cutting her down. Suddenly stumbling backwards and holding her head, a pained scream escaped the girl trying to fight the way stronger spirit inside of her head.

On the night of that day, Takuri was sneaking out of the castle, but things didn't go as planned for her. Nobody but her older sister confronted her, but Takuri dashed past her, screaming one thing.
"Don't look at me!" Sounding terrified, something that never happened before, and disppeared into the night.
"Believe me... this is for the best, Nee-chan..."

Nobody but Takuri knows where she went during the next millenia. Even her mother, Shimura, was unable to locate her second oldest daughter anywhere. Unknown to them, Takuri had fled into what would later become the human world, in an attempt to tame herself and her own dark nature. Fighting against Susano'o for years without stop, she slowly noticed - there was no way to win against this spirit if she kept her old ways.
Meditating for days in her inner world, ignoring Susano'o completely, Takuri calmed her mind, body and Reiatsu for the first time. During this time of self-reflection, she started to create many ways to channel Reiatsu - she created the first really strong magic spells of her race, with her pride of creation being Shinkai, a spell either being the ultimate shield or attack, depending on the user and situation. In fact, she even managed to optimize this spell over the years, creating the 'Dai Shinkai', a spell so powerful that only very few could hope to use it without the danger of instant death.
This time was when Takuri managed to seal off her dark feelings. Becoming more and more calm, she and Susano'o started to get along quite nicely - with her control and his strength, they made a very strong team. Little did they know that the dark side Takuri had during the first times was her 'Alter' form - a being born from darkness within the heart and unleashed with the ultimate form.
After achieving her Sacreds release-stages without any problem at all now, some of the early human cultures thought that the works of her training were the works of a storm god.
After two millenia, Takuri returned to her homelands. However, she did not make contact with anyone, simply watching and observing. If she was right, then once Misaiko got her own Guardian Beast, she would have to face the same madness of power inside of her, and that feeling would sadly be proven true.

~Wind and Blaze~
When Misaikos powers took over her body and send Tenkou on the first killing spree of her existance, it was only the younger sister who had a chance of beating her. Appearing in heavy clothing that looked like multiple layers and wearing a mask, the twisted version of Misaiko still recognized her sister - and was slashing at her battle crazy.
It was a battle that is still told in legends today. The might of the two goddesses crashed against each other, changing the landscape in many locations forever with the sheer brute force both unleashed. In the end, when the swords clashed, it was Takuri who was still standing, with Misaiko breaking down, taking a deep wound from the straight sword Takuri was using in her unsealed form.
After she made sure that Tenkou got back into the farthest reaches of Misaikos spirit, she bandaged up her dear sister, and left in the dark of night. Only Otoya saw her, and had trouble recognizing her. Still, she left behind multiple scrolls - and on these, the secrets to all of her magic, showing that she truely cared for both her people and her older sister. Still, she felt that her wild side still was too strong.

~A God and a normal Life~
During the Edo Period in Japan, Takuri and Susano'o went seperate ways for a time. Without him, she was able to turn her body into that of a normal human, thanks to some illusionary mist. Experiencing the simple life of a shrine maiden, she was known as one of the most beautiful, but also cold women in the entire land. Even more, she never aged even one day, and whenever someone tried to force something in the temple, her swift katana was able to best any human in combat easily. Honing her mind and swordsmanship to insane levels, during these times, it was said that she at some point met the legendary swordsmiths, Muramasa and Murasame - one who could only create weapons to kill, and one who could make a true legendary sword.
Susano'o, on the other hand, raise up to the rank of a god when he slew Orochi, and took the sword out of it's belly, before giving it to Amaterasu, his 'sister' of sorts with whom he had an outfalling many years ago. The powers of the sword remained in him partially, and thus, Takuri is nowadays able to use it in her final form.

~Return to the Roots~
Finally, Takuri returned to her home world when the Edo Period and Sengoku Era ended, uniting with Susano'o once more, who had grown even stronger as a god now. Hiding in her homelands again, she collected information on everything she passed up on in history - Otoya was most likely dead, the same for Archer, his guard. The first son and prince, Masato Wataru Sugiura, had been judged guilty of murder and attempting to kill his father and was sealed away, and some kid named Odysseus was the new king - in short, everything went to hell while Takuri was gone.

Returning to the palace for the first time in many millenia, Takuri was quickly stopped by the guards. The commotion caused by the being hidden in heavy clothes and a mask was big enough to alert Misaiko, who quickly entered the scene - and after dismissing the guards, hugged her younger sister and welcomed her back.
Since that day, Takuri became the new 'black knight' of the Sugiura Order, and the closest Guardian to Misaiko. That was roughly 200 years ago.

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