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Sugiura Template


Name: Shimura Sugiura
True Age: 25,000. However, she may be older, but then, no one can correctly gauge Shimura's age, in fact with her childish nature, and her youthful appearance it's hard to decipher her age without doing much research.

[|--------Benevolent---------| ]

While this is not a defining trait among her daughters, it is the main force behind the woman known as Shimura. She is a woman with a heart sweeter then Cherries and strawberries or flavorful ice cream. It is very rare to incite anger within this woman's soul. Since she has endured much scorn and revilement, she simply smiles at insults and always resigns to settle matters within a peaceful and respectful manner. This stems from the fact that, since she was raised around greed, hate, and Derision, she aimed to be as far away from her parents and family as possible in order to not only create a better environment, but strive to greater heights as her life progressed on. This sort of futility she had within her heart forged what Shimura is today. She is always seen acting like a child around children, so much so - that on many occasions most strangers who did not know Shimura but knew Misaiko, would often confuse her for being the daughter of her own child. She is not a conventional leader at first sight. In fact, one can say that most of the time she's quite the hopeless woman; But those who allow themselves to think in such a manner, do not know her in the slightest and fail to look beyond what she truly is, a leader. She believes that her benevolence has nothing to do with her personality and simply writes off the opinion's of others are mere mockery that won't do much.

If we'd like to delve deeper within the definition of benevolence then next two meanings are; Well meaning and kindly. She certainly fits these words down to her very bone. She is known for her charitable attitude, undying generosity, and overall, known for helping out those in need; especially if those people are strangers. She can't name off hand, how many people she has helped in her life, but she can say with every fiber of her body, that she enjoyed every second it. The idea of seeing someone smile and thank her with earnest happiness makes her heart stir with giddiness each time. It should be unusual to be so happy from seeing someone else happy, but most will say that since Shimura never did make her deceased family happy - she instead aimed to make others happy. While she isn't naive or idiotic, she is lenient on many occasions, to a point, where it takes her own daughters to handle the law. For some reason unless the person has wronged her in a vituperative manner, she will rarely raise her blade in anger. However, even with all that leniency, if she recognizes a clear threat from someone or a statement directed towards her with killing intent, then she too will direct that same killing intent onto them. And execute them without any remorse. It is good to be nice, but in return of that kindness, she hopes that no one will take advantage of her. Her wrath seems to be scarier than her alter since her parents used her. Ever since that day, Shimura came to dislike honesty. Simply put, if you do not wish to incite anger within her being do not use trickery to get what you want. It isn't as though she'll be selfish, she simply requires truth and honesty. If one cannot accomplish those needs then they should keep their distance from her.

She is also warmhearted and gentle with children, teenagers, young men and women, and adults alike. She rarely tries to push her ideals on someone and once they have made it clear that they do not wish to have her company, she will simply shrug it off and keep on with her own business. She is not that persistent of a woman unless she truly cares for someone. Those people are usually her husband - Kiritsugu her child - Ilya or her son - Shirou. Now, this doesn't mean that we're excluding her daughters, these are simply some of the examples of people she is closest too that she cares about with every iota of her soul. if anyone ever dared to endanger her daughters or the three stated above, they would see a woman, who some say, is even scarier then the evil demons of hell. as the saying goes; "Hell hath no fury then a woman scorned." In any case, it need not to be said what fate befalls the fools. In fact no one truly tries to find out what she does to people who aim to kill her kin. Even great friends whom she has known for years and years of her life will always be protected, no matter what. If they die, then you can be sure, that the lady of winter will be at your doorstep with not only her family, but her entire race. She believes in; "if you attack one of us, you're attacking all of us. " in her own words too. If that alone doesn't mortify someone then what does?

To sum it all up, Shimura only aims to appease and make everyone who's closest to her happy. For her, there is no greater feeling. In fact, her personality is not too far off from Yuusuke Onodera, The human who fights for the smiles of others. A smile brings Shimura great joy. And those around her love Shimura when she's in a happy mood. In fact, most say that seeing her sad is as rare as seeing a rare artifact imbued deep within the confines of the world. In any case, compliments are also a great way to win her affection and love. She enjoys being pampered and babied by her husband and by others. As it was stated way, way above, Shimura is quite a child around even her own daughters. Her husband often teases her, and when this happens, she tends to break out into fake tears in order to make him feel bad. Misaiko will often go as far as stating;"With how that woman acts...i'm sure i'm her mother and that the orders were reversed. Though we're still not done yet! this vibrant and delicate gem still has quite a few parts of her personality before we can truly understand who Shimura Sugiura is. Don't be afraid to stay tuned, to find out what else makes this lady's soul stir. Furthermore, there is still much to know about Shimura, this is simply one of many things that make up who she is.

General Appearance

Appearance: (A picture will suffice here, otherwise a paragraph on their overall appearance and another on their clothing)
Animalistic Traits: (Most Sugiuras have animalistic traits. If your character has some, what kind of traits are they?)
Appearance Age: (How old do they look?)

Natural Abilities

Techinques: This is where you post what your guardian beast allows you to do, whether it be elemental or spiritual. Each guardian beast holds a power over a certain element or something you can control.

Magic: The Sugiura's have a list of their own Magic they use as well as Shinigami Kido, you can have up to a bit of kido but not every single part of it, also mix it between the magic and Kido. They cannot be a kido master, but can be quite talented at it. however a sugiura could be a master at their magic spells of course. depending on the the type that is.

Sacred Weapon: A weapon of power that a Sugiura is born with,is able to summon and is able to train with. Doing so unlocks each different stage of its power as well as giving them a proverbial list of ablities to play around with, such as shikai/bankai-type moves.

Other Weapons: What type of weapons does your character carry other than their sacred?

Guardian Beast

Element: What element do you and your beast control? Usually, most Sugiuras are born with an element or gain it through finding out about their guardian beast (Who Can usually be Something Like A God, Godess, Dragon, or etc.) However, an element is not all a Suguira can control. It can be reitsu, reishi, etc.

Guardian Beast: (This is the Beast that you summon. Once you say "Summon" followed by the Beast's name, the Guardian Beast shall appear from the inner world of your mind) Basically the Guardian Beasts are the zanpakuto spirits to Sugiura Sacreds. they work in a similar manner and grant similar ablities as well.)

Guardian Beast's World: How does their world look. It can be noted that you can also visit your Guardian Beast's spirit realm to gain knowledge or train to reach a certain level.

Sacred Unleashed

Joushou:("Ascending") Joushou is the first stage of a Suguira's power. This is like their Shikai. It is only tapping into a small percentage of their power, exactly 25%. It is mainly the form that they dream of, and it is up to the Guardian beast to decide if the wish is to be granted or not.

Zenou: ("Almighty") This form is their version of Bankai. This takes many years to learn, and then many many more to perfect. This is only tapping into 50% of their power. Their speed, strength, stamina, and durability increases quite a bit.

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate") The final stage of a Suguira's power. This is 100% of their power, and their soul. Their abilities are increased substantially, and most of the time Kyuu Kyou is forbidden to be released. Few have mastered it, for it is so taxing to release it. It is manifested as the true form of one's soul.

Alter Form

Alter Appearance: (What your Alter Form looks like. It has to have some resemblance to the original. You only get an Alter Form when you have Kyuu Kyou)

Alter Personality: (How your Alter Form acts.)

Alter Powers: (What kind of powers does your Alter Form have that your original form doesn't have?)

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

To begin, Shimura was nowhere near what she is today. The young woman was born into a family, or clan, known only as the einzberns. The family was to be one of the great noble clan's in the beginning, but each time, they failed to meet that success and were often stepped upon because of it. They were always a family of power, and would do anything to show that they were higher then everyone else. This, of course, went for everyone in their family. Mother, father, daughter, son, uncle, everyone had this air of arrogance and the need to be above everyone else. At the time, there were two rival families, the Matou and the Tohsaka. Their rise to greatness was exceedingly higher then the einzbern. At the time, they exemplified nobility and produced great warriors. This angered the Einzbern to no end. They too, wanted to produce a child of worth and time and time again they failed becoming nothing more than a trifle to their rivals. Eventually the three families who were together had disbanded due to their growing hate. The matou went within the parts of what would later be called the Rukongai, while the Tohsaka went within a secluded area that would also become a district within the soul society. No one can say how this began, but, they would send warriors from their respective clan to do battle with the other to show just who of the three were the best and each time, each godforsaken time, the einzbern had no success. They became so envious, so angry, that they had forbid any of their family members to befriend a matou or a Tohsaka.

There was no way of reconcile between these three families and time and time again, they did nothing but bare their fangs against the other. There were wars, there was bloodshed, and there was even kidnapping, anything to curse the name of the enemy clan would suffice. Eventually, when the soul society started to become more advanced, they too improved. The Matou family at some point or another, stopped producing great warriors due to unforeseen factors. This made the Einzbern very happy, one of their rivals were out of the race of supremacy. Now, only the Tohsaka were a threat. There existence would always be everlasting. The Einzbern were declining in not only talent, but worthy warriors as well. They wanted to fix their defects and each day they dreamed of giving birth to a child that would bring glory to their name. this is finally where, Shimura, was given birth too. Her parents gave birth to her in a wonderful shed. There were happy to know that maybe, just maybe, this would be the sign of a blessing. A sign, that, would give them a worthy leader. Shimura did indeed have potential - but produced no results. That was fine; she would improve as time went on. She was only a child, barely old enough to talk or walk right - how could she produce result's at this time?

They assured themselves that she was only growing and needed a push in the right direction. Yet when she reached an age, where she could produce these results, she failed each and every time. Usually, shinigami had at least some natural talent that could be noticed, even if they weren't incredibly strong - but Shimura had none of these talents. At the time, before an academy was even conceived within the soul society, the matou, tohsaka, and Eiznbern surprisingly came to an agreement to work together and made built their own academy within the soul society. This would allow the novices to improve and it was a chance to see if the three families could get along together. in the end, the result was wonderful, everyone became successful and the three families who had originally despised each other, became great allies. Yet, among the success, Shimura was an utter failure and she was ridiculed by her parents and fellow classmates. Where other's started to learn kido, Zanjutsu, and other forms of shinigami combat, Shimura's training in all of these fields yielded no result. Not only did this anger her parents, but, they started to become abusive towards her. Since they were raised to become a successful individual, she would too. there was no room for failure. There was no love from her parents, only their desire for greatness. Shimura, as a loyal child, accepted their hate and ridicule. She was a failure and she had to improve to see a smile on their faces, but still, she did nothing right. So one day her mother told her some thing that would crush her entire world....something that would destroy and break Shimura.

"If you were going to become such a failure when you grew up, i should've never given birth to monster..."

Everything about Shimura was far too unusual. She had wolf ears and a wolf tail, at the time, such an appearance was strange. And while others were able to successfully find their zanpakuto spirits. She had none. She was an unusual young girl who did nothing but mess everything up for everyone around her. Her heart was broken in pieces; how could her mother who use to give her encouraging words of love curse and revile her so? But still, even with her hateful words, Shimura begged for forgiveness and tried to improve on her negatives, each and every time. Still, failure came, each bigger then the last. At the time, Shimura started to question the reason for her existence. How could an abomination like her ever find salvation? everyday was unlucky and nothing was pleasant. She was bullied inside her home and outside of her home and cried each day. But, soon, this would end. Shimura would become something far better then her family. Those who had ridiculed her, those who had insulted her, all of them would, one day, come to worship her as a savior. Because she would not only save their land from destruction, but the soul society as well.

Shimura Sugiura Light%20dragon


A roar which shook the very foundation of Soul society, was heard 30 feet above the sky. No one knew what was going on - but deep down - they were afraid of the impending doom coming towards them. Villagers ran, shinigami took their positions to fight against the oncoming threat, but they too possessed fear against that which they did not know. Then, "it" appeared. It was a large dragon with a humanoid shaped body. No, large was far from what it was - gigantic was a better description for what had appeared before them. It roared, and roared again, each more mortifying then the last. The spiritual energy alone was unlike anything the shinigami had ever felt before and this caused them to go into a state of disarray. At the time, no one could defeat that mighty deity. No one knew what it was, no one knew of it's existence, they just knew that somebody or something had angered it and this was the punishment they were suffering through because of that person. But, if one had to call this beast angry, then no, "it" wasn't. She was saddened by a tragic loss caused by one of the shinigami killing her kin, a child that she bore. Yes, that was the true gender of the beast causing this destruction. So, then, how could it be stopped? no one knew and their hope for escape was declining by the second.

But, one fool, one person, stood before that beast. That person, was Shimura. What else could she be called but a fool? standing before that monster. Before this point, everyone told her that she would die and at this point, she had no qualms with that. She couldn't stand living her life any longer. To be in front of this beast, without guarding herself, it was as though she were asking for death but just before the beast could attack, she spoke. "You're in pain too, right?" she asked, looking up at the beast with her red crimson eyes. the dragon stopped and looked down. "...." She smiled and walked towards her. "'s wrong to attack others because of that pain...because if you attack them..." she looked up at her and spoke with an earnest smile. "then you'd be no different then whoever hurt you. " The dragon stopped, taking in her words, as she looked down at Shimura. Instead of attacking the girl, her body began to take on a humanoid female form. This caused Shimura to jump up and fall back over in surprise and slight fear. "...Ah...?" she could barely come up with intelligent words and simply looked at the woman in awe of her majestic form. "My Genesis....a guardian beast. Even though, i am still angered, your word's are true. i do not wish to harm the innocent. " Genesis smiled and held out her hand for Shimura to hold. The moment Shimura's finger touched Genesis's hand a phenomenon unlike any the soul society had seen before happened before them. This was the beginning of the birth of a Sugiura.

Shimura's body had not only took on a human form, with her ears and tail gone, but an amazing surge of power and spiritual energy had entered her entire being. Each part of her body felt amazing, and she felt the power rising by the second. When she looked back, the people cheered, and thanked their savior. Shimura couldn't believe her eyes, not only did strangers cheer and thank her, but the people who had ridiculed and teased her to no end looked up to her. After looking upon this group of heralds, her eyes began to water with tears of joy and happiness. This was the praise she had wanted her entire life and now, it was finally given to her. Days later, she would experience even more happiness and realize the worth of what had just happened. Because Genesis had joined with her, she started to see major changes within her techniques. Everything she had failed in originally, had now became little more then mere trifles to her. She became a great warrior and people came to her each day thanking her for her heroic deed. Even her parents, who had cursed and vituperated her, worshiped her and gave her their utmost thanks. The one who was born without talent, the one who was looked upon as an abomination, the one who was reviled, sometimes tortured, and cursed for her weaknesses - that girl had become a legend. Who would've surmised that turn of events?

Roleplay Sample: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences minimum)

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