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Sugiura Template


Name: Iori Sugiura
True Age: 1600
Gender: Female

Iori has no designated personality, as it is nearly impossible to pinpoint how she feels. She is a person who often hides her emotions, through being cold and callous to most individuals around her. Not only that, but she seems to possessed an air of arrogance around her, due to her fighting abilities. While it is not done purposely, their is always a aching hint of that attitude that is presented to others. She is not one who will admit her downfalls or blunders, and would rather push people away by insults. She is definitely not the example of a daughter that Misaiko gave birth too. However, only people who are truly close to Iori get to see the special side that is not often revealed to the viewers or the people that come face to face with her. While she may present the notion that she is not a nice girl, with respectful mannerisms, those who happen to catch her interest delve into a world, they would not expect with Iori.
Iori is a fierce, but balanced warrior who enjoys combating a worthy opponent. she has a playful attitude and takes a very carefree approach to life, but is quick to work herself into a frenzy during a heated battle. This side of her is very loyal, and she loves to tease people, on many occasions. She is very loyal to the people around her, and will stop at nothing to keep them from harm's way. While it may be presented in a somewhat strange manner, Iori is a very like-able tomboy, with quite the sense of humor.

This show's that she is simply a girl who seeks to improve in life, through various ways. It even reveals that she is not as cold hearted as she outwardly appears. Her honor in battle is often brought about, by opponents who fight despite suffering multiple injuries. She even claims that while she may find Shirou's ideal's to be flawed, she can do nothing but respect his courage and heart, and a will of a man who never gives up. It is not just legend, that can appease this girl. While these traits may make her seem high and mighty, she is quite envious of her sisters, as she feels lowly to them. Midori and Saeko, are people that are quite popular within the homelands of the sugiura. Iori seems to have gained a sour reputation with a few of the crowds, however. She often tries to improve upon these defects, but can never reach fulfillment. We see that Iori does not view herself in a perfect light, nor does she try to make others perceive that she is as high as one can get on the food chain of warriors who take place in various parts of the world. Rather, she wants to be a lot like the people around her, by befriending them and seeing how people should act to one another. Misaiko is often capable of showing Iori the ways of human interaction, as well as interacting with her fellow kin. Most of her attempt's at socializing, are often successful and it helps her see the error of her ways. If one had to describe iori in the best way, it would most likely be that of a Tsundere. Those coined with this nickname are special.

A Tsundere is a term used to describe a Japanese character development process that describes a person who is initially cold and even hostile towards another person before gradually showing their warm side over time. The word is derived from the terms Tsun Tsun (ツンツン?), meaning to turn away in disgust, and Dere Dere (デレデレ?) meaning to become 'lovey dovey'. This trait of Iori is often used for comical purposes. Yet, it also fits her over all personality. She is definitely capable of exhibiting emotions such as love, as seen with her falling in love with Arcueid before her sealing process, and her most childhood crush on Saitou. She is always the first one to say that she doesn't care and will turn away, but when most can catch a close glimpse, one of her eyes are always opened, with a small blush over her cheeks. It is due to her tsundere properties that she is even popular in castle town, as the males have become quite smitten with the tsundere phenomenon. All in all, we see that Iori is a person who may seem ferocious and savage, but is also capable of exchanging pleasantries with strangers, her close friends, and many of the people around her. Creating what may seem like a double personality to others, is simply Iori being able to open up to others without being inchoate in understanding their feelings.

||||The||||Broken|||Doll ||

This is the saddening result of having lost everything to the most hated enemy of the world, Heroism. Her personality has turned far from her confident air of happiness, that most people knew her for. To see such a sight, would make one sigh. Her countenance is either very depressing, or angry because of this horrible change of fate. Having experienced humiliation by his hand's, she has constantly cursed herself to the point of loyally following him to a point, where she would not even make a single retort, as opposed to the past. In a way, Iori has become a machine with the sole purpose of saving Ilya. Most who experience Iori's personality now, would not even recognize her due to her mute-like mood. She rarely talk's to Heroism's Espada in fear of being attacked and later punished by the Hollow king himself, or being killed without being protected. The tomboyish attitude, that built her, has now been replaced with stagnant and hesitant shyness. When speaking now, her tone is often cold and eerie, as opposed to the loud and confident way of speaking, that she became accustomed too. In a way, she has literally been broken, without something or someone to fix her pieces.

Yet somewhere, she's still waiting for someone to come and save her and Ilya. She weakly await's for a day, where she can return to her old self and be happy once again. However, she believe's that such a day will never come, in fact, with how the odd's are stacked, it will never happen. However, she still wait's, and will continue to wait. Hope will vindicate her one day. The question is simple, will anyone be there to save her? One can only speculate the grim future that await's the fallen goddess of victory.

General Appearance


Iori Sugiura(WIP) Df98u9

Animalistic Traits: Iori has wolf traits, just like her mother, however they don't appear in just ears, they also appear in the form of large paw like wolf claws on her hand. They have a long range and the destructive power to punch through dense objects, that would otherwise be useless by human standards. She rarely uses her claws unless she's truly angry. In a comical context most people refer to her paws as feeling soft and squishy when they touch it or poke it, which is a big surprise considering how destructive they can be. She is thus reffered too as "squishy" by Midori, much to her chagrin.

Appearance Age: 19-20
Height: 5"11
Weight: 143 lbs.

Natural Abilities


Muso: Like humans are able to harness their inner energy - This technique seems to be based on the principles of using the body as the weapon and is said to be quite similar to the Shunko state shown by Yoruichi Shihouin. To begin, the technique makes use of high spiritual pressure. Lower warriors will never be able to master this technique unless they are at a supreme state of being. In order to bring this technique to it's Zenith, a requirement is that Iori uses her body as the center or the conduit for her spiritual energy. By accomplishing this task, each part of her body becomes more nimble and agile then it did before and is able to perform hand to hand techniques with devastating and tremendous force. By using her spiritual energy in this manner she has no worries of losing her strength during this state. In fact, while her speed increases, the muscles in her body start to harden and become more toned then before. Not only does this allow her to take down larger opponents(Think Yammy or Jidanbo), but it allows for her body to become a shield, turning it into pure steel. Thus, if an opponent attempts to attack with their blade, Iori can use her new found physical abilities to block the bladed weapon with her bare hands and survive fatal wounds that would otherwise hinder her in a long and drawn out battle. Endurance, Defense, Attack, and Ferocity; these are the things that make up the power of Muso. However the flaw In muso, is that if concentration is lost, the concentrated energy will become unbalanced and While Iori's body won't suffer damage, it won't gain the desired result either. The moment between concentration and execution, is key.


Fumeiko: By focusing reiatsu on the heels of the legs and pushing said reiatsu at incredible speeds, the user's speed is increased unbelievably, to the point that the technique is speculated to be some type of space/time manipulation. The user leaves behind numerous afterimages resembling the user to the highest extent - the afterimages act exactly like the user, even being able to blink their eyes and attack by themselves. They can be hit by a very strong attack, causing them to disintegrate into reiatsu. Through iori's own ingenuity, she has devised a way of bringing out even more power with this technique. When used in combination with her time abilities she is capable of making "clones" that appear all around the opponent, to not only trick and hinder their performance but confuse them until they reach the boiling point. An angry warrior, is a useless warrior. The limit of clones confers to how long her time abilities are in play. For example, if she were to accelerate her time she could in theory - create 100 clones before having to deactivate her time abilities or watch her velocity and speed, since there is only so much speed that can be gained by utilizing time manipulation. Now, an even trickier way of using this technique in conjunction with her time abilities would be to decelerate instead of accelerate, because not only is the time of the "clones" slowed down, but she's also able to prepare herself for large scale energy attacks or opponents who may well be as fast as her.

Shatter: Shatter is the ability to shatter the wind around the user, and use the wind shards in an offensive and defensive matter. The amount of wind or air that can be shattered is in direct correlation to the amount of reiatsu pumped into the fist. When released into the air, the reiatsu spreads out in a spiderweb fashion (at the highest level of power, the weakest is just a bubble) that is capable of holding the glass shards until they are ready to be fired. This technique can be used to increase speed as well, by constantly shattering the air in front of someone, it can help remove the air friction.

If the opponent uses a fire or water technique, Iori can shatter the oxygen inside of it to reduce it's structure (removing the oxygen) and destroying the fire/water (since it cannot exist without oxygen) although this technique is strongest against wind techniques.

This technique is capable of not only shattering wind, but also controlling the shattered remains (meaning Iori is basically invincible against most wind techniques). If the user so desires, they can shatter the air that is the approximate distance from the users fist to the opponents contact point of a punch, doubling or tripling the damage with wind shards, which can then be further used to spread wounds and cause horrible lacerations.

Way of the Moon: This, involves methods of merging spiritual power with physical strength, into one unified fighting force. According to Misaiko, it channels one's spirit on the outside, forming spiritual attacks that follow with martial art movements. These bursts of energy take different forms, based on the movements done by its user. To begin, one must push their body to their absolute breaking point, to the point where one is running on pure will-power alone. In order to compensate for the lacking of physical stamina, spiritual energy begins to accumulate inside every part of the body. Because the body is empty of physical stamina, it is running on pure spiritual power. This shift is indicated by an immense dense aura of spiritual power surrounding the user. in order to fully, utilize Way of the moon, one must be able to be one with their own spiritual energy, Will power, is also a key in using this technique to the utmost. Their was a Master and practioner, of the technique, but since their history isn't in the record, Iori is said to be the successor of the technique

Typhoon Fist: This move is used to make an ordinary punch more powerful and destructive. By thrusting a fist forward, the upper half of the arm is engulfed in rapidly swirling winds, which congregate into a small tip right above the fist, creating a drill composed of rapidly spinning winds. This attack can be used either in the air or in the ground, and can be used to drill into highly durable armor and obstructions. This attack can be used with both arms at once, to add even more damage in total.

Air Cannon: By clapping both hands together, a concentrated burst of wind is unleashed, protruding out for 2 meters, with a 1 meter width. The person can use this attack in the air or on the ground, at any angle, yet the person must remain still in order for the attack to be initiated. Any physical projectiles, or people who are hit by the attack will be forced away from the user, the strength of the blast depending on the weight of the opponent, and the force of the attack. Those who are light, weighing like an average human, will be blasted away as if they were cannon fodder, flying away for up to 5 miles before coming to a stop. Those that weigh about a ton or two will be launched only for 2 miles at half the speed. Those who weigh up to ten tons shall only be forced away by 100 meters. Anything beyond that will not be effected by the attack, by much, at least.

Genocide Cutter: Using the manipulation of wind, a foray of razor thin, cutting arcs is unleashed through several swift movements of the legs. These cutting arcs are efficent in slicing through durable substances such as hierro, and can be used to sunder and slice the opposition several times in a single second. The main method of using this is by rising up into the air whilst swinging the back leg (in the receiver's perspective) in an upwards arc, stopping when the foot is above the head, creating a lengthy crescent of cutting winds. To continue the attack, the back foot is quickly lowered, whilst the front foot is brought upwards, beyond the head, creating a second arc of cutting winds right after the first one immediately after the first, adding even more damage over the first attack.

Diving Gull: This is a technique to counter a physical attack from either the air, or the ground. The user poses herself, in dragon stance, with her front leg stretched far out, the foot positioned in front, and with the other leg nestled right next to the thigh, in preparation for the attack. Immediately afterwards, the user leaps up into the air, twirling 360 degrees, creating a short lived cyclone of strongly spinning winds, used to knock any incoming opponents off, whilst launching them upwards from the impact, temporarily stunned from the force of the attack. If done correctly, the opponent(s) should be right below the user. Then, a powerful dive kick is unleashed onto the opponent, with rapidly spinning winds surrounding the user's leg, making it a large drill. As a result, the opponent should be hurled deep into the ground, the spinning winds digging a hole into the area hit by the swift dive kick.

Tornado Piledriver: In the case that the opponent has been successfully grabbed from behind, this move can be used to subdue the adversary. Whilst keeping a tight grip on the victim, the user launches herself high up into the air, whilst spinning, enveloping the duo in a set of swirling winds. As the two travel higher and higher, the spinning becomes faster and faster, eventually turning centrifugal, the two being fully obscured in a small tornado. By the time the whirling cylinder hits the ground, a large explosion will occur, creating a crater spanning from 10-30 meters in diameter due to the intense force of impact. This attack is evermore useful the heavier the opponent is, and can be used to cause heavy damage onto the head.

Counter Cannon Burial Fist: The user utilizes a devastating counter towards a punch upfront. The user blocks with the arm that is opposite of the opponent, (Right block to left fist, for example.)Using an extended outward block to move the hand aside (Bring the arm inwards towards the fist to push it outwards, whist straightening the arm slightly to that the fist is close to the opponent's face), all the while, the vertical fist is tilted downwards, so that the top knuckles point towards the cheek of the opponent. Immediately after the block, the user flicks the fist upwards, the bottom knuckles striking the face of the opponent. Although the movement is subtle, a great amount of power is focused on the movement, resulting in a powerful hit right in the face, with enough force to send the enemy flying backwards a few meters. This technique is especially useful when fighting against tank type enemies, whose durable features make it difficult to cause any serious damage, or penetrate.

Talon's grasp: This attack is useful against a person upfront who is thrusting their sword directly forward. The user quickly brings one foot up northwest for the left foot, and northeast for the right foot, to move away from the blade being lunged forward, whilst keeping the back leg out, the entire foot nestled on the ground, rather than just the toes or the ball. The user then proceeds to send the hand opposite to the foot right into the opponent's face, gripping hard onto it, while unleashing a strong hook with the other hand into the back of the kidney of the opponent. As this happens, the back foot is quickly maneuvered right behind the back of the opponent's front foot. Keeping the foot sturdy, while pushing the opponent back by the face, and forward, through the fist, will send the opponent to the ground, lying on the back. This is a perfect set up to follow in with a second blow whilst the enemy is down, on the ground. Considering How powerful Iori's physical strength is, it is not unlikely that the next attack performed after this is always fatal.

Unnamed Technique: This move is best used against a person who lunges both arms/blades directly forward. The user utilizes what is known as a wedge block, which is bringing both hands together whilst wedging them in between the arms of the opponent, quickly separating the hands to spread apart the opponents arms to prevent the attack from hitting the user, doing so by either pressing against the forearm, or the wrists of the opponent. The user then quickly brings the hands towards the sides of the opponent's neck in unison, which should, at the very least, stun the adversary from the force of impact, if not cause some damage to the neck if enough force was applied. The hands are then quickly brought back, parallel to the shoulders, before immediately launching a pair of half-fists, with the palms facing the opponent, right into the face, thrusting the enemy backwards from the force, usually sending the opponent to the ground.

Guillotine's Drop: To be able to use this attack, the user must have successfully grabbed the wrist of the opponent, first, with the hand opposite of the hand of the opponent. Upon grabbing the wrist, the user quickly makes her way behind the opponent, keeping a firm grip on the wrist, whilst pressing the forearm of the other arm against the tricep of the arm, pressing onto the sensitive area, and rubbing hard against it, creating an arm-bar, the immense pressure from this lock being enough to cause the person to bend forward. Whence the opponent has bent forward, the user brings a leg high above the opponents head, and brings it down hard onto the back of the noggin, in a powerful Axe Kick, quickly letting go after impact. This technique is useful for dispatching a single enemy, or at least induce some disorientation from the strong impact. When coupled with Genocide Cutter, this could be used to fatally truncate the opponents head off.

Bajiquan: This art is the culmination of Iori's hand to hand abilities. An art that enthralled her ever since she was a young child. While a myriad of martial arts are known for their fluidity and beauty, Bajiquan is known only for it's brutality as evidenced by the legends who took up this art. It features explosive short range power, and when it's used by a master, they are capable of closing the distance towards faraway opponents within a minuscule frame of time. the art of Baji requires vigorous training, so much so, that many fail and tire out in the first stages. The body must be able to handle the training or else one will never reach true supremacy among the many masters of the art. While most techniques in martial arts are done with grace, the techniques used in Bajiquan are meant to end the battle as quickly as possible by using a combination of offense and defense. It also utilizes mounting attacks at the high, mid, and low levels of the body. It is most useful in close combat, as it makes use of bone crushing elbow, knee, fist, shoulder, and hip strikes. if done correctly a master of Bajiquan can end their battles in one precise blow which comes at the opponent like a ravenous gale. The essence of Baji quan lies in jin, or power-issuing methods, particularly fa jing (explosive power). The style contains six types of jin, eight different ways to hit and several principles of power usage. Most of baji quan's moves utilize a one-hit push-strike method from a very close range. The bulk of the damage is dealt through the momentary acceleration that travels up from the waist to the limb and further magnified by the charging step known as zhen jiao. Iori's sister, Midori, possesses knowledge of Piguaquan which is considered the sister martial art of Bajiquan. Needless to say, not only does this martial art teach you how to master your hand to hand techniques, but one is even capable of becoming a weapons master. In fact Iori doesn't just utilize the hand to hand forms of Baji, but a weapon form known in Baji as "Baji spear". A style that utilizes quick movements, mighty swings, and precise and powerful thrusts.

Walking Law of Suppressive Beckoning/Flashing Arrow Step: This Bajiquan technique utilizes instantaneous movement and is meant to surprise and disrupt the opponent's attack before it's even started. Not unlike that of the "Sen" step of Go-no-sen. Firstly, to initiate the attack Iori must first analyze the opponent's mannerisms. If they look to be exhausted, nervous, or stumble before Iori, she will take that window and attack with ultimate carnage. Secondly after the analysis is complete - the next step is to take a slight step forward without announcing your speed. This slight secret step is aptly referred to as the "moving stance" and is a dangerous secret skill within the Bajiquan art. Now after taking that step the next thing the user of the technique should do is utilize a sliding flash step technique using the balls of their foot or the user's own natural speed. Enhancements along with this technique poses an even more significant threat due to the momentum and velocity one can gain during motion. After these two steps are completed, one only needs to use their physical prowess and the reciprocal energy of the earth in order to complete it. By taking an emphatic step forward after closing the distance and utilizing the "Eight postures of the Buddha guards" stance, the user will bring their heavily planted fist forward not to the head nor to the neck but the heart. A single blow has the same power as a grenade exploding in front of someone's chest and not only will it send the opponent back like strand of hay through the air but once it's all over. The opponent's thoracic cavity has been destroyed under the weight of Iori's iron fist. and their lung and heart will end up pounded into nothing more than a mesh of meat, as a result of the full force blow.

Six Grand Openings - Elbow Upthrust: There are two manners, or variations, as some would call them, to execute this technique. The first, is a six hit combo done in a single instant. While the other, is just as the name dictates. For now, the first implementation is what shall be explained for this technique. To begin, the first step in completing this technique is to use it as a counter attack, rather then a direct attack. Iori must synchronize with her opponent's breathing, following them move for move. This simple action not only allows her to evade the attack with relative ease, but it also builds up the power and deception for the next step.

After evasion, Iori makes a feint in order to provoke the enemy into thinking that her intention is to attack with her sacred when in reality; she truly aims to attack with her powerful martial art's skill. After the opponent allows themselves to fall for the distraction, Iori goes in for the kill. She utilizes a series of powerful strikes. First, a set of double strikes between the ridge of the eye's - next, when the opponent is blinded from the first two strikes, Iori then deftly slides down between the rising target's arms avoiding any attack they may try to make despite their temporary loss of eyesight.

The next blow is a precision nerve strike to the throat, and then a secondary nerve strike to render natural defenses meaningless. The last two hit's consist of two powerful strikes to the heart. Now, with lethal force, this could potentially leave the opponent in a dire condition, due to the powerful might Possessed by Iori. without lethal force, most opponents would most likely be stunned for a small duration of time due to the physical stress. It is a wonderful matrimony of offense and defense, a technique worthy of the soul of Bajiquan.

The second way to use this technique, is that after the weapon is discarded, instead of using a series multiple strikes, the intention is to damage, and in some cases, kill the opponent with only two. To initiate this attack, Iori clamps down hard on the opponent's hand. Since the clamping hand is both strong and sturdy, it is very hard to escape, especially due to the quick movements and agility Iori has in her arsenal. Even then, once the opponent has ceded their attack it almost nigh-impossible to react to Iori's counterattack. After grabbing the opponent's right hand, Iori then moves in a snakelike motion and twist's her body deftly, then, soon after dives beneath the right arm of the opponent. In that instant, she will carry the opponent, in a manner that would seem as though she was supporting a wounded soldier, but in reality, is truly carrying their right arm over the back of her shoulder. After this, Iori then presses her side up against the opponent's waist, and then, unleashes a mighty left elbow strike against the opponent's heart and - simultaneously uses her left leg to strike down their supporting leg in order to disrupt their balance. Due to the extreme level of impact, most opponents with a low level of endurance and defense, will feel as though their paralyzed, not even having strength to move after being hit and will fall pathetically to the ground. Not only will the opponent feel as though their arms and legs have been dislocated, but they will suffer from two or three broken ribs as a result of the attack. In some cases, with very lethal force, this technique has been used to kill.

Eight Openings - The Standing Upward Cannon: If one is to consider Maken, a demonic or absolute technique of the sword that grasp's victory, then this is Iori's own "Maken". It is not something that requires a high levle of ingenuity, nor does it seem to boast a set of elaborate or complicated movements. It is a technique however, that when used correctly, can bring about victory and swipe away the opponents life. By concentrating, enhancing and pushing all force inside her body, she prepares herself for one powerful leap with her right foot. After stepping on the ground viciously, and takes her leap forward towards the opponent. The power of this leap alone is equal to about five whole steps, but since Iori is far beyond that of a superhuman, it is possible to close a distance of 100 meters or more, probably even higher, if we consider that she's able to use Time manipulation to accelerate her body. Now the danger of using this technique, is that the user also risk's damaging their own body after landing. Specifically, the left foot. Therefore, this technique must be used in a situation where the user believes that this technique will surely kill his or her opponent. A broken foot would greatly hinder Iori and would make her very susceptible to physical damage. To complete the technique, once Iori is in the direct radius where she and her opponent are close enough to make contact, her intention is to aim a powerful bone crushing upper hook towards the opponent's head. Due to the amazing amount of generation and the full force of all of Iori's physical might, this strike can literally shatter an opponent's skull into pieces. Therefore, it is truly a demonic and fatal technique used for, when Iori believes the time is ripe, that it will grant victory.


Sacred Weapon:

Other Weapons:

Houtengeki (天畫戟, Lit. Energy under the heavens)

Iori Sugiura(WIP) Fate-houtengeki

Iori's Sacred weapon is the mighty Houtengeki, a weapon that descends from early china, and in Chinese history, was wielded by a very famous general, Lu bu. it is an elegant polearm/halberd which hold's both beauty and destructive power in the hand's of a master. It was given to Iori upon her graduation from Li Shuwen's teaching's, during her younger year's. Needless to say, she would later use this weapon as her own sacred due to it yielding not only great benefit's, but as a sign of the wonderful memories she spent with her teacher in the past. it is also a polearm with many different uses such as thrusting, swiping, pulling, parrying, and various other fields of hand to hand combat. It also has a crescent-moon shaped blade, the crescent blade, and weapons with only one of these blades are called Seiryugeki. It is said that a great deal of skill is needed to handle this weapon, though its versatility and ease of use once mastering it allowed for it to be used to serve the appropriate role for any type of combatant. Its use eventually went out of favor as different dynasties rose and fell until it was revived during the Sung period as Houtengeki. Needless to say, the usage of such a top-heavy weapon is far removed from the normal use of weapons more similar to swords, Due to specific skill required for expert usage of the weapon considering the abnormal weight distribution of it. When Iori arms herself with this sacred in battle, she prefer's to use a style taught to her by her master known as "Baji Spear".

Guardian Beast

Element: Time

Guardian Beast:

Iori Sugiura(WIP) Ooo299a


Guardian Beast's World: How does their world look. It can be noted that you can also visit your Guardian Beast's spirit realm to gain knowledge or train to reach a certain level.

Sacred Unleashed

Joushou:("Ascending") Joushou is the first stage of a Suguira's power. This is like their Shikai. It is only tapping into a small percentage of their power, exactly 25%. It is mainly the form that they dream of, and it is up to the Guardian beast to decide if the wish is to be granted or not.

Zenou: ("Almighty") This form is their version of Bankai. This takes many years to learn, and then many many more to perfect. This is only tapping into 50% of their power. Their speed, strength, stamina, and durability increases quite a bit.

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate") The final stage of a Suguira's power. This is 100% of their power, and their soul. Their abilities are increased substantially, and most of the time Kyuu Kyou is forbidden to be released. Few have mastered it, for it is so taxing to release it. It is manifested as the true form of one's soul.

Alter Form

Alter Appearance: N/A

Alter Personality: N/A

Alter Powers: N/A

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

Iori was born as the second sister of the Royal Sugiura Clan. She was born many a while after her elder sister, Saeko and her elder brother, Wataru. She was a child of wonderful complexion, her skin was fair, her body only 3 or 4 pounds at birth. Misaiko was proud of giving life to yet another child, knowing that just like Saeko and wataru, she too would reach greatness. And so— on that wonderful day, she was held gently by her mother, and kissed on her head by her father. Surely, as they both wished, she would become a great girl, what type of girl, was up to fate it's self. So, as a few years passed and Iori grew into a child, she admired life as any young girl would. No one could clearly know just how she became so defiant and indifferent to people, that conclusion was as hazy as the reflection within the moon. Maybe it was because during the few time's she was allowed to go outside she never had many friend's to play with, because they feared her. If they did something wrong, she would automatically have them punished, because, if you were the daughter of royalty you were exempt from the rules of the games that the much more meagre children played. Iori at some point or another gave up trying to play with those kids and accepted her life of solitude. If they did not want to play with her, then fine, she had no intention of dirtying herself with strangers. Ah—yes, maybe that's when she started to chain up her emotions around other people. It was a logical answer; it was not something that she could be ridiculed for. She wanted to live like any other child, but due to her upbringing, was avoided like the plague. So, if they avoided her, what could she do but stay to herself and live life according to her and no one else?

Despite her anti-social behavior, she was still an obedient child. She accepted her mother and father's rule and played with her sister, on a daily basis. Family was the only thing she would hold close. If it weren't for her mother's guidance, Iori would've become a colder woman then anyone could've imagined. Misaiko's ubiquitous influence guided most of her daughter's into the path of righteousness. Even if they possessed an air of rebellion, they had never once thought of leaving the path of good and the path of kindness. Saeko became a mirror image of her mother, in mannerism's, and in personality. While Iori, Prideful, yet rebellious still came to have human emotions. Midori was a woman who sought to obtain a life of Heroism and Justice. Her son's, while having lost their paths, still had potential to be great. Iori never really got to get that close to Wataru as he was more or less a anti-social fellow himself, keeping himself in his room on a frequent basis. Saeko was the only one she could converse and talk too for the most part. The more she talked to Saeko, the more she respected and admired her, and to some extent, even envied her. Saeko was a perfect mirror image to her mother. Kind, courageous, thoughtful, all of the trait's that Misaiko possessed were also passed down to her daughter. As iori grew day by day, she sought to obtain that same amount of skill and gracefulness that her sister had, yet to no avail, she failed time and time again. It was around this time, that she noticed she was more of a tomboy, then she was an elegant woman. Though— that didn't exactly mean she couldn't find her own outlet. Around an age where she could be considered a pre-teen, she caught a glimpse of something amazing. Her first taste of Chinese martial arts.

The movements were graceful like a flowing river, and the explosive movements were like those of a mighty tiger seizing his prey with carnage and ferocity kept at a maximum. The ground constantly moaned from the heavy steps that this person took, and time and time again, their techniques entranced the young girl. The individual was much like Iori in her prime, a woman. This caused Iori to pursue martial arts, specifically the same style which enthralled her and left her in awe. Her mother thinking that it wouldn't be too bad to pursue martial arts, decided to bring most of the family along for a trip in china. There Iori would have enough time and a suitable teacher to train her in the art she witnessed in her homeland. Misaiko arranged a few meeting's and through some lengthy conversation's, got Iori to become a student of one of the most revered, yet dangerous martial artist, Li Shuwen. The man was referred to as the demon fist of Baji. His mastery over the art of Bajiquan and Piguaquan was something to be feared. He was a man known for ending his victories in one decisive blow. He constantly stated that he did not know how it was to hit a man twice. As long as one hit sufficed, that would be all he needed in taking down his opponent's. Iori while a bit frightened at the beginning, became enthralled by Li shuwen's brutal style and made her way into the ranks of his pupil's. Originally, the man looked upon her with surprise, she was the only girl here, and she wanted to learn such a dangerous art? There were so many thing's that had to be taken into account, but iori did not care about a single one of them. To her, learning this art would be an achievement she would relish in for years to come. Moreover, she wanted to acquire that same power, that same carnage, as a student in the art of Bajiquan.

The first day of training nearly broke Iori's resolve. Li Shuwen was never a man known for leniency, even when it came to his own student's, and since Iori was a girl making an attempt to fight, he wanted to see just how much of resolve she had. The first thing he did before making her train was to eat a few stones. Each one harder then the last, Iori keeps this as a secret to most, even her mother, but this is exactly what led to her gaining fang-like teeth. As a result, her teeth became more sharper and could easily bite through the skin of a human. That wasn't the end of the first day of the hellish training, he instructed her to practice the horse stance for that entire day, keeping her body placed upright, with a roll of paper on top of her head. This was a fortuitous pursuit, because, as one would know, a simple wrong move, or a current of wind would easily blow this paper off her head, thus she would have to start over, right from zero. Yet against all odd's, she proved to Li that her resolve was made of diamond. Unbreakable, or nearly unbreakable. Li chuckled as he pat her head. "Ah...Yes....this is a true student, one who will become my successor some day, i'm sure of it. " From that day on, the two created a close relationship that was much like that of uncle and niece. He trained her within Bajiquan and Piguaquan, and after each day of hard fought battles in the wild, took her out to dinner and even let her spend the night within his home. Iori did not only learn of the hand to hand form's of Baji, but even the weapon forms. Specifically Baji Spear, and after going through a regimen that Li himself completed as a kid. The progenitor of the Li clan's branch of Bājí, Li Shuwen excelled in the use of spear to the point of being nicknamed "Divine Spear Li".

What allowed him to achieve his skill? That question was quite simple, it was nothing more then dedication and the love of the art. The "Six Harmony Great Spear" that he used was a basic weapon of the Bājí-branch and, if one is to accept this extreme logic, it can be said that the unarmed techniques of the Bājí-branch (the Bājíquán) are nothing but preliminary steps to learn the techniques of this great spear. As any scholar will tell you, Li Shuwen was a man with skill of the highest caliber. He was man who was undefeated in his time, and he became most famous for one quote. "I do not know how it is to hit a man twice." It was certainly a bit of hyperbole, but it definitely said a lot about the full power of Bajiquan. Iori could even admit, that he was not a man who fought with honor. He often boasted of how he would defeat the opponent, and he often told them of which technique that would bring about their death. With that, his reputation grew but not what one would call a positive light. Misaiko started to worry about Iori's well-being, and whether she would be alright if she continued to stay by the side of the man she started to view as family.

Though, this wasn't the only reason Iori was unwilling to part. She was making friend's of many age's during her time. One of which, was the name of a young man, going by the name of Kotomine Kirei(Heroism, but at this time, he had possessed a fake body in order to learn of the art from it's source. ) The man seemed a bit imposing, when she first met him. But, After their first spar, she fell in love with his technique and his composure. He was much like her master, and he had only been here for a few years. She hoped that things could last forever like this, and that one day, she would be able to face kirei in a match where they could test their unique skill's against each other. The day never came in fact, Li Shuwen's death came about. From a student, who remained unknown. He was served poison, and died during a meal he was having with his most skilled student's. Iori was devastated, and it was the first time she had shed definite tear's over someone. She had admired this man in personality and technique, and for him to die like this, made her all the more upset. She could remember a thousand violent throes of rage and anger at who killed him, yet she would never find out. Misaiko consoled her and eventually told her good news. That before his death, She was to be his main successor. She wanted to tell Kirei of the good new's, but he told her that he was leaving in order to perfect everything Li taught him.

"Kirei..Um..i know we never got to fight each other in a match, but one day, do you promise we'll meet up somewhere again and have one?" the girl's face was filled with hope, beaming with the compassion and satisfaction she head in her heart. Kirei Smiled, as he pat her head and nodded. "Ah...Yes...Let's meet again some day, your technique vs mine. As a priest, i make that one promise. " Iori pouted, and looked deeply into his eye's. "You Sure?" Kirei chuckled and looked at her with a questioning glance. "You don't believe me?" "No...not one bit". Her tone was slightly icy, as she shuffled her leg's. Kirei looked within his bag, and pulled out a red string. There was a East Asian belief, known as the red string of fate. According to this myth, the gods tie an invisible red string around the ankles of men and women who are destined to be soul mates and will one day marry each other. Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger. According to Chinese legend, the deity in charge of "the red thread" is believed to be Yuè Xià Lǎo (月下老, often abbreviated to "Yuèlǎo" [月老]), the old lunar matchmaker god who is also in charge of marriages. Iori was left in awe, as he tied the little red string around her finger. For her, this was a promise. That they would indeed meet again, it was not a pursuit of romance. Iori was not sure what she felt for the man at the time, to even think of about marriage of the sort, but it was definitely special. "Kirei...." "Now do you believe me?" "Yes! You better not mess with fate, or i won't forgive you!" Declared the young girl on that day. Kirei smirked and with his departure, gave her a goodbye wave. Yet, what he was feeling from this situation wasn't what Iori felt, No, what he felt was the sweet pleasure of irony.

He was the man who had killed her precious master, and just now, he had made a promise to meet with her in the hopes of having a fair match. He felt elated, his face twisted with mad happiness. For a man known as Heroism, he would indeed make good on his promise, but not to make her happy, no, her resolve which she was the only thing she kept the closest would be crushed by him and him alone. After Kirei's departure, Iori and her family returned to the Sugiura land, taking martial artist's of many popular name's into their land's. This is what led to Sugiura's being able to learn martial art's, whether soldier, magus, or sacred-user. During this time, Iori continued to train in hope of meeting Kirei one day. It was around the time, that she also became more open to the city people. Iori felt like a new woman, and felt less shy and anti-social as she did before she went to China. Iori took the time to visit a childhood friend she knew awhile back. Saitou Hajime. She had always enjoyed playing around with him the most, during his parent's visit's to her land. One could say, that despite her teasing, she was quite enthralled by the young boy. By some time, he had already began showing sign's of improvement, and was destined for greatness. After Iori's visit with Saitou, she was on her way to acquire a meal after another day of extreme training. Yet, she ended up bumping into a woman she would later fall in love with. Arcueid brunestud. The woman was unusual, and had the personality of an innocent child. She was much more like an idiot, then she was someone Iori would hang around with, Yet, there was something about her that drew Iori towards her.

Soon, Iori started to find out that her affection wasn't like that of a friend, she wanted to love that woman. So on the day that signaled their anniversary as friends, she asked Arcueid out on a date. It was the first time she had ever decided to date somebody, let alone a woman, so she was very nervous. She couldn't possibly think her answer would be yes, but she did indeed accept the offer. The date's later turned into session's where they would curiously kiss each other, and later they officially became lovers. Her mother while surprised, was quite happy that Iori's growth had progressed to such a point where she could love someone. Any time she threw a celebration, Iori came to the event with arc, both dressed in wonderful clothing. They were in love, and no one could stop them. Iori felt confident about that, she didn't want Arc to be with anyone else but her, and soon, if things played out right, she would marry this woman. Yet, tragedy was always one step away from the goddess of victory's door. One day, Arcueid went mad, wreaking havoc. So much so, that the gotei thirteen ordered that she be put to sleep. Arc's father tried to stop this, but it was far too late. She had been put to sleep for what seemed like a millienium to most. After this, Iori never heard from her one true love, nor did her father opt to tell her exactly what happened either. Iori considered it betrayal, and without much care, crushed the memories of the fellow time user between her feet. Though, her sadness wouldn't last for long. Iori would meet Ilya, the artificial daughter Shimura made. She was created with only one purpose, to complete the grail. Or at the very least, stop it if it went out of control again. Ilya was originally very untrustworthy of Iori, but over their time together, they created a bond much like that of mother and daughter. This was happiness that had brought Iori out of her depression with her lover, and allowed her to keep herself steady.

Yet, the greatest tragedy of all happened.

Heroism had kept his promise, as kirei, he decided that now was the time to bring her to his forces. Thing's were becoming dull, and he needed to break her resolve, he prepared a visit through a note. Iori curiously acquired the note and met at the destined location. The moment she seen him, she was filled with the same nostalgic happiness that she had when she was a younger girl. "...Kirei..." Her eye's clearly were entranced, as she walked towards the man. "You kept your promise...just like you did so many year's ago..." She pulled out the red string wrapped around her finger, and as she went to embrace the man, what she was met with wasn't a firm hug and a handshake, no, what she felt was a fist as hard as titanium hammered down upon her defenseless chest. What could one liken this feeling too? it felt as though a heavy boulder had been thrown against her chest multiple times. Her heart could barely recover from that blow and the impact had even broke her left side of ribs. "...Ah...?" She looked down to see, the wound on her chest, blood flowing from her mouth. It all seemed like such a bad nightmare. Was she hallucinating? No, not even hallucination's felt this real. Looking back up at the man, she gave him a questioning glance and one full of fear that she had never had in her entire life. "....K-Kirei?" "I've made good on my promise, is this not what you wanted, Iori?" His smile resembled that same one he had on the day of their promise. Yet, she felt nothing but evil from it. She fell back and crawled backwards to a tree. "N-No...You...can'' this....!" Who could have thought that this woman would so show much fear? Heroism smiled at the irony, he didn't want her resolve to break so easily, but it seem's that since she had let friendship and kindness envelope her heart so much, that she had now became a susceptible target for this betrayal. Thus, began the end of the goddess of victory and the start of the slave of Heroism.

When she realized that he wasn't here for a reunion, but here to kill her, she tried to fight back but was never even given a chance to attack. Her arm's could barely move, let alone make a proper fist, her leg's were limp, her face battered, bruised, and beaten beyond repair. This coupled with the tear's, that heroism enjoyed so much, made his banquet all the more wonderful. " so why are you doing this!?" She latched onto his leg, looking to be spared. This was too much unlike the god-like martial artist, it made one sigh. "But...Iori, i have indeed kept my promise, i am facing you in a contest of skill, yet your not even making any form of a counterattack, what happened to the student with the resolve equaling the sun and the moon it's self?" Stepping on her back, he smirked as he crushed her bones, one by one. "" Iori could barely even make out her own voice, let alone see anything within her vision which was blurring by the second. "Ah..if you wish...Well, Gilgamesh...time to bring out the second guest to our banquet". With a snap of his finger's, the golden knight, Gilgamesh appeared with ilya tied down by the chains of heaven, Enkidu. Her magic would do no good, under the absolute law of this conceptual weapon. Just as her vision began to recede, her eye's shot open with resounding speed, her face twisted in agony and despair. She tried to reach for Ilya, but since her body had been put in such a condition, she could barely even make her way over to her. Gilgamesh was not the only man there, there was a black knight, standing beside Ilya. His red demonic eye's were filled with a tinge of pity for her, but to any normal onlooker, they were only the eye's of a mad beast.

"!" Her voice became louder then before, causing her throat to crack, releasing even more blood from her body. Gilgamesh smirked at the sight, and simply crossed his arms. Ilya was terribly mortified by the entire situation, for one who had acquired confidence by hanging around this woman, this woman right now seemed nothing like Iori. How could these two devil's have broken her mother so badly? "I am afraid i cannot do that, My dear iori. she's needed for the grail....But...if you join me, i'll make sure you two are spared, for as long as you need only pledge your loyalty to me...." Iori stared weakly at Ilya, her eye's were filled with one thing, a look that could only be considered an apology. "....I....Accept...." Heroism smiled and with the snap of his finger, brought Berserker over towards Iori and ilya, Gilgamesh snapped his finger's as a few talented magi performed the ritual magic, that would impose the command seal on Iori, Berserker, and Ilya. From now on, these two girl's would control that mad beast. Iori's eye's were filled with nothing, her eyes were empty, yet her tear's did not stop their flow. For her, life would never get better from him here. Wondering on why she had been brought into this hell, after becoming a woman who lived with her heart on her sleeve's, she cursed herself for this fatal weakness. Maybe, Maybe had she not of accepted love or compassion from others, this end would not have came. After the ritual was completed, an unimaginable amount of pain assailed Iori's body, as she felt her already weakening energy being drained. "....Ah...." As she was picked up within the arm's of the hollow king, they had all made their way to Hueco mundo.

Life...would never be the same for the girl known as Iori Sugiura. She was no longer a goddess of victory, she was now nothing more then a useless slave sent into battle, and one forced to tend to the orders of her king. Who would've thought fate would curse her so?

Roleplay Sample: Boogeleboogeleboogeleboo.

Iori Sugiura(WIP) AgitoSig

Iori Sugiura(WIP) Dancing

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