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PostSubject: Arisato Kamira - Jashin of Sloth   Arisato Kamira - Jashin of Sloth Icon_minitime1Mon Aug 22, 2011 9:20 pm



Name: Arisato Kamira

Gender: Male

Age: Human age: 17, Shinigami Age: 270

Personality: Arisato is a strange person at first glance. He seems very distant from everyone, and is always seen with a music player around his neck and headphones on. These headphones actually block out the outside noise completely, allowing him to ignore everything and everyone without care for them. His facial expression, if you can even call it one, is desinterested and cold, not so much because he feels himself above people, but moreso because he lacks interest in interaction and overcoming his social coldness.
It feels meaningless to him to talk and bond with people. He is often seen as a very lazy individual, often simply spacing out, but strangely enough, he rarely, if ever, sleeps. Some might guess his mind is empty, but he is a heavy thinker and quite intelligent, often solving equations and riddles no normal human could in his brain alone. In the rare occassions someone sparks his interest, he is more of a listener than talker, obviously - he prefers to hear anothers thoughts, since he believes his own to be way too boring. Still, when inquired enough, he can talk about his own feelings and the past, it's just pointless to him to do so, nothing else.
Strangely, Kamira is anything but evil. In fact, he is quite the nice guy most of the time, and has shown great distaste for orders given to him, often abusing his 'aspect' to delay orders so long that they become meaningless and can completely ignore them without any strains from doing so. He has even warned people he was ordered to kill, which made them escape, and thus negated his orders. It goes so far that he eliminated three other Jashin after he himself already had a spot, suddenly lacking the normal laziness before executing them quite painfully and quickly.


Arisato Kamira - Jashin of Sloth 2njbmf9

Height: About 1,75m

Weight: Average


Zanpakutô Spirit: Arisato Kamira - Jashin of Sloth W9xjbb
Arisatos spirit has the name Thanatos. A large, black creature, it is almost as stoic as he himself is. Being an 'incarnation of death', it has no interest in the living or souls, and gives Kamira his powers in exchange for not having to deal with the world himself. Still, he is an incredible swordfighter, and able to multiply one strike into hundreds. Kamira was not able to defeat him even once in direct combat during training.

Zanpakutô Realm: A realm devoid of all life, a giant floating red moon that looks like an eye is the only constant thing in this changing, dead city. Both Kamira and his spirit are usually floating in the skies far above the city below them, or on the top of a gigantic tower that looks like it was pieced together out of different buildings that almost reaches up to the moon, the Tower of Demise.

Sealed Zanpakutô : A normal-length Katana with a black handle, round, silver guard and a deep-blue sheath, usually hidden from the naked eye. Kamira can summon it to his side whenever he needs it.

Shikai Description: Arisato Kamira - Jashin of Sloth Nv6zde
A straight-sword now, it looks much less like a normal Zanpakuto. It is called Thanatos.

Shikai Abilities: Thanatos grants his user minor control over darkness and manipulation of it. Both true darkness and shadows are interchangeable for his powers, so both the lack of light as well as shadows made by light are the same for him.
His normal darkness-maniplation is called 'Mudo'. Concentrating it like a Kido-spell, Kamira thrusts his sword through the air as if to pierce the opponent, which creates a wavering, black mass to appear around them, before crushing inwards to strangle, squash or restrain the opponent, depending on the level of force and the enemies physical strength. A usage of large physical strength can destroy the Mudo-skill, and speedy enemies can dodge to the sides before the darkness is solid and develops force.
An enhanced version of this, Mamudo, can attack multiple enemies at once, the sword is swung in the direction of all targets for this.
In addition to those far-range abilities, Thanatos also grants a close-quarter skill, called Mudon. Releasing a wave of jet-black energy without the slightest bit of light able to penetrate it from his sword, this energy-wave is middle-speed and can devastate in close-range. It can be used in the shapes of slashes, piercing moves or even to guard in the form of a shield.

Release: Reveal the truth, Thanatos

Bankai Description: Instead of a sword, Kamira wields blue 'cards' made out of energy in this form, and can summon up to one-hundred at a time.
Arisato Kamira - Jashin of Sloth 2dugpro
Being a compact Bankai, it doesn't require much strength to be kept up for longer. It is called Arcana Thanatos.

Bankai Abilities: The energy-cards Kamira can summon are highly sharp throwing weapons, able to easily be thrown at high-speeds by either his hands or even mind alone. Each of them is able to cut through steel. His old abilities are now used by launching 'enchanted' cards. They look exactly the same, but upon hitting something, release their power instantly, to catch enemies off-guard. Kamira can even focus his thoughts to release it at any time he wants to, and thus, the cards floating infront of him replace a sword in close-combat, as he can unleash his Mudon to act like a sword now.
Furthermore, he gains the ability of Mamudon, which unleashes the sword-slashes out of completely black energy three times at once, requiring more energy, but being all the more devastating.


History/Background: The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
Unlike some Shinigami, Kamira was born in the Soul Society, as a spirit. However, his lifetime is from a long time ago - so long, in fact, that the Gotei 13 had not yet been established as what it is today. As a child, he was already noticed for having quite the high Reiatsu - requiring him to actually eat to stay alive, the times of his family were always rough, right until the time he appeared to be 10 years old.
At that point in time, Shinigami obviously existed - but in fractions, small groups, or completely on their own, with no academy or anything to help souls with talent. Some of the groups obviously served as teachers of new generations - and one such group took the young Kamira in. Known as SES, an abriviation forgotten in todays time, he was taken in thanks to his amazing adaptability even at a young age, and began training from that day forth. Leaving what little family he had behind was not at all hard for him - because an unknown enemy killed them the night before he was recruited. Finding new meaning and for the first time, friends and comrades, in that team, Kamira summoned his Zanpakuto from within his soul, and began his sword-training.

Youth is a thing that quickly goes by, even as a spirit. As times passed on, Kamira learned how to fight - how to kill. His skill with the sword was known as amazing, and he quickly surpassed the other members of the small team. Within a couple of years, he was promoted to their leader without any voice against it - the youngest man to lead them yet, but also the most adaptable. His fighting style was changing and flowing like the water, just like his commands in battle. He was challenged to battle not only by the Hollows of the real world and Soul Society, but also by rivaling Shinigami-groups wishing to take the strongest swordfighter of their era as the own title, going so far as to ambush him out in the open in either worlds. Times became more and more dangerous every day for SES.
However, this was not the main concern of Kamira during that time. Mysteriously, more and more souls vanished from both worlds, never to be seen again - something not easily pinpointed, as the Hollows actually had a lessened activity during the time. To investigate the deal without endangering his friends, and to protect them from jealousy at his expense, Kamira left the SES one night without warning, declaring his right hand man the next leader. He then vanished from known stories, only appearing in rumors of people seeing the large black figure of Thanatos, or the blue hair and graceful swordplay in the darkness.

What happened afterwards is forgotten, forbidden history. Arisato did manage to track down the source of all the disappearances - however, the cause was not some Hollow. Instead, it was an unknown being at the time, something of unchecked power and insanity, able to make souls disappear by looking at them only. This being was called only one thing - Nyx.
Nyx was neither man nor woman, neither Shinigami nor Arrancar - it was something completely otherworldy, a spawn from Hell - escaped by a rip in time and space. But that was not the worst part. The worst part was that Nyx needed a new host every month - and that the host, when Kamira finally cought up to it, was his former right hand man, and best friend. Turned, twisted into being Nyx, Kamira was about to face a hopeless battle, as Nyx simply regenerated over and over again.

That was when the voices reached him. Of all the people he had bonded with. Friendship. Love. Rivalry. Jealousy. Even hate. They all combined - and at the attack of Nyx that should've killed him, Kamira stood without injury. Nyx, the spawn of hell, had one simple goal - erase humanity. But in that battle - high in the sky, above ancient Japan - Nyx was beaten. By the bonds of people, this image engraved itself into the world. However, Nyx was not something that could simply be defeated. It would just come back from hell one day. And thus, Kamira gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Striking a deal with Hell's Will, Kamira chained his own soul and Nyx together for eternity, to suffer and burn in Hell until the end of time. This was where his story ended, and everything turned grey and red. An endless cycle of death.

But then, history was changed. Calling his soul back from hell, chaining another Innocent one to the chains of darkness, the mad wizard, Dhaos, called the legendary swordsman back from the grave and Hell, giving him a new body. Adapting into modern time very easily, Arisato Kamira wishes only for one thing.

The destruction of the being known as Dhaos.

Extra Abilites: Kido Knowledge - Kamira can use Hado up to level 65 and Bakudo up to level 30.
Jashin Powers - As the Jashin of Sloth, he is able to use all the disciplines of the Jashin, safe their high-speed movement. His profiency with Telekinesis is rather low, though.
Sloth Incarnation: Negate - His unique ability is seen as the 'most troublesome' for Dhaos. While Kamira can't ignore the failsaves of his implanted talisman, his aspect can slow down the execution of orders given to him. Should an order be no longer applicable - 'protecting' someone who died, 'guarding' a defense already breached - he is then free to completely ignore whoever or whatever made the execution of his order impossible. This is called the 'negation'.
Shunpo Expert - One would think a 'Sloth' Jashin to be slow, but that is a common mistake. As an expert of Flash Steps and the Jashins own variation of it, he is quite fast, rumored to be the fastest of them all.
Highest Grandmaster Swordfighting Specialist - Some people live by the sword. Others are born with incredible talent from the start. Then there are those who both had natural talent surpassing any natural limits, and trained for decades with it - and such a person is Kamira. His ability in swordfighting is amazingly high, and if it is a known swordstyle, he knows how to use it. Kendo, Iaido, simply freestyle-fighting, he incorporates everything into his style, an amazing, unbreakable master of the sword. It goes so far as to that his Bankai without a sword does not weaken him, but rather strengthens him as he can use his card-moves like swordswipes to be even faster and stronger. Oddly enough, once he is really into a swordfight, his speed and agressive nature are anything but filled with 'sloth'.

Roleplay Sample: (Show us your stuff!)

Arisato Kamira - Jashin of Sloth 1zg3jit
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